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  1. You can list state jobs in public websites. But what's odd is that it's not posted here: https://statejobs.ny.gov/public/vacancyTable.cfm?searchResults=Yes&Keywords=&title=&JurisClassID=&AgID=530&minDate=&maxDate=&employmentType=&grade=&SalMin= or here https://www.suny.edu/careers/employment/index.cfm?s=y But if staff aren't following the normal processes that their personnel office requires you know I wouldn't put it past them to screw that up lol
  2. Regardless if someone had a coach/fan/donor relationship, there are people that have Benson/fan/donor relationships that have be scorched over the years. I think you keep missing that part. But again whatever I'm over trying justify facts.
  3. I'm sure there has to be some relief to longer have to deal with the BS of Benson, etc. That has to be somewhat a weird/good feeling, but I wouldn't take that this is the outcome that was wanted. As other have posted his father was clearly stating he was "loyal" on Twitter. He wanted to stay, Benson just made it difficult along the way. And I agree with you, he will land on his feet for a new adventure, but again I wouldn't take that as he is okay about it. And I know everyone can have their own opinion. I get not all of us have the personal facts so it is what it is on this board, based on what you want to believe or not. That's why I don't post on this board so much. The conjecturing gets old. But I do get that's the point on online forums, to shoot the sh it and guess at what is going on. Sometimes people are right and other times wrong, but that's the point of the board. 👍
  4. It was "mutual" in the UA Press Release of course his letter has to sound content and nice. He has never been someone to throw people under the bus, plus he is on a job hunt.
  5. Brown wrote an open letter to the community
  6. Posting: https://www.indeed.com/m/viewjob?jk=8585b094d6137054&from=rss&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  7. Event is online or on your tv Fox23 today at 7:30 . Will will be given a national award and Peter Hooley will also be attending virtually. https://www.acscapitalregionevents.com/coaches-vs-cancer/
  8. I'm not sure I ever said anything like that. I have been extremely clear that the issue is that Benson has had it out for Will regardless of his progress since he got here. That is an issue I personally have with the way someone would run their administration. There are other issues with Benson outside of coaching that I have issues with.
  9. Not if UA staff and myself knew months ago. You just don't get it. Oh well. Cuz what does that do for anyone to convince you. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  10. Making the descion before the start of the season means he didn't care how we did this yr.
  11. Again no one is arguing that if you wanted to get rid of Will this would be the time based on his recent three yr record. But because we know Benson has been wanting to get rid of him and he had his decision made up before even this year that's the issue. That's the person you have running your athletics program. Agree to disagree on Benson.
  12. I can understand most of it but you're saying the decision was "professional" when many of us know it was not. It was personal and had nothing to do with job performance. That's the issue many have here. What's the new professional direction Benson is taking us to? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  13. I think for some of us we already believe Benson has failed. And what we want is to try to come out of this, is that people find out how he is running his program who may not know what's really going on. Because we don't have faith that whatever he does next is going to help the University in the long run. We are in fact bleeding purple and gold because of the hurt and frustration that he is allowed to stay there and damage the University. And no longer giving support at least for me means financially. I will still always root for my Great Danes. But Benson is not going to get a dime.
  14. Because he was coming off a 3 year championship run, that's why. Benson had only been here for a couple of years, he had to gain some trust in the Admin of the school.
  15. Is your evidence me telling you who told me? Those who know me on this board, know I would not post the information unless it was true. And they know why I have some info. And so much more I still won't post because I just can't as its too personal. I have had so much of this information for years that I have held onto, with hopes Benson would not get his way. Now that he has, I'm ready to unload what I can, for those who can't due to their ties to the coaching staff and UA staff.
  16. I have also heard that Benson has told staff "UA is a Football School".. and he started saying that when he first got here...
  17. There is NO gun jumping. Benson TOLD staff he did not like Brown for years. He TOLD them he was going to fire him. Brown has a clause in his contract that does not allow him to talk to people about this type of thing. That is why you'll neve hear him say it. Many inside UA tried to warn Havidan about Benson and what he was up to. The scoreboard was all the Foundation..that had NOTHING to do with Benson. If anything Benson has hurt the Foundation and they have to clean up after him, like today.... Again this is the frustration. So many people know the real behind the scene dumpster fire going on but can't say anything. If this was just regular performance based or regular changes we should expect with a new AD regarding non-coaching things, okay but this is not that.
  18. On Will Brown And The End Of An Era At UAlbany https://www.ianpickus.com/writings/on-will-brown Good read from a student, alumn, journalist, professor, season ticketet holder Ian Pickus.
  19. They said today they are putting their assistant coach as interim for a year.
  20. I don't doubt CB will find a job some place, just sucks his family has ties here, ppl grew up here, have to move because of Benson and his personal dislike for them. Benson is a bulldozer who has zero ties to the area... I have zero faith in any direction he has taken our programs nor that he will stay the long haul. Fan experience pre-covid was all time worse at events, do we have to talk about parking, football seat debacle, kicking people out of stands at bball.. I mean this guy, no bueno. As an alumn I want to be able to cheer on my Great Danes, I do.. I just don't see this going in any positive direction based on him and his personality and how he runs the Department. Again that is where my extra gripe is. I hope I am wrong.
  21. LOL.. thats what you're focusing on today. If you are talking about hiring a coach ... there is a difference when you hire a coach for a low mid major school vs a mid major school. That is why I was delineating the difference..as in who are you going to hire? And yes I do have personal ties to the school as an alumni and program as a season ticket holder who mingles with the same fans, players and coaches family's because I travel to games, and support this team. That's how an alum becomes personal with a team. Which is why it burns me that Bensons BS of personal dislike is what lead to a firing vs actually being about the job. That is what ruffles my feathers. If this reallllly was about job performance that's one thing but it wasn't.
  22. It means it wasn't mutual... CB just has to say that so that it doesn't look like he got fired while he looks for another job.
  23. Benson axed Will according to Rodger on Twitter.
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