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  1. Was Jamar Wilson a Will Brown recruit? If he was, that means that Will *can* recruit great players and did lead 2 teams to great seasons and the tournament. If Jamar was a hold over from the prior coach I think UA and Marist have a simple decision. IMO college hoop is a coach's game. Good coaches win. 1-21 (Marist) is inexcusable ... Siena has had 2 times already where a loser coach was replaced (Beyer & Lanier) and the new guy (Hewitt and Fran) immediately posted significant improvement with the same team OR LESS. Good luck the rest of the way. I hope something changes for t
  2. OK. UA is back to the dance. That's 2 in a row...something Siena hasn't done. Congratulations!
  3. As a Siena poster I'd like to point out that IMO 1) Tony doesn't delete enough posts. There's far too much bickering, etc. 2) When Tony mentioned name calling I believe he meant personal attacks (ie: Tony is xyz) vs. general descriptions (ie: the fan base is xyz) 3) I've found Tony to be fair and a good board moderator 4) dissention is indeed tolerated. Beating a dead horse a hundred times over isn't. No school, organization, whatever is 100% right all the time. There's room to criticize. As a "fan board" it should generally be in support of the institution or at least o
  4. I don't understand your statement that your AD would have political problems if UAlbany were to schedule a game or two at the arena every season. And I doubt whether he would put himself in the position you describe. I think something got lost in translation... It isn't a problem for our AD if you guys schedule a game or 3 at the arena. That's fine. The problem is if Siena is playing in a regular season game (part of season tix package) and our season tix holders can't sit in their seats. I no your next line of thought...don't make the game part of Siena's season ticket pack
  5. Come to the RACC. 14117[/snapback] Are you trying to imply that the Aints would never play any away OOC game in a facility with less capacity than the cavernous Coca Cola? You must have had a hissy fit when your Aints went up to UVM this season or even when you went out to Amherst to play UMass. Have you contacted your AD about these horrible deals yet? 14124[/snapback] Nope. Most MAAC teams play in crappy gyms. No harm in that. But we're not playing out of the area. You guys are missing the obvious pollitical problems our AD would have to deal with. Again, wou
  6. Come to the RACC. 14117[/snapback] OK - and we'd get seats in your season ticket section? No, why not? Because it is silly to ask that of the home team! There's nothing in it for Siena to play at the RACC. Why would we do that? If roles were reversed would you advocate the UA do that? Nope. We wouldn't suggest the game be played at the ARC either. What's so hard about this logic?
  7. Because you compared Albany at Syracuse to Albany at the Pepsi Arena. Siena parallelling itself to Syracuse shows how unrealistic your view of yourself in the college basketball world is. 14111[/snapback] Hold on there. You guys brought up the SU analogy saying that you got a home game and therefore Siena should do it. My issue with what was said was that while you got a home game it wasn't in SU's facility. You're asking for a home game in Siena's facility. Granted Siena doesn't own it but it is our home court. In no other way was I paralleling Siena to SU. Out of curi
  8. What's the location of the facility have to do with anything? That's where Siena plays ALL of it's home games. That means it is our HOME COURT. Period. This is the choice - play the game at the Pepsi or no game. Again, I'm OK with an equitable distribution of money, alternating home whites, etc. If that's not good enough then we shouldn't play. It doesn't make sense to play in the RACC (for Siena) and it really would be a politcal faux pas for D'Arg to schedule the game and NOT include it with our season tix. Hey, you guys are occassionally spouting off about how much greater y
  9. My 2 cents: I have no problem with UA wearing home whites and even profitting more financially as a "home" team but you're not going to get Siena season tix holders to be visitors in the Pepsi. You guys have pointed to the Syracuse game a few times. A more correct analogy would be to have UA being the home team at the Dome. Ridiculous...sure. Just as much as having Siena being the visitor at the Pepsi. Hey, SU plays Cornell every year. Do you think the Red have told SU they want to be the home team? I doubt it. Also, it's funny to see how for so long UA fans were all about call
  10. UA played a great and a I mean GREAT game. Congratulations. I was really torn. I was rooting for UA but I knew I'd hear it ....hmmm ... forever if UA won the game :-) Your team did put in a great effort and played with one of the best in the nation. You made the Capital Region proud. Congrats again for a great season. See ya in November!
  11. Hi. First I'd like to note that I'm not one of the Siena crew who likes to see you guys lose! This has to be a huge disappointment but you're heading into conference play. All is not lost! I find the differences between our boards quite amusing. OldDog71 wrote something like "..., it was interesting how they became almost cannibalistic and turned on each other..." I prefer to think of it as a family disagreement :-) Your board seems rather quite. I can assure you our board would be quite busy if we had your record coupled with your expectations for the season. What's up?
  12. A92.... I got alot of abuse about that jingle at work too!
  13. You guys are funny. You haven't even won an NCAA game yet. Oh wait.. You haven't been there yet. NIT....nope. Tournament Finals....nope. Tournament Semis....???...not sure but probably - nope. So Siena has a down year and you can proclaim yourselves Kings forever more? Good Luck with that
  14. Yes things are down this year but with any luck we'll get a new coach and turn this around. Before Danes fans get too cocky, remember it will happen to you too. The only question is how much will you achieve before then? As Siena fans we're very disappointed in the season and Lanier's tenure to-date. I believe the school will take action as season's end. As for the freshman backcourt...that's really not the problem. McClinton is doing fine at the point. Tay and Al Fisher are doing fine as 2Gs. The problem is the coach. I'll make some predictions. 1- If we get a
  15. Much like the previous poster I am also a Siena fan and I too expected the beating we got this year (congrats to UA). Before you guys go off thinking you're headed to a sweet 16 in a few years keep in mind that you're in much the same boat as every other mid-major including Siena. You will lose your coach! I know what Brown said in the paper. That's similar to what Mike Deane said before he left Siena :-) All coaches...hell, most people, want to achieve the most they can. Tell me if an ACC, Big East or Big Ten team offered Will Brown a 4 year $500K / year contract he'd say "...n
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