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  1. I am glad you are closely to these programs as well as UAlbany however; I followed both situations at time by reading local media accounts and the universities explanations for their decisions. Reason for following the situation... someone that I am close with confided that he was concern that UAlbany may reach the same point with football. Are we there? I do not know.
  2. As the old saying goes ... "You only know what you know...You don't know what you don't know" For the transfer situation.... "You only know what you see"
  3. I cannot believe someone does not know TK1 ...... likely not Instagram person .... that said UA08 .... see you down the road
  4. Please follow the link to the Times - Union article https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/Departed-UAlbany-coach-pens-open-letter-to-15993181.php?IPID=Times-Union-HP-CP-Spotlight A class act .... stayed true to form... few of us are so fortunate to be that way... to Will and his extend family .... see you down the road
  5. Even if Benson has someone "in his pocket"....at least 6weeks....Does UAlbany need to post this position for internal candidates? Just asking...anyone know?
  6. For one no Siena coaches names were used....so you made your own conclusion are you right or are wrong ...hmmm....what did I mean .... I pointed out coach changes frequently .... current success on court....oh lord....you going to make me get religious ... see you down the road ... going ... going ... gone...
  7. Sutters had the best messy burgers....decent fries....a great beer selection
  8. My answer to my own question.... May 20, 2021 Benson finally convinces someone to take the position....the 3 candidates bought in mid-April for on campus interview turn him down....all asking themselves can I really work with this guy?
  9. When you are retired...sometimes you have time to reflect on what happen and why it happen....I have not seen this (must admit did not read everyone's comments from Sunday/Monday).....My thought: Is there a Siena or for Bob87 a LCC factor? How many coaches have come and gone in the last 19 1/2 years at the other D1 school? some coaches successful, some unsuccessful...at least one really bad...further their team has had recent success....i believe there is...Benson was influenced by what saw over at Siena....what do others think?
  10. The number will be much higher with him leaving.....underperforming players may stick it out in hopes....
  11. The transfer portal will have a few UAlbany MBB players
  12. Nicely said ..... Will Brown will coach again .... Likely has fielded few inquiries .... Our loss.. Our school's loss, our community's loss
  13. Question: What date 📅 will the announcement of new men's basketball 🏀 coach occur? Thoughts...
  14. I see opportunity to cut sports teams and stay above the 14 Team requirements. I am not saying that this is what I want. See you down the road.....
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