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  1. Benson hasn't even followed through with his "town hall" chats he talked so much about doing for fans. He likes to keep fans away with a 10ft poll. Maybe I'm wrong as he now has the media department for athletics all over basketball where they haven't given a crap about it for 3 years at least. So maybe his tune will change now that he has his guy in. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But that's on the school to create their own forum not a private one you'd think.

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    "3x3 has been a basketball format long played in streets and gyms across the world, albeit in a less formal way. Starting in the late 1980s, three-on-three began to become standardized throughout the United States, most notably through the Gus Macker and Hoop It Up tournament series, which held large events across the country that invited teams and players from all skill levels. Since then, the number of 3x3 events and competitions has been steadily growing all around the world.

    FIBA took the decision to first test 3x3 at the 2007 Asian Indoor Games. Yet, it was not until 2010 at the Summer Youth Olympics in Singapore when 3x3 made its worldwide competitive debut. The competition featured 20 teams in both boys' and girls' categories. The competition was held at the Youth Space, Singapore. Since then World Championships in both open and U18 categories are held on a regular basis. After the success in Singapore, FIBA launched a full programme to make 3x3 a standalone discipline with its own regular competitions. 3x3 is scheduled to make its Olympic debut at the 2020 Summer Olympics."


    The total prize pool for the Event is One Hundred Five Thousand US Dollars (US $105,000.00), to be distributed as follows:

    • Each Team winning a Game during pool play, but excluding any Pool Tie-Break Game, will receive a prize of One Thousand US Dollars (US $1,000.00) to be distributed equally between Players on that Team.
    • Each Team winning a Game during the first round, second round, and consolation round of the Event bracket stage will receive a prize of One Thousand US Dollars (US $1,000.00) to be distributed equally between Players on that Team.
    • The Team winning the Event’s bracket stage will receive a prize of Fifty Thousand US Dollars (US $50,000.00) to be distributed equally between Players on that Team.



    • America East and MAAC team is called Metro East Mayhem and includes Clark, Camper (Siena) and Ellison (Hartford).

    Streaming on Twitter



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  3. 22 hours ago, cwdickens said:

    Words chosen wisely,,,"spectators" but not "fans". I don't mean family can't be fans, but its not like regular alumni, community members, fans etc will be able to go unless you know the team/player that can put your name on a team list.

    "Event attendance will be limited to guests of participating student-athletes and coaching staffs"

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  4. 9 hours ago, Eli said:

    Theres my answer to the $iena question from yesterday. Someone definitely needs to give him the backstory.

    Funny you should say that. Benson's first UA Alumni event when he started at the school, I sat at a table with him GDG and one staff member and we specifically brought up the Siena situation letting him know the history. I agree someone needs to do that with the new coach..and it should be someone outside of Benson's grasp.


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  5. 12 minutes ago, bob87 said:

    No reason can't play at some again and sprinkle in some new ones. I missed a few (Kansas and washington) when we played there and I have been hoping to visit indiana and Butler. I didn't look at timeline. Was he at Boston University when Albany played them at MSG.

    I took it as he was saying he wants to bring UA to these big schools as if we have never played there. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Just how I heard it. Would love to visit them again.

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  6. 11 minutes ago, Clickclack said:

    Why is this relevant or some type of demerit? I didn't get the sense that he was saying like it was gonna be something new or some great leap for program that only he's capable of bringing here. Clearly history shows that's not true.


    Maybe I heard it wrong...I'm a little conflicted on Tibbs...and hated the fact that Lambs name was even brought up considering what's going on there. That to me was cringe.

    Responded to wrong post and can't delete the emoji lol. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  7. Presser is what I expected, said the right things you'd want a new coach to say. Hoping it translates to the court 👍 and the classroom. (Though I noticed he said he wants us to play at big schools and I believe all the ones he names we have played at. So a little more research may be needed 😊)

    So is this where we are at with names for the staff?

    Head Coach:Killings

    Top Assistant(?):Tibbs(7 years at UVM)

    Other Assistants Seen Mentioned online: 

    -Matt Griffin (High School Coach no D1 experience) https://aopathletics.org/news/2019/6/13/boys-basketball-matt-griffin-named-athletic-director-at-roman.aspx

    -Raheem Mapp (Director of basketball operations for Temple for five years, no direct coaching experience) .. Rodger tweeted it then deleted it it https://owlsports.com/staff-directory/raheem-mapp/365


  8. 1 hour ago, McFan said:

    I know this thread is supposed to be about the new coaching search but it's become the "we love Will Brown" or at least "Will Brown was our best option" thread.  Look if his contract wasn't up I get it but are/were all of you okay w/ the direction of the program.  In a very low level conference we've been mediocre lately.  Our recruits (true recruits not the transfers that came in this year) have been somewhere between non contributors to inconsistent at best.  Rizzuto was the only "recruit" to do much of anything this year.  And last year people were wondering if he was a D1 player.  The style of play until late in the season this year is at times unwatchable.  Look at the lack of interest in game threads on this board and attendance figures.  If you're winning you deal w/ that style but when you aren't (and I mean really winning) that style is awful to watch.  

    Now, is Will Brown solely responsible for all of those things?  Of course not.  Will his supporters on this board continue to point out how others were at fault?  Of course.  Are there excuses, both valid and not?  Yup.  But at a point in time when his contract is up I just don't see pounding the table saying getting rid of him is indefensible.  You can hate Benson and still understand this decision.  You can think Will Brown is a great guy that did tremendous things in his time at UA and still understand this decision.   To me there just isn't enough evidence over the last handful of years to justify giving him another contract.  If he had time left on his contract it's a different discussion.  

    This is a new coach thread, yes. People have the right to talk about the qualities that a new coach should have. And of course that's going to be compared to the last coach... Or for example conversations about those qualities of a new coach and what qualities the old coach did or did not have. And that may very well still involve people saying that they like certain coach qualities that our last coach had.

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  9. 3 minutes ago, Dane Pound said:


    I'm sure there will be a lot of names thrown around here in the coming weeks. If one of those names had nearly 20 years of D1 coaching experience, a positive career winning percentage, multiple NCAA tournament appearances and ran a clean program I wonder if they'd go to the top of the list?


    As GDG says to me, it's just like what Ted Turner said after he fired Bobby Cox....and the irony he ended up back to he Braves and won. (just a little baseball talk in the basketball thread)

    "A fresh face, that's all it was,' Turner said of the decision to fire Cox, who managed the Braves for four seasons and still has a year to go on his contract. 'If Bobby wasn't here, he'd be one of the leading candidates for the job. A new broom sweeps clean. That's all."  

    " Cox’s first stint managing the Braves would last from 1978 to 1981, resulting in a 266-323 record. When Turner was asked at a 1981 press conference who the likely next manager of the Braves would be, he replied, “It would be Bobby Cox if I hadn’t just fired him. We need someone like him around here." -HOF

  10. “When we’re looking at it, it would be great if the person had coaching experience at the mid-major level, or a higher level,” Benson said. “Someone who has been at a few different places to see what works best, and bring it here. It doesn’t have to be a sitting head coach or a former head coach.” -Daily Gazette

    Sounds like he has someone in mind. Then he won't need to go through all those resumes and paperwork. Specific to say they have been a few places and doesn't have to be a head coach. Sounds like an assistant that has moved around a bit.


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