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  1. Two of the worst defensive plays I have ever seen. Maine fumbles near the goal line and number 0 tries (unsuccessfully) to scoop it up. Every kid from Pop Warner age is taught to just fall on the ball and cover it up. Then on the Maine touchdown Albany jumps offside and the their defense acts as if it were motion and stops playing. Easy TD pass.
  2. Terrible effort. Maryland gave us a one way ticket back to Palookaville.
  3. Reaction to this this seems as split as the halftime efforts. I agree that the face-off problem was not TD but the others joining the scrum - but moreover Albany could not clear the ball in many ways. Intercepted passes, lax (not LAX) passing and an overall poor performance in the second half. It seems as if upcoming opponents now have a blueprint on how to beat Albany. Certainly shakes my confidence.
  4. Please, no cartoon dog on the helmets. Just when people forgot about Marmaduke it looks like we are emulating Scooby-Doo. Cartoons and football don't mix.
  5. Went to the Maine game and must say that the CF auction and fundraiser was the highlight. Why is it that even the wins have become almost too painful to watch? The Jekyll and Hyde performances are old and and far too predictable. Not fun.
  6. Back to the BoFo for round two. Hope the dismal first week performance doesn't hurt attendance too much. The posts on this website noted most of the logistical flaws for the opening of the stadium (the kicker smashing the scoreboard, lax security in the parking lot etc.) but on balance almost everything went pretty smoothly. The venue was breathtaking. The parasailing beginning was cool. The beer garden was a welcome sight. The crowd was a terrific surprise. Even the weather cooperated. Some of the posts mentioned the potential of food, merchandise and other revenues for the program.
  7. Also I saw many people wearing straw hats like Bob Ford wears but I can't find any on the websites or under any apparel listings at all. We should have these available
  8. Finally, an effort to be proud of. The game was thoroughly enjoyable, especially since Rider seemed to be a much more athletic and superior team. Rider had a number of clean blocks on defense but insisted on throwing up 3 point bricks without a single pass in many cases. Among other things, the Dawgz did a nice job rebounding, Iati was unconscious. Glad I went (for a change).
  9. I can appreciate the altruism in Ms GDG's earlier post but note that it speaks of supporting the students - the very same people who don't support their own. Still seems that most fans are alums and other rubberneckers looking at a traffic accident. Also supporting a team or the kids does not exempt the program from providing some degree of entertainment. As the post itself said, the experience is not only not entertaining but actually "hurts" this year. Why would anyone want to (over)pay for that? I did like the statistics being summarized as a big 0. Whether it's this group of players
  10. Sadly, the MO is always the same - fading at crunch time. They simply cannot close out a game and put teams away. Nothing displays weakness like collapse after collapse. Even wins seem to include a swoon at the end of the game. Ever since Siena I have had a bad feeling about this team and the program as a whole. Very very disappointing and very glad I did not purchase season tickets this year.
  11. Fan disgust is warranted. UA was taller, stronger, more athletic and outmatched Siena at virtually every position. The meltdown was so complete as to be embarassing.
  12. The Central Arkansas field looks better than I imagined. And we wouldn't even need the gray stripes. Who ever said gimmicks are bad things? Pur-po at Bo-Fo! Go Grape Danes!
  13. Thanks for the good comments. I knew someone would already know exactly what schools have tried this. A red field does seem over the top. Also would agree with the need for topnotch leadership and marketing. But all of these things, including the stadium, are part of a greater problem with UA in that it continues to have too little relationship to the community. The gap between "town and gown" is enormous. It may relate to the geographic isolation or the need for independent governance or a link to a med or law school plus many other factors. Moreover the loss of Bob Ford will mean a lo
  14. I thought this might be a good location to test a marketing/strategic idea I have for the new stadium. Clearly UA needs to market itself and it's football program more and the stadium is one way to accomplish it. What if the facility included a purple turf surface on the field. It could be an eastern, purple version of Boise State. Moreover word could leak out around the league that when the Danes wear their all purple uniforms, the other teams find it difficult to see the players on the field since they will blend in like camouflage. While this will probably not be true at all, the specu
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