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  1. Agreed, I was just posting that it was official and just a hunch but I'm guessing anyone that's made it to BPF probably follows the team closely. But I could be wrong ... Nine days and counting till Pittsburgh. Anyone on here traveling there? GDG and I are, so hopefully we'll see some purple and gold scattered throughout the crowd. I live in Pittsburgh and will be at the Pete for sure!
  2. Can someone explain to me the ticket situation for the $iena game this season ? Is UA going to be selling tickets to season ticket holders per years past ? or should I just buy from ticketmaster ?
  3. Just noticed today, but does anybody else's tickets read alabany instead of albany? Mine do.
  4. Anybody have any information as if this is really going to happen? I live in Pittsburgh and would LOVE to see my Danes at the Pete
  5. Well put! The lack of foresight and planning is beyond comical at this point. Sad state of affairs, the thing is I and I'm sure others have asked for there to be a more robust store, better information on the website, better communication to supporters but no...it's like pulling teeth. Complete turnoff! You don't even need a whole lot of manpower to do some of this stuff. You could get a professor with a few bright students in the IS program to do a hell of a website and keep it updated regularly. We have a half a page of adds and a Project2010 .pdf...news flash we are half way done with 2011. This has been my major gripe with the university for some time. Everything is run half ass...like a high school athletic program at best. The merchandise on the web never changes. why not link it with the bookstore site that has far more items? I have been a varsity club memeber for 6 years...but have not recieved my t-shirt for the last 3. Project 2010???? seriously??? I called to have my basketball and football season tickets mailed to a new address...they went to the old one. returning a phone call...maybe a 50/50 proposition. Those are just a few gripes off the top of the old noggin. The little things mean the most and UA just doesn't get it.
  6. It was sickening to see all those empty seats on ESPN last night. I wish the athletic department could energize the students to get some butts in the seats. Sad for a university of our size...IMHO
  7. From 1200 miles away for $7.95 I was able to watch it live on a siena feed. Listening to the whining lcc announcers remind me at least four times that 'this game obviously means a lot more to UA than to siena' made the outcome even sweeter. Yea, I wanted to punch my TV when the announcer kept going on and on about the officials and the Rossiter foul. They called an intentional foul, not a flagrant foul, genius! And it was the right call - Rossiter was swinging his elbows to clear out, which you cannot do, especially under the new rules. The announcer would not shut up about it!! Same here...not surprising it was the Siena broadcast team....Lee is pretty good but Hueter is a b*tch
  8. No doubt. (On the "bet big" part.) The feed working for anybody ?
  9. Yes I understand Tim will get 30 min a game, but why not start with your best lineup on the floor. Why wait to put him in when your down almost double digits. Agree 100%. far and away the most talent on our squad, should be on the floor most of the game. Is it me, or does anyone else think Aronhalt takes too many shots for a guy with his FG % ?
  10. So, I moved out of the area a few months ago and need to feed my addiction to UA basketball. Since I can no longer see every game in person, thought I would purchase the Dane Zone package. Has it improved at all ? I bought a feed for a game about two years ago and it was just plain awful.
  11. Got that today and my tickets. I won't be going to Maine or Texas in either order, but hope to get to Pittsburgh again. If I do I'll see the Astros too instead of the Mets like this past weekend. BTW, on tickets dated from 10/9/10 - 11/20/10, I can get 10% off at Across the Street pub until 8/1/10. Hey Bob...I just moved to Pittsburgh a few months ago...If you and anyone else on the board want to hook up before the game or something...I'm more than happy to give you a tour of all the best beer spots in the Steel City!!
  12. looks like he is gone. http://www.chicagohoops.com/articles1/marksalbany.html
  13. http://blog.timesunion.com/collegesports/ualbany-to-face-xavier-next-season/8337/ Nice game
  14. It's more than sad that a state can't comprehend what athletics does for its university system as a whole. You're exactly correct... life is not about luck or waiting on others. The problem is, we have no idea if Philip or McElroy have any goals or aspirations for the athletic department. For all we know, they are content with their salaries and future pensions.... and really aren't looking to upgrade if they actually have to put in the time and effort. Maybe it has always been just a bit of hot air, and nothing more. There's nothing more disgusting than after ten years of DI, coach Ford still hasn't been given a quality facility, so he can take us to the next level. If we gave him the 63 full scholarships, and a quality stadium, he'd bring us a national championship. I find this whole conference realignment to be a disgrace... and I'm retty sure we don't have the leadership to manuever ourselves into a good spot when the dominoes fall. It is very sad
  15. Wait. Did you pay for this "day with Coach B"? If so, that is PATHETIC that 2 seasons have passed and they didn't come through on the auction. I would keep asking. That's ridiculous. Yeah, I payed. Cost me $100. doesn't do me any good to keep asking as I just moved to Pittsburgh this week for a new job. By the way, if anyone wants to hook up for the football games down here this year, shoot me a message. I still bleed Purple & Gold !!
  16. Well put! On two separate occasions In a response to my e-mail inquiry I was told to expect something on a particular date by someone HIGH up on the athletic dept and both times came and went A LOOONNNNGGG TIME AGO! We've been strung along for years, it's obvious that they have failed miserably to engage the alumni community and people have turned away. The stadium is like a mirage, always just over them hills but we can't seem to ever get to it. Unless they release something concrete, I'm going to assume that we are stuck on that field for all eternity and the pretty picture in the lobby of the SEFCU is just that...a pretty picture/pipe dream. I used to contribute money every year since graduation to both the athletic department and academic general fund. I still donate to the academic side but stopped giving to the athletic department since the online auction. I bid on the "day with Coach B" and have yet to have it even though I was assured it would come to fruition. Two seasons have passed. That is the kind of thing that will piss off a fan base IMHO. I still purchase season tickets to both hoop and football and drop my dime on the VC, but I just can't bring myself to throw more money than that at this point. I'm sure I'll be back to giving in a few years, just still holding a small grudge
  17. Is Dartmouth a better basketball job than Albany ????
  18. You SOB! Don't fool with us like that!
  19. Yeah, when I opened the letter I thought it might be an explanation of why I never got my varsity club t-shirt or membership card for this year . Not sure of the intent behind it, but it's cool by me. I think this is year 3 without an increase, correct ?
  20. Agree about Benton. Complete punk on the floor. Flops, cheap shots etc... El-Amin is a stud though. he hit a couple of shots with defenders right in his grille. I Rock, I will miss seeing your enthusiasm @ the games. Good luck in the future!
  21. Hate to see another season nearing completion. Even though we have struggled mightily this year, I hope we can finish strong. I still think we can make a run, but I'm sure I'm in the minority.
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