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  1. They will figure it out when the Schenectady Gazette reports it.
  2. I have a hunch we'll be matched with Hopkins to create the game Coach Marr has been avoiding -playing against his son.
  3. If Gonzaga wins, the points do work out in your favor.
  4. I'd give it a 0. I watched the game at Vermont on AETV last week and the Vermont production was infinitely better than ours. They had a play-by-play guy who was fairly knowledgable and had done appropriate homework on our team. We had no audio, just crowd noises. Their video was much less choppy and much better at following the ball. Their graphics included the clock with the score. Ours did not have a clock. I thought our production was embarrassingly bad.
  5. So, I guess you'd be happy we didn't schedule the 0-8 cross town rival this year!
  6. Danes up 7-2 after first quarter. Danes up 11-3 at halftime Danes up 13-5 after three quarter. FINAL Danes 17 - UVM 6
  7. So - I almost had it right but Maryland was the 3 and Duke was the 2, so instead of moving us up to a 14 the committee drops a big pile of $iena on us and sends us to Storrs. This will be an experience not a basketball game. We've already been there done that. Maryland got screwed ,too. Maybe Will still has those "why not us " shirts in storage somewhere?
  8. This has been my prediction since the game was over Friday. Coach Mac vs her mentor.
  9. Attandace looked solid to me.. I was guessing 3200-3500. Crowd was a bit slow to trickle in but ended up looking pretty healthy. Was surprised to see the reported number. The UVM faithful did not travel in anywhere close to their usual quantity. I feel this is the price we pay for the ESPN3 coverage. Why drive 6 hours when you can watch on TV? Personally, I really like ESPN3, but, there is no doubt it affects live attendance.
  10. Anybody still questioning Nichols' value?
  11. Yay! Not only a D2, but a crappy one at that! I was assuming this game was contracted for when Sarah Royals was an assistant coach at Post; https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarah-royals-77a0a3118
  12. Zach Bye and Steve D'Agostino are doing radio when Wyland and Chris Onorato do ESPN3.
  13. When Coach was on the radio with Wyland yesterday, he said something to the effect that Lands will be out about two more weeks.
  14. moving on, I still want this picture blown up and on all doors on Sunday: http://ww1.hdnux.com/photos/42/56/26/9102724/3/1024x1024.jpg
  15. It was the 1977 D-3 East Regional Final. We lost by a point in a very low scoring game. Oneonta's point guard was a very short guy, Kevin Croutier, whose younger brother, Dan Croutier wound up playing for Doc a few years later.
  16. looks like she followed Coach Abe http://ucfknights.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=5398
  17. looks like staff now complete: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tony-perotti-b02a936
  18. I think Sarah Royals was on the Post staff last year.
  19. Ladies turn to open at Rupp Arena? http://www.ekbtv.com/news/ten-home-games-highlight-uk-womens-basketball-non-conference-schedule
  20. For those who care about such things, I noticed that Coach Mac is the guest predictor for today's Saratoga Card in the Times Union. I guess that's a good way to get on Wilkin's good side.
  21. I noticed that Mary Grimes is no longer shown as an assistant on the website.
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