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  1. Not sure if it means anything. I posted this in the flagship thread as well. -5 year mainatence plan $2.7 billion SUNY (capital) State University of New York Critical Maintenance The Assembly strikes the Executive's one-year appropriation of $550 million and replaces it with an appropriation for a 5-year critical maintenance plan as follows: State University of New York Five-Year Critical Maintenance Plan Albany ....................................... 168,775,000 http://www.assembly.state.ny.us/leg/?bn=C01369&sh=t STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK CAPITAL PROJECTS - REAPPROPRIATIONS 2008-09 1 tation, facilities for the physically disabled and related projects 2 including costs incurred prior to April 1, 2007 subject to a plan 3 developed by the state university and approved by the director of 4 the budget (28F10708) ... 379,700,000 ........... (re. $379,322,000) 5 Project Schedule 6 PROJECT AMOUNT 7 ---------------------------------------------------------- 8 (thousands of dollars) 9 Albany 10 Campus-wide critical maintenance 11 projects such as Classroom Renova- 12 tions & Upgrades, Phase I..........................5,988
  2. Assembly Budget: -no tuiton hikes -$43 mill operating aid SUNY -$28 mill operating aid CUNY -5 year mainatence plan $2.7 billion SUNY (capital) State University of New York Critical Maintenance The Assembly strikes the Executive's one-year appropriation of $550 million and replaces it with an appropriation for a 5-year critical maintenance plan as follows: State University of New York Five-Year Critical Maintenance Plan Albany ....................................... 168,775,000 http://www.assembly.state.ny.us/leg/?bn=C01369&sh=t ------------------------------ 543 12803-06-8 STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK CAPITAL PROJECTS - REAPPROPRIATIONS 2008-09 1 (thousands of dollars) 2 Albany 3 Nanotechnology Research Facility 4 and Equipment for the Interna- 5 tional Venture for Nanotech- 6 nology (INVENT). Notwithstand- 7 ing any provision of law to 8 the contrary, the state 9 university construction fund 10 is hereby authorized to enter 11 into a service agreement to 12 transfer up to $75,000,000 in 13 state university capital 14 construction funds to the 15 Fuller road management corpo- 16 ration, pursuant to appropri- 17 ation, for the construction of 18 a nanotechnology research 19 facility and equipment for the 20 international venture for 21 nanotechnology on the univer- 22 sity at Albany campus. Fuller 23 road management corporation is 24 authorized to construct such 25 facility using funds trans- 26 ferred from the state univer- 27 sity construction fund to 28 Fuller road management corpo- 29 ration, and other funds avail- 30 able to Fuller road management 31 corporation, pursuant to the 32 terms of an executed lease 33 agreement with the state 34 university of New York trus- 35 tees as authorized by chapter 36 643 of the laws of 1997 ....... 75,000 37 East Campus Cancer Research 38 Bldg/Equipment School of 39 Public Health Expansion. 40 Notwithstanding any inconsist- 41 ent provision of law to the 42 contrary, the state university 43 construction fund is hereby 44 authorized to enter into a 45 service agreement to transfer 46 up to $25,000,000 in state 47 university capital 48 construction funds to the 49 university of Albany founda- 50 tion or its designee for 51 construction of a cancer 52 research center at the east 544 12803-06-8 STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK CAPITAL PROJECTS - REAPPROPRIATIONS 2008-09 1 campus and equipment and 2 infrastructure for the school 3 of public health expansion, 4 pursuant to appropriation 5 therefor ...................... 25,000 6 Life Sciences Bldg Equipment ...... 14,000 7 New Entry/Admissions Bldg 8 Equipment ....................... 3,500 9 New Entry/Admissions Bldg 10 Site/Plaza Improvements ......... 5,000 11 Life Sciences Bldg 12 Complete Shelled Wing ........... 2,000 13 Brubacher Hall .................... 1,000 ---------------------------- 26 Project Schedule 27 PROJECT AMOUNT 28 -------------------------------------------- 29 (thousands of dollars) 30 Albany 31 Renovate Husted Hall .............. 15,000 32 Rehabilitate Power Plant, 33 Phase I .......................... 5,500 34 Uptown Campus - Electric 35 Repairs, Phase ................... 6,000 36 Mechanical/electrical Up- 37 grades - Various Buildings ....... 1,471 38 Rehab Heating Plant, Phase 39 II ............................... 1,200 40 Roof/Canopy/Column Repairs 41 - Various Buildings .............. 2,100 42 Uptown Power Plant - Re- 43 pair/Replace Boilers ............. 2,300 44 Uptown Exterior Rehabs - 45 Various Buildings ................ 2,000 46 Rehab Campus Roads and Park- 47 ing Areas ........................ 6,000 48 Podium Deck/Canopy Repair - 49 Various Buildings ................ 2,900 50 Uptown Sewer, Storm System 548 12803-06-8 STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK CAPITAL PROJECTS - REAPPROPRIATIONS 2008-09 1 Upgrades ......................... 4,500 2 Lecture Center Renovation - 3 Mech Systems ..................... 5,686 4 State and Indian Quad Dining 5 Room Renovations ................. 7,000 6 Construct Electric Substation ...... 3,000 7 Campus-wide Projects, In- 8 cluding Division I Light- 9 ing/Finishes Upgrades ........... 14,192 10 -------------- 11 78,849 http://www.assembly.state.ny.us/leg/?bn=A09803&sh=t
  3. Sent to all UA Students today... "To the University at Albany Community: At a time when the University at Albany is reaching new heights in academics, research and athletics, there have been efforts by some to promote restructuring SUNY to make Buffalo and Stony Brook the system's two flagships. Many of you have rightly expressed concerns about the negative impact this would have on our campus and I have shared our mutual concerns with our state lawmakers and SUNY officials. I have been informed on numerous occasions that UAlbany will continue to be one of SUNY's four University research centers or flagships. I have no reason to believe this will not be the case. However, this is a time of serious state budget challenges, which includes a proposed two-and-a-half percent cut in the SUNY System overall operating budget. As you know, it is a very competitive landscape for higher education and we must advocate for the resources necessary to advance our agenda and to remain competitive on a national and international level I am asking you to join me on March 18th at the State Capitol for UAlbany Day to help promote the University's academic, research, and extracurricular success, and to showcase how our mission contributes immeasurably to the economic, intellectual, and cultural fabric of the greater Capital Region and beyond. We need you to help tell our story at UAlbany Day with our public officials, business leaders and community representatives from the Capital Region. So next Tuesday, please join UAlbany students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends at a rally and reception, which will begin at 4:30 p.m. in the Albany Room in the Concourse of the Empire State Plaza. Last year UAlbany faculty attracted more than $240 million in research and development funding ranking us sixth in the state of top research universities. We generated more research and development funding than Stony Brook and slightly less than Buffalo. Our strategic location generates distinctive academic strengths in public policy, criminal justice, social welfare, education and public health, to name just a few. U.S. News and World Report places 13 UAlbany graduate programs in the nation's top 25. Our libraries rank among the nation's top research libraries. Students who study here are proud of its richly diverse student population, one of our great strengths and a critical feature of excellence across higher education. And when our students graduate they stay connected through a global alumni network of more than 140,000. Nearly 40,000 reside in the Capital Region holding influential positions in business and state government. Our Division I basketball, football, lacrosse and volleyball teams are competing and winning championships at the national level. UAlbany continues to be the summer home of the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants. And if that's not enough, our College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering is a global leader in nanotechnology, offering pioneering education, cutting-edge research, unparalleled resources, and a unique business model. Through corporate and governmental investments the college has built the most advanced research facility of its kind at any University in the world. CNSE and its $4.2 billion Albany Nanotech complex center have attracted more than 250 global corporate partners and are transforming and revitalizing the upstate New York economy. This success is attracting more academically talented students, and this year, we expect to receive more than 21,000 applications, a record number, from students competing for 2,350 places in our entering freshman class. There are countless other very compelling reasons why investing in UAlbany contributes to the intellectual, social and economic well-being of our region, the state and the nation. I hope to see you on UAlbany Day as we voice our support for and celebrate the success of the University at Albany. Sincerely, George M. Philip Interim President"
  4. --> QUOTE(Zalman B @ Feb 29 2008, 08:02 PM) 32013[/snapback] The apparent highlight of Binghamton cuisine is a "spiedie" (said speed-ee). I think I may have tried one once, but don't recall it really, so I'll let someone else describe it. I grew up on Spiedies, so maybe it's my duty to inform others about them. The spiedie: is a dish local to Greater Binghamton in the Southern Tier of New York State, and somewhat more broadly known and enjoyed throughout Central New York state. Spiedie consists of cubes of chicken and pork, but it may also be made from lamb, veal, venison or beef. The meat cubes are marinated overnight or longer (sometimes for as long as two weeks under a controlled environment) in a special spiedie marinade, then grilled carefully on spits over a charcoal pit. The freshly prepared cubes are served on soft Italian bread or a submarine roll, wood skewer and all, then drizzled with fresh marinade. The roll is used as an oven glove to grip the meat while the skewer is removed. Spiedie meat cubes can also be eaten straight off the wooden skewer or can be served in salads, stir fries, and a number of other dishes. The marinade recipe varies, usually involving olive oil, vinegar, and a variety of Italian spices and fresh mint. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiedie Places to get a Spiedie: Next to Bing Campus: Spiedie & Rib Pit (sit down place) 3908 Vestal Pkwy E Vestal, NY 13850 Others: Lupo's S&S Char Pit 6 West State Street Binghamton, NY Sharkey’s Restaurant (whole in the wall type of bar) 56 Glenwood Avenue Binghamton, NY Lupo's Char-Pit (no tables, just a walk in place where you can pick up a sub to go) 2710 E Main St Endicott, NY
  5. They should get on it and actually contact offices ASAP... that's close to the budget time, and if they want to actually get meetings with legislators they need to make appointments early.. just my little two cents. EDIT TO ADD: http://www.albany.edu/studentaffairs/docs/ualbany_day_08.pdf
  6. When Stony Brook was lobbying (students and staff) on Tuesday they basically said they were the flagship and that they needed support from the legislature because it would take them to make it official. There was no mention of Buffalo at all....of course so narrow minded. Of course I mentioned I was a SUNY alumni from Bing (don't kill me), and soon to be Albany in May. They didn't seem too happy and asked if I was going to SB for my PhD...and I said uhh no. They gloated about how it is the Gov's initiative to make SB the flagship because he mentioned it in his speech. Felt as if I wanted to vomit. On a funny note though I overheard a lady talking to some guy about how her son might play basketball for SB, and the man's response was that they need all the help they can get.
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