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  1. I know Coach Brown. He is a wonderful person with a great personality. I never ment for this thread to attack him personally. He has a close inner circle and keeps to that inner circle. In a job where every move he makes is questions or second guessed, I would also have a pretty small group of friends and not open up to many. I was simply saying that I did not like the intensity of the team. I do not care if it was against Siena or UMBC, I expect a better effort!
  2. I was really disappointed with the overall effort and intensity the ENTIRE UALBANY basketball team displayed. I did not see players who hustled back on defense (some had no clue where the ball or shooters were). I also did not see players who got on the floor when there was a loose ball. Lots of players bending over instead of diving for the ball. What really bothered me was the lack of emotion on the players and coaches. I knew that this was a game where Albany had to play their best in order to compete (no win). I did not see much desire! The players and coaches looked defeated before the tipoff. I think the world of Coach Brown and knows that he would do anything to win. I just did not see it last night.
  3. I want to thank Coach Brown and his staff for being such class acts. I called Will the other day (on short notice, and he was out of town) and asked for a favor. Recently, a family that has children in the elementary school I teach at learned that their two month old son has a rare form of cancer. Naturally, everyone wants to help and fundraisers were organized to help with massive expenses. I called Will and asked him to donate season tickets and a signed basketball. Without hesitation, will said that he would take care of it. To show what type of staff he has, Coach Dagistino took care of everything and even sent the package FEDEX so that I did not have to go get it. Albany should be proud of the program that Will Brown has established. They should be even more proud to have an outstanding human beings who is always willing to help out others in need. THANKS COACH!
  4. you have to be kidding me. And I thought that Bing was a top notch college!
  5. Coach Brown will do what is best for this program. He is an extremely smart man who understands the importance of having a staff that works together and has the same philosophy/beliefs. One suggestion is that Coach Brown should inquire into the availability of Ted Hotaling. I know that he started his high school career at Ichabod Crane and then moved on to one of the private schools in Albany (CBA or LaSalle). I believe that he went to UAlbany as well and is now an assistant at Eastern Kentucky. He is listed as one of the up and coming assistant coaches at the Mid/Low major schools.
  6. I have been thinking a lot about Coach Knight. I think that he is a wonderful basketball coach. He certainly understands the way basketball is suppose to be played: free flowing, man to man defense and players using offensive principles and not set plays. However, this inability to control his behavior has gotten out of hand. What right does he have to put his hands on another person? The answer is simple: NONE. He is a facalty memeber of Texas Tech. I would question if the Sociology professor put his hands on a student to get his attention if it would be handled the same way. Angain the answer is simple: NO. He would be fired immediately. In my opinion, it is time for Coach Knight to go. He has been given more free passes then most. He needs to be held accountable for his actions.
  7. I was so impressed with the the entire basketball program last night. The team was prepared to play at the highest level. They worked so hard and showed that this program is headed for great things in the near future. I think that all this can be attributed to their leader: Coach Brown. I am lucky enough to know Will on a more personal level and have worked with him when I was a graduate assistant at Saint Rose. I knew then that Will had what it takes to be an excellent head basketball coach. He can identify talent, recruit it, and is an excellent x's and o's coach. What impresses me so much is the way he has molded this team to make sure that all the parts work together to complete the puzzle. Will is going to be succesful and will coach at the highest level at some point. Albany would be wise to enjoy his services for as long as they can keep him. He deserves a contract that shows the university believes in him (5yrs plus) and deserves to be paid like the up and comming coach he is. I am so proud of the way that Albany represented themselves this year. This can be atributed to the head coach and assitants (past and present). I am sure that Coach Driscoll and Spisto had huge smiles on their faces and were rooting this team on. CONGRATS WILL and Co.
  8. Will any of the AE games (besides the championship game) be on television? If so, what network?
  9. With an expected championship game in a few weeks and a sold out crowd, I would encourage the athletic department to think about the parking situation. With the frigid weather finally here, the department should think about running shuttle buses from the parking lots that are of distance so that people do not freeeze. Just another way to make going to a game fan and family friendly.
  10. I am very proud of Coach Barnes. He has come a long way in a short period of time. Brian was not a great player at Catholic Hig and had to work very hard to even walk-on at Albany. It just goes to show that a person who is willing to work hard, listen and be willing to learn and is always willing to go the extra mile can achieve his dream. Coach Barnes is a true basketball junky. He has a strong desire to be successful. I am will to bet this his job at RPI is only the beginning. Congrats! We are all rooting for you!
  11. Congrats to Coach Brown. Once again he has proven that anything he does can only be a positive for the UAlbany basketball program, the athletic department and for the University as a whole. With that being said, I am beginning to wonder if there is another factor that is causing the athletic director to move very cautiously towards a contract extension. I can only think of two reasons. One, Coach Brown was not his "guy." Two, (and I know that this will an unpopular belief) that Dr. McElroy wants to have a basketball coach of similar race and background. I surely hope that this is not the case! Please note, that this is just a thought. I am searching for reasons why this extension has not gotten done.
  12. The most important signee is the signature of Will Brown on a contract extension!
  13. I would like to know others' feelings on the loyalty being displayed by Albany Athletic Director, Lee McElroy. Three years ago he hired a head basketball coach who turned out to be the wrong fit for the university. He was a poor coach, and had very little personal qualities. He became such a problem, that he was forced to resign. Will Brown was named the interm head coach and did what I percieve as a great job holding the basketball program together. In the next two years, he helped move the basketball program towards respectability. He is a great public face for the program. He has done an outstanding job recruiting. He also showed remarkable improvement in the bottom line: WINS. All his hard work and dedication toward the university and how is he rewarded? His reward is an athletic director who is slow to negotiate a contract extension. Will Brown has nothing to prove. He is a winner, a class act and will be a successful coach for many years with or without Albany. Lee McElroy needs to smarten up and get this contract extension completed. Do not forget who came to your rescue Mr. McElroy!
  14. What is up with Coach Driscoll leaving or not returning?
  15. If I had to make a prediction, Coach Brown is not going anywhere. His wife is an Albany native. She has a very tight family. It would be hard for her to pick up and leave. Also Coach Brown's mother and father recently moved to the Captial District so that they could see their son more and watch their first grandchild grow up!
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