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  1. Click. Where did you get that information ? Not to say you are incorrect, I just have not heard that previously.
  2. Though UMBC struggled this year, they gave us fits. Hope Coach Brown and staff have developed a solid game plan. Any word on ticket sales ? Any push to get the students out ?
  3. I love that things seem to be moving in the right direction with the facilities. But to me, the bigger question is how the university attracts it's large student body and substantial alumni base to attend games. I think we have done a very poor job of building that foundation. just my opinion.
  4. This is a really bad loss...not sure what else to say. Need major improvement to contend
  5. I like a lot of Hooley's game, but think he gets a little wild too often
  6. Where are the fans?????? What does the school have to do to get butts in the seats? I don't get the apathy
  7. Has Dane Zone improved at all over the last two years or so ? I'd like to get it again but became so frustrated with it previously that I had to get rid of it.
  8. For real. Last year's jerseys were perfect. Agree. Hated the jerseys. Last years looked great.
  9. I thought the title really set my post apart from the rest
  10. Time to kick off the 2013-14 season with the annual rivalry battle for the Cup. Interested to see how the team looks coming out of the gate. Hopefully it turns out to be a great atmosphere and we can get the students there. Looking forward to making the trip.
  11. I'll be coming up from Pittsburgh for the game. Can't wait to get the season started off!
  12. I find it to be the same deal with front row floor seats at basketball games. I've been in the 2nd row for years and can never get to the front. However the seats are rarely occupied.
  13. Yes...it was quiet... I don't understand why we don't have the band section miked and piped into the stadium sound system. I attend most Pitt games and they have a huge band and have multiple mikes set up.
  14. I was totally stunned with the final drive of regulation....just have no idea what we were doing.
  15. I was happily surprised when I saw the #40jersey hanging up in the gear store at the stadium as I have looked for one for years. cost 40 bucks and seemed to be decent quality. I scooped it up quickly. Would be cool if the school eventually gave us more options (number, home/away etc..). But a step in the right direction for sure.
  16. If this game isn't a sellout and have people sitting on the grass, it will be a major disappointment....
  17. Just got home from the game. Tough loss. Thought the O-line struggled to open up holes. The defense got cut up and the DB's took some really bad angles out there. Hopefully we can improve from here.
  18. I find it hard to believe that there are more sports fans at one school than another. It comes down to the culture at the school and the efforts of the athletic department to build it. Media support would probbaly help too...
  19. I'm still amazed that we have not been able to lure students to games.over all these years.
  20. Not sure you guys up there are seeing the same commercial, but NY is running a spot down here in Pittsburgh touting the 4.4 billion dollar investment in Nano and not once is UA mentioned. They show a student who is a CSNE PHD candidate but no mention of UA. Has the name of the college changed??
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