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  1. no offense to CCSU, Bryant, and LIU....but why would the AE look to add these teams ?
  2. I want this game to continue simply for the fact that it's a great event. 10k plus for two mids is pretty good. I would love to see Siena come to the 'Cue in a packed house rocking the UA chant but don't think we will see it. I've accepted that. But I love the game personally.
  3. I have always been amazed at why we can't get more people in that arena. Sad....
  4. Is there a reason all these sections have no tickets ? Are they bagging the arena ? http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/0000494F94236066?artistid=1503088&majorcatid=10004&minorcatid=7
  5. I couldn't even listen when those guys were doing the play by play. Let them do some pregame/halftime stuff, but leave the play by play to Wyland and friends
  6. Anyone making the trip down to Pittsburgh this weekend ? Pirates are home as well so it makes it easy to make the trip. Well, I will be glad to see a couple of UA fans in the stands besides myself. And I have tix to all 3 Pirate games this wkd. Been a good baseball year down here so far.
  7. On a side note, I just got home from the Pitt/Youngstown St game and am very interested in how we will do against the Penguins. They took it to Pitt all night on both sides of the ball. They have some really solid lines.
  8. I'm very interested in how the seating will work out. I'm hoping that as a long time season ticket holder, we will recieve one of the first choices. Anyone know how this is going to work out ?
  9. I have no idea how it works, but I think it would be better to get our games on the station that would grab the most listeners to build the following. I'm assuming the school station has far fewer listeners than FOX, right?
  10. I think our uniforms are pretty bad ass as is. And in no way should that cartoon Dane be on the helmet. Would love to toughen up the look of the Dane but it's not like it's a tiger or bear. I guess a good artist could jazz it up
  11. Agreed. I'm hoping that the athletic department invests heavily in marketing this new conference, stadium etc... From my perspective, the fans in the region are fickle with their sports teams. This is a chance to build a brand. And hopefully the other sports benefit from it.
  12. I am not familiar with the inner workings of these procedings. Can some you guys with government or univeristy jobs tell me how it works ? And also, why candidates seem to drop out so often? And also, why none of the names seem to stir any excitement with me?
  13. I agree. Very concerned with the qb position this upcoming year. Hopefully one of these youngsters can flourish.
  14. Ditto! Im curious...would most of you be in favor of moving all sports to the CAA ?
  15. WTF??????????? Talk about being super excited to just pissed off...What does this mean? A formal invitation coming? Wyland just off his rocker? Anyone know anything?
  16. Yes..Yes...Yessss!!! Finally!! Is there a link to this anywhere ? I can't find anything
  17. Has anybody noticed how shoddy the athletic dept. merchandise site is ? It looks so amatuer, it's embarassing. Also, why the disconnect with the items available from the bookstore website, the items on the athletic website, and the items thrown on the tables outside of athletic events? They are all selling different items. Why not one site that looks professional and has all the various items???
  18. Let me jst say that I HATE all this conference realignment happening throughout the country. IMHO, it's ruining the traditions that make college sports so great. That said, it is obviously not something that can be stopped at this point and our administration is not doing anything to position this school for the future. Total BS! I'm losing all faith in our "leadership"
  19. Anybody have a guess as to how many people come out for this game ? I hope it's a full house but honestly I will be surprised
  20. Suero is certainly an exciting player. However he is so erratic and careless with the ball. Hopefully he will get more structured as the season goes on.
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