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  1. Coming in at #14 in this weeks media poll, UAlbany Great Danes.....next stop Home at John Fallon Field against Vermont...Saturday 1:00 PM .... early signs of a decent day seasonal temps https://www.insidelacrosse.com/league/DI/polls https://www.insidelacrosse.com/article/men-s-division-i-media-poll-only-slight-changes-six-unbeaten-teams-in-top-10/57425
  2. From Inside Lacrosse: https://www.insidelacrosse.com/article/quint-s-top-20-a-year-for-mid-majors-to-break-through/57423
  3. I have to same conclusion that you arrived at .... all do respect ... I do not understand where you are coming from ... no search firm .... is Vic and Benson reading all those letters of interest and resumes.... Is seeking any guidance from UAlbany HR....Is there a committee approach? Yes, people are still upset.... what do you expect "cool our heels" ... do you expect us to "shut-up and go away"....nearly 20 years with Will... no it will not be easy....with a 2 million sports budget gap ... likely growing .... what did you expect Benson to say about the salary...once again the forum is th
  4. Sometimes I have taken my association with UAlbany MBB as a family thing... "You do not mess with family" ...... I got to met and have conversations with Jacob and Jon Iati's parents, Will's mom and dad, his wife and Will ... I got feeling of comfort beyond the wins and losses.... Antonio Rizzuto potential departure is no surprise... Benson has "messed with the family" ....if you thought a new coach will turn things around in two or three years .... at most it is hopeful dreamin...
  5. A salute to all the young women athletes, women coaches and women administrators who have honor us with their presence on the UAlbany campus: ualbanywsoc
  6. ualbanyfh 34 likes ualbanyfh 1️⃣more day⏳❕❗️ Let’s meet #1 Hannah Mangan @hannah.mangan Hannah is a sophomore goalkeeper from Dublin, Ireland. 1 HOUR AGO
  7. marchmadness UPDATE!!! libertymbb ramblersmbb winthrop_mbb msueaglesmbb 11,293 likes marchmadness TWO more #MarchMadness tickets punched 🕺 ... more View all 53 comments psu.meteorologist @jameswalsh2468 is she coming to the game tho
  8. From TEHOKA NANTICOKE Instagram page tehoka1 University at Albany, SUNY stoopkidd31
  9. A hard loss in Amherst, MA..... ualbanymsoc 75 likes ualbanymsoc Plenty to learn from this one. The hosts come away with the win. 🐕 ⚽️ •... more dammy.wills Recruit me! I can be your Bruno Fernandes
  10. Next weekend matches /images/logos/Binghamton_Bearcats.png?width=80&height=80&mode=max MAR 14 (SUN) AE BINGHAMTON BALTIMORE, MD. HISTORY /images/logos/UMBC.png?width=80&height=80&mode=max MAR 14 (SUN) 2:30 PM AE AT UMBC
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