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  1. 1 hour ago, nysteve661 said:

    Can't explain NJ but gonna throw this out there for PA.  I think it's Penn St football.  You have one of the biggest programs in the country that every HS kid in PA wants to play for.  I'm sure Penn St has plenty of camps every year for HS players and coaches to improve their play.  Combine that with HS programs and coaches who want to get their kids to that elite level at the flagship university.  This leads to just better players, more involved HS programs, and more knowledgeable coaches.  But of course Penn St can't take every good player in the state so that's where we come in.  If Syracuse was in the Big 10, won some ships, and had a stadium like Beaver stadium, we might see more talent in NY and then get some of those players a notch below Big 10 talent.  Make sense?  My theory doesn't quite work for NJ cause Rutgers hasn't had the success or following PSU has.

    When I saw this pondering.. My 1st thoughts were Penn St, Pitt ...I reminded myself of the long tradition between Leigh and Lafayette two other PA schools ... Football is part of PA DNA ... New York has strong tradition of DIII Football.  Lastly, Penn St is a mega campus... Like nearly or all teams in its conference ... Mega campus equals mega stadium ...

  2. 24 minutes ago, HOF2013 said:

    New Hampshire always over-ranked.  Don't understand Delaware being ahead of us either.  Nova and JMU I can see.  BUT I don't think rankings mean much in the over-all scheme of things.  We'll have to see what happens when the teams play.


    Absolutely, in the end, wins matter against quality opponents and avoiding embarrassing losses against "lesser" opponents.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Clickclack said:

    Cuomo announces NY teams can start their training camps etc it appears in preparation for some kind of season. I got a feeling this upcoming year will be held but only with season ticket holders in attendance spaced out all over the gym and stadium.

    I concur with your suggestion; based on Roger's comments last week, Mark Benson is waiting on further direction from the governor's office.  I do not see any clarification until mid-June to the first of July for college sports, pro sports sooner.  Everything is baby steps. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Eli said:

    I will 100% be there. My tickets are paid for already. MBB tickets I haven't paid yet, but if there is a season I'll be there too.

    Eli, if I was betting person, a path for fans in the stands is starting to take shape.  With 100 plus days to first home football 🏈game,  there is time for planning for fans in the stands.  Further, if we all take appropriate measures between now and then, the COVID-19 pandemic may not be a concern.  (That is throwing a Hail Mary pass.)

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  5. 14 minutes ago, uofalbany said:
    Homer speaks again.  Just do your research and prove your own facts.  It's one of those liberal media rags reporting it.  So, you should believe it regardless.  Trying to be heard again, to affirm your self importance.  LA is a hole btw. 



    "The difference between a beer 🍺and your opinion; is that I asked for a beer 🍺."  I must give credit to this fine line to the good folks at Fairport Brewery.  So appropriate in these times.  

  6. If a business of 10,000 goes under is it the American people responsibility to bail the business out.  As an example, the airline industry is in trouble for poor cash management.  Their leaders failed to learn from the lessons in the past.  They spent their cash reserves on share pay backs to increase the share price.  In many cases resulting in bonus payouts to top management while their employees received nothing.

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  7. As I stated: "...announcement will not make the SCCC happy".  Apparently, jimbo is a member of SCCC.  My opinion for what it's worth:  the Governor will look for continue improvement in the COVID-19 numbers perhaps will consider reopening Saratoga to patrons for their tax dollars. Yes jimbo, the patrons bring so much to the track, such all the those with coolers with beer, races to enter the grounds for a picnic table.... traffic jams.... I think it is more important to get people back to work.  Jimbo did you know that 95 cents of every dollar spent of COVID-19 relief to date has gone to corporate bail-outs.  It is time to help those that help the person on the street.

  8. Just to bring the thread back to the topic:  Governor Cuomo announced that NYRA is permitted to operate Belmont and Saratoga without patrons in the stands or on the grounds, effective 06/01/2020.  Further, Watkins Glen can run its racing series.  For us, the prospect of a fall sports season remains possible.  As a side comment; the governor 's announcement did not make the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce happy.  No patrons in the stands during the day, no one at the bars and restaurants downtown at night.  The shops on Broadway are taking a huge hit.

  9. 3 minutes ago, BestDaneSinceHamlet said:

    The good news is that he allowed most of the State (landwise) to start to open, including the Capitol District. So there may be hope. 

    Just building on your comments, Andrew Cuomo has approved the opening of all local, county and state beaches as part of the coordination with the Northeast 7 (MA, RI, CT, NJ, PA and DE) effective 05/22/20.  I see a decision by 07/15/20; I believe our leaders want to see continual improvement; I also believe no politician in the Northeast wants to be blamed for no fall or winter sports.  Andrew has not walked this journey alone, he has reach out to many for assistance, supplies and now guidance to a new normal.  Yes, keep your fingers crossed.

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  10. 8 hours ago, dslyank said:

    Has this been announced? I have not heard anything official up here? Are you just speculating??? California governor has made his state U's strictly on-line in the fall. What has the NCAA SAID about that????????  Original NCAA said no students on campus--NO ATHLETICS??  Are they sticking to that??? Pac 12 power 5 loses a lot of TV revenue if so and "Rose Bowl?"  

    I do not believe the California governor asked the NCAA for their input....college sports impact likely did not come up and/or dismissed as a concern.

  11. My understanding is that colleges and universities need to present a plan for opening and operations including how the institution is going to maintain social distancing.  Many of the concerns are similar that New York school districts face including:  keeping the kids apart.  I am keeping my fingers crossed and there is sports in the fall.  Nothing is certain, particularly in the State of New York.

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