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  1. I do not know put I think they have a wrestling team, better food and closer to Victor N.Y. Oh, by the way Ice Hockey
  2. UAlbany has taken a clear position on releasing student - athletes; this practice allows UAlbany to avoid legal issues and bad publicity. In the recent examples, our coaches have demonstrated an ability to move on better than others. I applaud their resistance to comment publicly on this is issue other then Will's positive internet comments. We need to understand the new world order.
  3. My comment was a "tongue in cheek" remark....
  4. Please share with the UAlbany Sports webmaster so that the men's roster is updated for basketball ....
  5. I am adding a comment here that I added elsewhere concerning the women's roster.... It is time date to update the men's basketball roster for 2018-2019..same reason: adds clarity - gives people a bit of comfort at a time of "turmoil".
  6. My suggestion: please update the team's roster ... if someone has left no reason to list them ... only confuses the rest of us
  7. Eight months to put the pieces together...today is day 1....Marr and staff will need to keep everyone focus on skills & leadership development
  8. Why do we continue to lament over athletes that cannot make the commitment to Albany? So sad....
  9. In today's world, a coach needs removed from the rumor mill. Coach Matt needs to maintain confidentiality of the athletes that he is responsible for. If an athlete decides to go public about jumping ship so be it. A coach can only control so much.
  10. We will have to agree to disagree... however our support for the team will remain strong
  11. Jumping ship is the new college norm...I have stopped worrying about it...Grab your seat & hold on for the ride.
  12. The time to stop worrying about who is going elsewhere is now .... let Coach Mullins do her job...
  13. I remember Yvonne Hawkins. I am confident that Coach Mullins and Yvonne will work well together.
  14. Let us give a shout-out to Kyle McClancy, for his selection as one of three male athletes in contention for the America East Male Athlete of the Year. GPA 3.93 ... we need to continue to support our athletes on the field and the class room.
  15. To our seniors: The Rey brothers, Connor, J D, Zah Wolfe, Stone Sims, Justin Zelen, Brendan Chetuck and Kyle McClancy plus Josh Egan & A J Kluck wishing the best in your future endeavors and careers ... your spirit will always roam the UALBANY campus
  16. Wondering when the coach will announce the names of assistant coaches.....
  17. My only thought as the game ended..."Thanks for the memories and thrills"
  18. Weather will not be an issue UALBANY has seen it all .... but let us hope low humidity and reasonable temperatures ... early forecast some humidity - warm temperatures
  19. On a lighter note from yesterday, Thank the lord and my wife for my L L Bean rain gear .... wet on the outside and dry on the inside ... during first game ... a reminder of last year's North Carolina game
  20. I am confident that the UALBANY Women's Basketball is in excellent hands ... the future looks bright
  21. Will Brown saw the trend coming ... while others were chasing the easy story ... Will was out.there creating the next UALBANY chapter ..GREAT JOB Will!!
  22. I "have heard" that Roger Wyland is working on his list of questions for Albany's introduction of the new women's basketball coach ... I hope the new coach is prepared for the Sports Anchor ready to ask that extra question to weed out the truth ....
  23. I am glad that Benson & Company has bought this to a conclusion
  24. Great question ... could stay as associate head coach ... He would be helpful in easing the transition ... however this will be up to the new coach
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