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  1. Exactly. We are a low mid major. Describe what you're looking for in a coach. What resources will you give the coach? Where is Pres. Rodriguez on this unless he just trust his Admin Leaders to do the right thing for the university. I know previous coach contracts actually cared about their student athletes academics. If I remember correctly there were incentives in the coaches contract to get your student athletes on the all academic teams. But I believe the most recent extension did not include that. We aren't going to be graduating any NBA players. I think that this is the part of the American East. And I think most teams know it. You get good smart kids who can play ball. And you try your best to get to the NCAA's. And if you don't like it then go root for a blueblood team. Unless Benson is taking this into a completely different route. But again he doesn't have a good record on hiring coaches who can win...
  2. Benson had his specific coaches he hasn't liked since he began and he has been vocal about it internally....again those coaches wouldn't be drinking buddies and get all friendly buddy buddy with him (which shouldn't be a job requirement)..or bend recruiting rules. If he actually wanted to get rid of him for not winning that would be one thing... Has Benson hired any winning coaches that took their teams to the NCAA? Asking because I actually don't know the answer.
  3. Benson and Vik sitting there not clapping when we tie it. Only UA staff there hoping CB loses..🙄
  4. It'll also be interesting how the Foundation has to deal with donors if they do not renew Will. There's a lot of people with deep pockets that like him and have good memories over the past 20 years which the foundation is able to use to milk getting donations (and they're also anti-Benson donors that this could push them over the edge to stop their donations). And it has been mentioned before here before too but Castellana seems to be a supporter of the program and Will and they have yet to secure the funding with the naming for the arena. If they can Will it'll be interesting what happens with that. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  5. Cool to be able to see the Thompson brothers again when their team visits.
  6. Rodger.."I will let you know on Monday what Tuesdays 4pm press conference is all about. We will have a new professional sports team to root for in the very near future. Stay tuned." On Twitter
  7. Nm. You were the one who said it was moot I was just curious if it really was moot or if a state employee would already know.
  8. I was more just asking anyone who has state contract background? Is there an actual rule?
  9. As a state employee under contract how far in advance is the state required to tell staff if they are getting an extension or not?
  10. Benson has his favorite coaches that he likes to go out and have a few... and those he doesn't like or has never liked from the beginning. Don't assume all coaches are treated the same. (His same attitude with various UA staff) 🍻
  11. Well this sucks... We dont get to play Bingo or Maine... no more reg season games after this weekend..yet they're still using the rankings to determine the playoffs. https://americaeast.com/news/2021/2/17/aeplayoffs-revised_format.aspx
  12. Albany football to open league play on March 6 https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/UAlbany-football-to-open-league-play-on-March-6-15608824.php
  13. The athletic gear page had the new logo today lol on their top banner..looks like they took it down. https://albany.shoptruespirit.com/shop/ualbany/home They are such a mess they can't get anything right including trying to keep the logo a secret.
  14. Lulka concussion, Clark hamstring, JoJo knee, Healy hip, deSousa flu..man these guys need a health clinic. Cam at least gave a second option this year until he got hurt. Clark made some crazy decisions this yr but what else is he supposed to do when most of his teammates are so unproductive or hurt. I don't blame him for pushing it even when it didn't make sense. I think Cam's injury (Binghamton) hurt us way more than I thought. We were 1-6 after that..
  15. Anyone elses feed randomly repeating and going backwards?
  16. Scores are looking pretty interesting in other America East games. Binghamton is up on Stony Brook and the Maine/ Vermont game is pretty close...UMBC up on Hartford.
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