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  1. Just watched ESPN College Gamenight. On a day with two bracketbuster games and only a few other games to fill out the schedule, we didn't get a highlight or even a mention! The announcer began the show by saying "the only bracketbuster game of the night" and showed Winthrop/Miss St highlights. I have no idea how this is possible. We Were On ESPNU!!!!!! How come we can't get any airtime on CG, or even an acknowledgement that we played in a bracketbuster game. I mean the whole point of this excercise is to get your program some press. and it's not like the game was a blowout, it went down to the wire. I just don't get it.
  2. I feel the same way about some of our fans. It's not like your going to get stuck in an hour of traffic. Its really not bad at all. And why leave in the first place? I realize that the crowds were getting now are a lot bigger than just a few years ago, but they should be. With the amount of students and alumni in the area and a small arena, there is no reason we shouldn't sell out more often. Tickets are cheap, so are the eats. Coach Brown is building a great little program here and our season isn't over. There is still plenty of things left to do.
  3. Well said all. No need to bash the players. If anything, the biggest dissapointment was the lack of enthusiasm in the stands (aside from the students). Lets get behind our boys on the 25th and send Jamar and Jason out with class. The same class that they have shown throughout there time at UA. Lets pack the place and and stay with our guys the whole game. Don't walk out with a minute to go to beat the five minutes of traffic. Don't let our guys run off the court without any applause, they feel bad as it is. The biggest problem with people in this area is the propensity to back off when a local team loses. Either back UA 100% or go home, simple as that.Sorry about the rant
  4. There is no doubt that the two Iati turnovers and the 9 point swing that it lead to hurt us today. But lets not bash Iati. There were many other chances to win and we just went cold. No single player is to blame. We need to just pick up our game and move forward with every intention of taking home the AE title, no matter where we play it. Keep the faith
  5. The stadium looks great! A vast improvement over what we have and I like the fact that they are building it with an ability to expand. Were really moving in the right direction
  6. Very excited to have Dr.McElroy around for five more years. He has done a fantastic job.
  7. I still see Gifford developing into a solid player. he is only a frosh. Yes, at times he struggles and looks lost. However, I don't think it's for a lack of effort. He has also shown some nice moves. The rest of his game will take time to develop and I'm confident the coaches can build him up.
  8. My time frame is similar to yours and I totally agree. The athletic and academic value of the university has increased dramatically and I think were well on our way to being one of the top research universities in the nation with a solid and evolving athletic program!
  9. 1. When I worked in private practice, I learned about how major vendors are attempting to purchase and donate scoreboards, for example, to school districts in exchange for a limited amount of advertising on that scoreboard. The legal issues that arose involve, inter alia, the conflict between a school district's autonomy and the State Educ. Dept.'s desire to keep corporate sponsorship out of the junior/high schools. Corporate vendors (i.e., softdrinks) routinely drop thousands and thousands of dollars and more on such scoreboards and other such items in exchange for advertising space. I have no idea how much they cost, but corporate sponsorship in exchange for advertising is a very real possibility from what I've learned. In fact, it is my understanding that the State Education Dept.'s desire to keep corporate advertising out of high schools and junior highs is a constant battle versus the willing corporate sponsors! Colleges, though within the ambit of the laws and regulations of the State Education Department, are much less of a concern in terms of advertising than high schools and junior highs, and I would expect no difficulty from the State Educ. Dept. University Counsel, I'm sure, is more than capable of dealing with such issues. 2. Couldn't agree with you more on the bathroom idea. 3. Love the idea of vending carts or even, somehow, more seats --- perhaps in the form of an extension of the sideline seating sections (were they to need expansion by going to chairbacks, thereby taking up more space) so that we can fill up the corners with seats to give the Arena a more enclosed feel like other big-time venues. 4. I like are UAlbany design as is, but this is obviously a matter of personal taste, and opinions should always be accepted and even solicited on such matters! 5. I like your idea about a huge logo at center court. See SUNY Buffalo's Alumni Arena and their court for its big bull. 6. Additional Thought: Many of the old-timers may think this is silly, but how the arena is portrayed and displayed in college basketball video games is HUGELY important to many kids all across the land (and younger adults). I often play NCAA College Hoops 2K7 for XBOX 360, and I enjoy playing as UAlbany, but they have to update the uniforms, alter the arena slightly (like take out the upper deck ... lol), include our mascot in the game like other schools, and change the painting on the court. Some of these things couldn't be dealt with because changes were made after the game was released. Thousands of kids play these video games, and we all take note of the crowds and arenas portrayed in them. For those of you not in the gaming community, you would be AMAZED how how these new games reproduce arenas and other venues and how accurately! It's simply amazing!! Such digital reproduction of sporting venues is also wonderful advertising, though many of the adults (myself excluded) may be slow to catch on! In fact, I intend to somehow attempt to reach out to 2K sports and ask if I can submit pictures of the arena or help in some other way to assist them with the digital rendering of the arena for 2K hoops, 2008. Check out http://2ksports.com/games/choops2k7/ (and watch the videos if anyone is so inclined!). Also in relation to #6, I recently purchased NCAA March Madness 2007 for ps2. Came out on jan 18 or something. As you, I want to play with the UA. The arena was off. The uniforms were off. They had last years record listed as 13-15. The lineups were wrong. Missing three key Danes. And to top it off, they had rated Jamar a 68. Lowere than most majors 12th man. I mean c'mon. As for #5....No way do you need a giant logo at halfcourt. #1-4 I totally agree with. How do people feel about the Minerva logo?
  10. Another fantastic performance by the Great Danes! Program is really looking good. Continued success!
  11. Page 25 of the America East Basketball policy manual answers your question. http://admin.xosn.com//pdf6/51062.pdf Thanks for the info!
  12. Does anyone know what would happen if we beat Vermont and both teams finish with the same record. If both teams were to advance to the conference championship, which team would host the game?
  13. I know I'm jumping the gun a little here, but as a new season ticket holder, I was wondering how the ticketes are doled out for the next year. Are you contacted by the athletic department and offered better seats? or to keep your current seats? just looking for some info. Also, if we make it to the title game again what is the ticket situation. Appreciate any info I can get. thanks
  14. I still can't view the UA athletics homepage and have no idea why. Anyone have any clues? I have viewed it recently at work, so I'm assuming it's an issue on my end.
  15. It was great to see Iati have a good game. He looked pretty good on both ends of the floor. Also some great production in the paint by Covington. He really played well and hit his shots at the line. Were going to need some production from other sources if were going to make a run. Hopefully the guys can use the next few days to rest up. Anyone know if there is something wrong with Brent? he doesn't seem to be himself.
  16. The chairback idea is great! I would love to see us have that kind of seating. Also valid points about the bathroom, concession stand, parking and everything else. I figure as the program continues to rise, the administration will work on these issues (I hope). It has been good to see the crowds this season, even with the students off. I would like to see us sell out every game. Hopefully in the future we can get to that level. Nothing like a packed house at the arena. Gotta love the UA chant.
  17. Has anyone noticed that the UA athletic homepage is blank? or is it a problem with my computer?
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