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  1. From Inside Lacrosse article describing each D1 program in one sentence, UAlbany comment follows: "The Dane Train rolls through one of the most intriguing schedules in the country and, while the America East is as competitive as ever, the Danes are right there vying for the league title."
  2. Yes Clickclack no one should tell you what you can post here... however, those who are offended by a particular comment by you (or others including myself) should learn to ignore the poster when your comments bring no value to the forum or has a inflammatory appearance....however in end "each to their own devices"
  3. Per the Daily Gazette, the average game attendance was 9838, which includes the single SEFCU Arena match....I see your point...Siena people would see 10,000 at MVP Arena and state 11,000 perhaps 12,000 ...lol
  4. Well you might want to ask Siena Coach Carm for some insight... as he anticipates playing in front of 6,000 to 7,000 fans in SEFCU Arena... he also predicted 13,000 in the MVP Arena for 2022 & 2024...so Coach Carm estimate of attendance ... is 32,000 to 33,000 over three years
  5. During the news conference, Dwayne Killings mentioned Jonathan Beagle...the importance of a local player participating in this rivalry game....Question: Where will Jonathan's mom sit during the game? If I recall correctly, not only is she, a Siena graduate...was a member of the Siena WBB team....talk about divided loyalties...
  6. John A, the Siena AD, stated: for the 2022 game ...used the word "sanitized" when describing what will happen to the MVP Arena for this game including what UAalum72 stated plus removing an advertising referencing Siena....they will use court from the Capital Center, which I believe has been used previously at the MVP Arena (f/n/a Times-Union Center). In addition, the moderator stated there will be announcement about the date and ticket information (?) from the individual institutions sometime in the spring. The true cost of renewing the rivalry will have to wait until then and beyond. Lastly, the Siena coach Carm...did stated he realizes not all fans will be please by this announcement. I believe the most honest statement during the news conference. I will lead with this... my first UAlbany - Siena game was December 1970 and saw nearly all the games thru 1977...I have the opinion that the agreement is about revenue not the rivalry...rivalry is only a marketing point after that I am neutral about the announcement.
  7. Good old Clickclack just throwing shark bait into the water.....LOL
  8. I have sent my recommendation to the ND State AD that they consider moving up to the Football Bowl Subdivision
  9. If anyone is thinking the renewal of the UAlbany - Siena rivalry is just about satisfying a desire of the Albany basketball community... you are kidding yourself. This is a flat-out attempt by both AD's to generate revenue....may I say badly needed revenue for both schools. The details of announcement are going to be important. I waiting to see if UAlbany season ticket holders will be required to purchase tickets for the 2022 game ("neutral" court @ MVP Arena). The 3-year deal is to allow an opportunity for both AD's to evaluate if they can take further advantages of the fans. I have estimated a three year deal has a estimated value of $1.1 million and $1.3 million over three years, my estimates included: 25,000 people in attendance over three years (may be a little high; however I expect heavy advertisement and marketing to all season ticket holders and the greater community Average ticket price $35.00 (this may be a little low) could be as high as $40 in final year of deal for the UAlbany fans Concession stand value $250,000 - $350,000 Parking revenue generated at Dutch Quad from Siena fans $20,000.00 (2023 game) Unknown amount from additional endorsements So as the UAlbany AD & Siena AD are saying "Show me the money and I will show you a rivalry."
  10. Just a FYI: 2021-22 Women's Basketball Standings SCHOOL CONF CPCT. OVERALL PCT. STREAK NJIT 3-0 1.000 8-6 0.571 W4 UAlbany 1-0 1.000 8-4 0.667 W5 Maine 2-1 0.667 5-8 0.385 W1 Stony Brook 1-1 0.500 10-2 0.833 W1 Vermont 1-1 0.500 7-6 0.538 W1 UMass Lowell 0-0 0.000 3-6 0.333 L3 UMBC 0-0 0.000 1-9 0.100 L9 Binghamton 0-1 0.000 4-7 0.364 L3 New Hampshire 0-2 0.000 3-10 0.231 L8 Hartford 0-2 0.000 0-13 0.000 L13
  11. No leap or stretch...both our D1 schools...yes the stretch is we went with someone with no head coaching experience...At least in the short term...Marquette has moved the pile forward quickly...I have hope that UAlbany will succeed sooner vs. later
  12. Worth looking who is on top after Week 1 of Conference play: SCHOOL CONF CPCT. OVERALL PCT. STREAK NJIT 3-0 1.000 8-5 0.615 W3 Vermont 1-0 1.000 9-4 0.692 W3 Stony Brook 1-0 1.000 9-5 0.643 W2 Binghamton 2-1 0.667 5-7 0.417 L1 New Hampshire 1-1 0.500 6-5 0.545 W1 UMass Lowell 1-2 0.333 9-6 0.600 W1 Hartford 0-0 0.000 2-10 0.167 W1 UMBC 0-1 0.000 5-7 0.417 L5 UAlbany 0-2 0.000 4-10 0.286 L2 Maine 0-2 0.000 3-10 0.231 L4
  13. The first question was the only question that matters to Benson....how likely are you going to renew your tickets
  14. Again, everyone has grown in their jobs...Gina brings insight like no one else... wishing the men's staff had such person...
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