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  1. Whoops sorry I didn't know where it post in this game thread that JoJo was out. Thought a whole player out deserved its own thread vs. a game thread. But DP can delete my thread if you want
  2. https://www.timesunion.com/ualbany/article/UAlbany-opts-to-shut-down-Jojo-Anderson-for-the-14993218.php
  3. We are $115 away from our goal! Any little helps! http://fightcf.cff.org/site/TR/?pg=team&fr_id=8042&team_id=91368
  4. They will be doing a presentation for Brown before the game for his 300th Win as well as an award the local Cystic Fibrosis Chapter awarded him.
  5. This game is the Annual Coaches Cure CF Game. This will be the 7th year. We are 5-1 in Coaches Cure CF games, with our only loss last year to Vermont. We are trying to raise $5,000 this year. However, if we can get to $3000 we will have reached a total of $25,000 through all years which would be amazing! We are a bit behind on donations, so any little bit helps so please consider donating! In addition, this year the largest total donor (between 12/11/19-tip off) will earn 4 Box tickets to Trevor Noah (of the Daily Show) at the TU Center courtesy of SEFCU who donated the tickets. So if anyone knows of a company or a group of people that would love to donate to a great cause and possibly earn those box tickets, please send them the donation link. Again, thank you to everyone on BPF that has donated in the past and any future donors. It's very much appreciated! To Donate: Go here, and click the yellow "Donate to A Team Member" box on the left -> then the yellow "Donate" button
  6. Wasn't sure where to out this. Antonio Rizzuto, @UAlbanyMBB freshman guard, has found a way to fill the few free hours he has as a student-athlete. He’s going to be a volunteer firefighter #AEHoops https://dailygazette.com/article/2019/04/12/ualbany-basketball-s-rizzuto-joins-local-fire-department
  7. The letters from from the athletic department to season ticket holders are always atrocious but the one that we got in the mail today has to be the worst one I've ever seen. It's so bad that it even has a crossed off word because they didn't even delete that it's. Half the sentences don't make sense either. It's so crazy how they could care less what is produced from their department.
  8. In Hartford too. UVM got a great location!
  9. Nichols is on fire tonight. Game is in second half on ESPN.
  10. How do you know he deserves credit for it? People gave him credit for the Casey donation and the scoreboard until it came to light it wasn't his doing. Just saying...
  11. Lol this thread really has gone derailed. How did this become the butts in their seat thread 2.0. attention span is quite small lol. Look at the shiny thing over here.
  12. They can be also deep pockets who are pro WB and donors to the University as a whole (including non Athletics donors). School wouldn't want to piss those ppl off either. Everything is connected, people are connected... Athletics might want to to be it's own fiefdom but they aren't in a vacuum.
  13. I think he means the President per Sarge's last note, not Benson..(?). I'm sure Pres Rodriguez email, Twitter and phone number are listed on the UA site some place.
  14. Most of the accolades Benson gives himself are not really even "his". Most were done by or ushered by other people in the University for athletics. I think most people know that he is not a coaches AD but an administrative AD. McElroy was a Coaches AD but let the administrative side of the house fall apart. Benson was brought in to be the other side of the spectrum supposedly focusing on fundraising and administrative stuff. He also sold himself as someone who would increase community and fan involvement with the program. However the large fundraising that they have done has actually been the work of Development (schools fundraising arm) not Benson. GDAC is actually under Development and is partially under Athletics (joint venture). Securing the scoreboard funds, the football stadium naming rights were also key things that were done by Development. We have more professional season tickets with pictures. And that's really cool but we no longer see much if any advertising on billboards or TV as we originally did when he first got here. There are also few if none GDAC listening sessions etc. (Because we would all be there to complain I'm sure....) There is also no interaction with fans at the games at GDAC area. They now use money to pay for security to kick us out of a basketball game 5 minutes after it ends. And have yet to tell anyone publicly why they are doing that. Then the whole Gattuso thing.... You have that whole seat debacle with the stadium where they told us we couldn't bring in our seats and then retract a year after when they realized they didn't know what they were doing. (Making up that it was UPD) They also charge for parking which I can tell you no other America East School does and barely any school that I go visit for away basketball games does. I truly can't think of the last non UA college sporting event I went to that charged parking. (And the fact that they jack the price for good games is price gouging..) A lot of unkept promises from when he was hired. And agreed as others have pointed out...infact seems worse in many ways. Especially the operations side ...still as bad as it was under McElroy.. we just are now paying more for bad services (but pretty tickets). Hmm I think we got the short end of the stick..
  15. Another random observation Watching enough games in person at home and the away.. regarding turnovers.. you can see most of them are due to miscommunication rather than steals (well outside of Clark who doesn't protect the ball that well) It seems most the time the players turnover due to not knowing where others are on the court, bobbled balls. Another thing I hope gets better once the team has a year under their belt. Can't underestimate team chemistry and strength training. Time will hopefully help that.
  16. Was their in person and huge defensive credit to Dunn who shut down Cam. Sucks for our team but give credit where it's due.
  17. Defense is also something they don't play or teach in highschool..and it doesn't need to be stated again but maybe it does..most the team is freshman who are learning to understand and learning how to play D for the first time. Looking forward to next season with sophomores with a year under their belt.
  18. It's your GDAC $ probably... Better to use money for that than the stupid security that kicks you out after 5 mins.
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