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  1. Returning to the Northeast Conference is neither viable or acceptable answer for UAlbany because we have an opportunity to turn the situation around. Tough choices must be made. Maine, New Hampshire and Stony Brook are America East and CAA Football members. We need to take the good with the bad.
  2. If Mark Benson (or anyone else in sports admin) thinks this is a football school ... I must have missed something ... I do feel that the long term dedicated fans are being ignored and taken for granted. Basketball has and will be number one ... Sorry my lacrosse friends
  3. Please do not worry about great seats... I have a feeling that obtaining a great seat(s) will not be an issue ... Selling seats in the Gold Sections will be.
  4. No one is getting fired today or tomorrow or during the season. Year-end likely seeing the departure of numerous assistants as they look for a better place. As spring turns to summer, we will have to decide whether or not to renew our tickets all together or down grade.
  5. Playoffs lol .... watching a football program in a tailspin ... I am not spending the big bucks for Gold Seats next year
  6. This loss is a major disappointment... Major let down on offense and defense .... Looking at an uphill struggle next week and the following two weeks
  7. My comment was another tongue in cheek; was not being serious. On the serious side, the Capital District has the greatest concentration of fair weather fans in the world.
  8. The time has come to undertake a serious analysis of how to approach the UAlbany community on the reasons to support our sports programs...this is a big deal.
  9. A reflection on attendance, the difference from last week was easily noticeable. 6800 vs. 3800 .... Few students on the berm .... Or elsewhere ....tougher tailgating rules...let's see how attendance is with Richmond .. No easy answers when it comes to the Capital District and UAlbany fans
  10. I will be watching G G .. I hope he is more engaged with team during the game... Spent too much time on the headphones
  11. Wish I felt as confident as UA...72 ... Thinking St Francis is looking to finish with a win this weekend... Albany has to play a lot better
  12. AD Benson knows our concerns. He witnessed the game, he walked among the players. Mark saw the disappointment in the stands. Problem: he knows that we are stuck with Greg for a couple more years. Changing head coaches doesn't always work out. Recruitment is the key however; recruitment is not likely to improve under the current situation, no easy answers.
  13. One play made the difference from being 0 - 3. The prospect of a winning season has dimmed considerably...lots of second guessing by the coach...assistant coaches looking a little loss
  14. I am looking forward to the game for the opportunity to see how the team and coaches interact. Watching to see how "GG" and his assistant coaches interact.
  15. I saw my first UALBANY football game in 1970, rarely have I have questioned the investment in my football tickets as I have now. I feel "smoked"....hope things turn around or I am likely downsizing next season.
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