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  1. You aren't going to win if you can't grab a defensive rebound
  2. Biggest win in program history?! Maybe, maybe not but huge win for the program regardless.
  3. The free throw shooting has left a lot to be desired. Got to love the effort on the defensive end though, even if we are getting bossed around on the glass.
  4. Pathetic...disgraceful...whatever you want to call it. This team downright stinks. It hurts me to say it, but they look terrible. All this time spent preaching defense, and recruiting defensive players has yielded a team who's offense would struggle against most D-III teams. I realize that I'm venting about a team that just lost at Vermont, but lets be honest here...they've lost to almost every team in the conference. Its time for some sort of change (and change does not mean benching Will Harris or Tim Ambrose who, despite their lapses, remain the two best players on this team).
  5. I've been impressed by Black's play all year, though I admit to not really being a Johnson fan. I just wish we could have had both Black and Anthony Raffa for 3 years...that would have been REAL nice I want to know what has happened to Tim Ambrose this year...I know his defense and effort have lacked at times but I've always been a huge supporter of his because of his immense offensive talent. But this year should have been his step forward, but instead its been a step back
  6. I agree, but its not like we didnt rip off Syracuse or anything
  7. First chance to see this team in person last night, and boy was it a disaster. Here are some of my observations, as I try to look for some positives in a game full of negatives: Tim Ambrose is our only offensive threat...and Siena knew that. Tim was getting doubled on almost every possesion. Yes, Will Harris gets his points, but he only seemed to play well against Siena's bench...This team DESPERATELY needs to recruit some offensive-minded players. Why is Brett Gifford on this team? Every single game I've been too in the last four years he has looked confused and out of position on
  8. I think its hard to compare the championship teams to this team...Allen, Gifford and Ambrose are the only guys on the team with more than a full year in Brown's system...and two of those three have been disappointments on the basketball floor (dont act like Gifford isn't a disappointment from what we all expected 4 years ago). While the team has plenty of juniors and seniors, they are youthful in their experience at UA. Its been tough to start the year...but some of our opponents (Cuse, Morgan St., and the upcoming battle with UNC) are very good. And while OOC play toughens up a team, NCAA
  9. Quick question on dynasty mode. You said it was the same...I remember in 09 it was REALLY easy to get top recruits. For example, I played as UA after 2 seasons I was getting all 5-star recruits. It was borderline too easy, since afterwords I basically won every game since the rest of the teams in the AE arent too good. It took a lot of fun out of it. Did they change that at all??? Also, I remember in 09 that the best players on mid-majors were their freshman recruits. For example, Lindfors was the highest-rated player on UA, and the best players in the conference (ie Blakley) never ma
  10. I'd be up for a review...i know the presentation is supposed to be CBS and ESPN integration, but if they didnt edit jersey's / arena's and didnt update dynasty mode I dont think i'll be purchasing this...
  11. Better than the performance at Cuse', and keep in mind Morgan St. is a tournament team (a 16-seed...but a tournament team none-the-less), but anytime you have a lead at the end and blow it isnt a good performance. Need to hold onto the ball better...and the D in crunch time was very giving up a lot of open looks. Some positive things...I thought Ambrose was solid...and Harris was pretty good too. Some of the young guys made good plays at times...Lindfors specifically comes to mind, but coach still has some changes to make in order to become a potential tournament team.
  12. It was an ugly game for UA...no question. But keep in mind, Syracuse may not be the Syracuse of last year, but its still a VERY VERY good team. Their 12th man would probably start for us...to act like there isn't a gap in talent is ridiculous. And while Brown was less than perfect, the one thing that stuck out in my mind was exactly what a previous poster stated...when Ambrose made a mistake, he wasn't immediately benched. And he even learned from his mistakes! In my mind, that was the best part of the game. Anytime you have a team with 8 new players playing a top 25 team, they are going
  13. Unbelievable. I understand some of the moves, though I certainly hope that these guys were actually doing something wrong AT Bingo. I mean, I havent been paying especially close attention, but I hadn't heard of about Rivera or the lesser known guys doing anything wrong since they transferred (Tiki and Malik are different stories). Based solely on timing, I would hate to hear that guys making good on their second chances suffer because the school suddenly started caring about their reputation. I feel like Broadus has had this coming for a long time
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