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  1. Is there any buzz at all for the game this year? Ticket sales look awful, especially for our UA sections.
  2. I truly do not understand the point in playing schools in lower classifications, (no disrespect to them)
  3. Nice words and moment of silence at the Pitt/Virginia Tech game this afternoon
  4. I was able to get tickets this morning. Did the UA presale happen? Or did they somehow screw it up? Doesn’t look like much of anything from the UA side has been sold yet.
  5. I’ve been on the board a long time and I know there are opinions all along the line on this game. For me and my family (uncle is a ***** grad), it’s always been a wkd where we come together and enjoy it. I drive in from Pittsburgh for it with my family. I think both schools should embrace it, celebrate it, and we’ll it to the community. the atmosphere at most of the games has been great. im glad it’s back. just my two cents.
  6. Anybody interested in sharing the pre-sale code to the Albany Cup with me? Coming in from out of town and trying to score good seats for my 7yr old son
  7. Didn’t expect this to be the destination…but best of luck to him moving forward. https://goracers.com/sports/football/roster/levi-metheny/9105
  8. I’d encourage everyone coming to the game to get out and enjoy the city. Fantastic sights and things to do. The annual Rib fest will be going on outside the stadium for all you bbq fans. Looking forward to seeing some purple around town!
  9. I’ve lived in Pittsburgh since 2010 and have season tix to Pitt football (wife is an alum). Obviously for this game I’ll be donning the Purple & Gold. Tailgate going to be open to those who didn’t purchase tix through Albany?
  10. I thought the thread was a joke when I logged on....wish it was. This is devastating on a number of levels.
  11. We aren't going to win many games with qb play like last night. 13-29 just isn't going to get it done, regardless of opponent.
  12. This may have been covered in a thread I missed, but why are we playing this game?
  13. I was pretty impressed with how the boys handled the press. very nice win to start the year
  14. I'm not one to knock a student athlete and won't here. All I'll say is the team needs some production at the qb position and change in personnel or scheme has to happen. Can't win games completing passes at that clip.
  15. Would be amazing if they came...but I don't think there is any chance personally.
  16. We have had a successful basketball program for the last decade and seen only incremental advances in attendance and support. What will it take to get the student body to take notice? Or alumni for that matter? I don't understand it....the purple in the TUC saturday night was minimal. I get that our seats suck, our band is relegated to the stands, our students are not behind the hoop, and all the other slights we receive. Didn't stop me from going and hanging on every play.
  17. Live in Pittsburgh and the wife is a Pitt grad so this is fantastic for me! Especially since the move to the CAA ended the annual tilts with RMU/DUQ
  18. I think we're going to have a hell of a time stopping this offense. Maybe if we can get some stops and run the ball effectively we can make a game of it.
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