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  1. I must be out of the loop. I'm hoping that someone can give me straight answers regarding: A. Do we have new MBB recruits? I've read on this forum that we do, but, have seen no press release, nothing on the UA website or in local media. B. Did Patsos fire Lucious? C. I saw one new WBB Assistant. Do we have any others? Is Coach Mac retaining Mary Grimes? D. I know we lost one WBB recruit from the early signing period. How about the others? Has Coach Mac recruited anyone? E. I remember hearing shortly after the Siena game announcement that each season ticket holder
  2. Ebone Henry joins Coach Abe's staff http://www.ucfknights.com/sports/w-baskbl/spec-rel/051616aaf.html
  3. I'm wondering about two subjects which were not discussed in the e-mail yesterday: 1. I had heard that one benefit to be offered season ticket holders was the ability to purchase one additional ticket for the Siena game per season ticket before they were offered for single game sales. 2. No mention of parking. I assume roughly the same plan as for football?
  4. A Brenda Frese disciple is good enough for me.
  5. I'm not very knowledgeable about twitter, but, it appears to me that Tahnee Balerio's twitter says that she is an assistant at UCF.
  6. I have no agenda here, but, am wondering if the resignation of Chad O'Donnell has had any negative impact on recruiting?
  7. I'll admit that when we left the Dome last Sunday, I thought Syracuse women would get killed against South Carolina. Interestingly, the referee who fouled Shereesha out last Friday and again reffed our game vs Syracuse on Sunday also reffed today's Syracuse game.
  8. I was wondering why Florida had one point more at the start of the second half than they had at the end of the first half. NCAA now admits it was a mistake.
  9. After 3 quarters, 10 goals by 9 different goal scorers
  10. Wasn't there a year we were a 7 seed and beat UVM in the quarters, then lost to Jay Greene's UMBC team in the semis?
  11. Haven't seen Seth Oakes or Ky Tarbell? Edit - nice backhand goal by Oakes.
  12. Is there a Go Fund Me page where I can contribute toward the purchase of actual mops. We are lucky Singletary wasn't seriously hurt when he slipped.
  13. I was guessing Hearst, because George is the President of the UAlbany Foundation and the Hearst Family's name is on the new St. Peter's Hospital pavilion.
  14. my guess will then be: Mohawk Honda my hope is: billycars .com
  15. Just curious - why didn't Ky Tarbell play today?
  16. It was #1 on SNY's GEICO Sportsnight and after showing the clip, the host asked "what sport was that?"
  17. True, but wasn't the UAlbany Foundation a 50% owner of Fuller Road Management?
  18. and basketball is supposed to be there best sport. Unlike say Lacrosse or Softball
  19. No, we were a 13 vs Virginia, also in Columbus
  20. I just saw that Richie Hanft has passed away. He was a great supporter of UAlbany athletics and was on many of our bus road trips. As we've said too often recently - cancer sucks: LEVINE MEMORIAL CHAPEL NOTES WITH SORROW THE PASSING OF TROY ATTORNEY AND FORMER RENSSELAER COUNTY FAMILY COURT JUDGE, RICHARD ALLAN HANFT. Funeral arrangements are pending at this time . Upon completion, all details will be available on our website, www. levinememorialchapel.com
  21. Patsos with another technical just five minutes ago. I asked Laura Amato that question and she said it's likely very close. Is she the one Patsos complimented for her colorful outfit at his post game press conf?
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