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  1. Regarding the o line they did bring a transfer from Monroe college - Eric carter. He must of not been ready to go for them to throw in the line up.
  2. As am I... I honestly don't know what else to say. I'd feel better if SOMEONE on this team manned up and said we all collectively apologize to our fans, donors etc. A 1-6 team whipped them like rented mules. Can't wait to hear what gg has to say about it, if he's man enough. I mean the guy is blocking fans/donors on Twitter... Wasn’t claiming he was. Just stating who was a finalist. KC Keeeler went to Sam Houston, Ryan McCarthy was a finalist who was assistant head coach at the time. Can’t remember who else they interviewed. Hate to say it guys but GG ain’t leaving unless we all want to
  3. Rossomando is 5-3 @ CCSU right now and playing good football. If they win out theyll win the NEC and go to playoffs.
  4. Don't forget another great local product and one of the best RBs in program history David McCarty from LaSalle Institute. That 2008 squad played a beast OOC schedule too and they ran over everyone.
  5. Exactly why Albany needs to target Rossomando - a guy who WANTS to be here not just the next CAA job that opened up.
  6. I agree with this statement. The mental and physical difference in a 17/18 year old vs. 22/23 year old is huge. So that leaves the question why not redshirt him also, so he has the 4 years of eligiblity since this is a transitional season? Transitional in a sense of new league and coaching tryouts. It seems to me that perhaps legendary Coach Ford has taken a step back this season to allow coaches a trial period. I believe a better job was done in recruiting this year...it could only get better. Right? I know we were pretty bare at LB due to graduation and recent injury so we're at a
  7. guys these are true freshman - these kids are 17/18 years old and are lining up against sometimes 22/23 year olds. it takes time for them to develop both physically and mentally - just because he was the man in high school doesn't mean he's going to be a 'dude' in year one and have 3 sacks and 20 tackles. the ole tell tale sign of something a little funky is the fact that we're starting a TRUE freshman on the offensive line at LG. Now he might of beaten someone out in camp for the job - but most of the times if we're starting someone fresh out of HS upfront then its either due to injury (wh
  8. gosh i would love to be in the locker room hear what Coach Ford is going to be saying during half time.
  9. Offense is looking like Duquense is just going to back down to them because we're in the CAA. O Line has to start grinding!
  10. Hey, why open up the season with a loss to a D2 team (Wagner loss to D2 NE-10 Assumption two years ago) when you can play FAU, get your butt whooped, and come back to Staten Island with a nice check. Doesn't sound like a bad gig for Wagner.
  11. Pre season rankings are just that, pre-season. Use it as motivation and hopefully it lights a little fire under everyone's butt.
  12. Got this email the other day: "On behalf of Coach Ford and the UAlbany Football family, thank you to all who made it back for the annual football alumni weekend. Congratulations go out to Bruce Dey ’80, Steve Dey ’82, Ed Sellers ’80 and Albany football friend Chuck Hunt for taking home the team title in the golf outing. They edged out a foursome of former Great Dane coaches including Rick Kopp, John Crea, Dennis O’Malley and Gary Reynolds and the group of Anthony Sciarra ’04, James Ducharme ’04, Geir Gudmundsen ’05 and Receivers Coach Eric Evans. For those who missed the Friday night mixe
  13. All i know is, if Albany is gonna get back to #1 in the conference, they can't be blanked with no o linemen on the all conference teams. The big hogs gotta step up and deliver.
  14. So if you aren't getting aid what is the point of signing the letter? Wouldn't signing a letter of intent with a school that you know won't give you money eliminate your chance to find a school with extra money later in the recruiting season? True, but some schools will have kids sign a NLI even if they're not getting money so that they hold them to it. Also, some guys are able to get into school because of football and spots might be limited, academic money guaranteed, who knows. There's always a few different factors.
  15. Wednesday was the Initial Signing Date. That means Wednesday was the first day guys can sign a NLI, not that its the last. Also just because a kid signs a NLI doesn't necessarily mean hes getting $$. Most of the team yes, but not always. Most kids have their decisions/plans set by wednedsay but there's still a lot of recruiting and moves going on past the signing date.
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