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  1. I agree, after watching this team throw bricks at home (for the most part) and a satisfying change.
  2. Heard Killings post game discussion with Roger, he does not share your sentiment about the conference.
  3. Yes, we have a MBB team however; I would not describe what UAlbany has a program. There is too much dysfunction surrounding the team to call it a program
  4. How could one forget after this week ... The Buffalo Bills play The New England Patriots in Buffalo, NY at 1:00 PM. Lots of emotions associated with this game. Yeh, the UAlbany MBB has never seemed so unimportant.
  5. Great Danes with a great second half. Today's game was one of the lower priorities' due other demands of life. Checked in half time, then the game was over. Results of other AE Womens' games: Maine 69 NJIT 63 UMBC 69 Bryant 60 Vermont 72 New Hampshire 55
  6. UAlbany Great Danes (9-8, 3-0) at UMass-Lowell (1-11, 0-2) Saturday at 1:00 PM Albany has won their last 3 games, while UMass-Lowell has lost their last 4 games including a O/T game to Maine on January 4, 2023. ESPN3 Other AE Women Games: New Hampshire @ Vermont 1:00 PM Bryant @ UMBC 2:00 PM Maine @ NJIT 2:00 PM
  7. Just a reminder, the New York Giants Football team are scheduled to kick off at 4:25 PM. So, if the game does not go UAlbany's way in the first half, here is your reason to leave early. Perhaps, your reason for not going at all.
  8. Gave up 92 points, committed 21 personal fouls with a technical foul and 13 turnovers.... maybe playing smart is better idea then playing hard
  9. I have long given up thinking that Rodger knows what he is talking about ... he is a paid promoter of UAlbany Sports, and he is not a very good at that. In the end, there was no defense was played tonight by either team. Another bad start by UAlbany and we were unable to but a strong run together to overcome UMBC good start,
  10. The Retrievers had an impressive 1st quarter however, there was no panic in the Great Danes. Kayla Cooper surprised the Retriever by her relentless effort to score when under the hoop. Further, smaller rotation of players last evening and Lucia had only had 7 minutes, in part to guard the outside better. Last evening, Lilly Phillips was 1 of 2 for three when the Danes needed a score. Lilly impressed me with her movement with or without the ball.
  11. Anders and Caroline (dad and mom) will be staying up late to watch the game back in Sweden.... and the ceremony
  12. Just a reminder game day and $3.00 Kids Day ... what an opportunity to show the children how the game can be played ....
  13. Question answered!!!! The Great Danes were not ready and/or willing to make an effort on Saturday.
  14. UAlbany Great Danes (8-8, 2-0) vs UMBC Retrievers (5-8, 2-0) Conference Wins Albany: vs Vermont 60-46 at New Hampshire 71-46 UMBC: vs Binghamton 73-69 at Vermont 58-57
  15. Gone Final UAlbany 71- New Hampshire 46 .... 40 minutes of solid play from the women ... no apologies needed here .... someone or better another team should take note how to play the game
  16. Great Danes 40 - Wildcats 24 20 minutes of solid play ... not 17 minutes .... 20 minutes of solid play .... Can I exchange my men's season tickets for women's tickets? ...
  17. UAlbany Great Danes (7-8, 1-0) at New Hampshire Wildcats (5-8, 0-1) A real chance to go 2-0 in conference play
  18. For me, last evening was the first enjoyable time at the McDonough Sports Complex. The game, the team, the victory and all the young children and their parents in the stands made this a special evening.
  19. Does UVA rank matter and/or has our chances of winning risen to 1.75%?
  20. A concern: Can we put a hard but expected OOC loss behind us and be ready for New Hampshire three days later?
  21. I would expect Virigina to attempt to match or beat their 27-point win over us on March 16, 2007, in the NCAA First Round in Columbus, OH .... memorable trip to Ohio and post-game bar hopping, game not so much.
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