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  1. From Inside Lacrosse's Instagram account posting:

    insidelacrosse TD Ierlan has entered the NCAA Transfer Portal.... more
    reedzabel Sorry are we surprised the Ivy League is valuing student wellbeing over athletic success
    stee_weezy Heard from a reliable source that TD is visiting Coach Surman this weekend down in Macon, Georgia. He was very impressed... more
  2. 16 hours ago, Eli said:

    Charlotte, NC is where I thought I would end up if I ever moved and I guess it's still a backup if FL doesn't pan out like we think it will. But we're hoping the lack of income tax, weather (even when its brutally hot) and other small things like that will make up for any nostalgic longing for the 518 that I've known for virtually me entire life (except for that stint in the USSR lol).

    But yeah, no more live UA sports for me although I will likely maintain my season tickets and may come home for homecoming, etc. or so. I consider it a donation to help keep the program afloat. I honestly was worried it would be a tough decision to leave family and UA sports but COVID helped solve the UA issue pretty quick...I'm completely disinterested at this time. Only thing I will obviously miss is family (we have zero in FL).

    Anyhow...life is a journey...gotta enjoy what we can :).

    I wish you and your family well, stay safe....stay connected

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    ualbany_mbb Congratulations to Coach Brown on his 400th Career Win. 🚨
    roblongert Congrats Coach!! And thank you for all you’ve done to build an incredible program for UA!
    clhutcheson Congratulations Coach Brown!
    I would like to express my support to those players who chose to take a knee, an expression of concern is NO reason to withhold financial support or our emotional support for our team.  
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  4. For those looking to spice up their watching of Saturday's UAlbany MBB game may I suggest the following take-out special from Brown's Brewery, Troy location:

    WINGS & BEERS (takeout only)
    two dozen grilled wings, sauce of your choice, Oktoberfest lager 6-pack 25



    garlic parmesan
    Brown's Cherry Razz bbq
    roasted garlic honey chipotle
    pineapple habanero


    Carrie’s Sassy Sauce (mix of medium & BBQ)

  5. 5 hours ago, haggyland said:

    The St. Joseph's coach is sitting in his office, looking at his team's schedule….he sees that he is 0-8 with only A10 conference games remaining….he thinks for a second, picks up the phone and dials a number in Upstate New York and says "Hey, Will, do you have a second?".

    That is one possibility....easily could be the other way....the fact that the UAlbany game was postpone earlier... I tend think maybe you are right... other possibility A10 Commissioner contacted America East Commissioner stating I have a spot on the NBC sports channel that want to keep and "is the AE looking for some exposure"...Is the AE team that you would recommend....even the Athletic Directors may have had hand in this

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