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  1. I wish Lindfors would stop chucking up 3's
  2. The inability of this team to get the ball in through the press is disturbing.
  3. Yeah, I bought the feed too. Tough with the radio delay, but the boys are looking decent. Hopefully we can hold on with Blakely back in for the 2nd half
  4. Anyone know where Glanton is ? I've seen Iati,Puk, and Watts in shirts and ties but no Glanton
  5. Did anyone else notice that Bing threw down 3 rim rattling dunks during warmups. I was loooking around for a ref but there were not any out. Bout 12 minutes before go time. Not that it would have done much with the way we played.
  6. Don't you think one of the reasons we get the crowds we have is because we play in a pop warner facility ? I'm sure that if you build a nice stadium, the crowds will increase big time.
  7. Just rolled in from CCSU. Tough loss. Didn't see a box score but CCSU hit a bunch of free throws down the stretch. Tartt misses the breakaway dunk to just about ice the game....WOW! Also curious why he didn't shoot the 3 when he got the ball on the steal over on the wing (Scotty eventually dunked it but looked like he had a decent shot at 3 to tie). Anyway, I like the kid and he will learn. That said, I'm concerned that this is going to be another "bad" year. But there is a long way to go, hopefully the guys gel....I feel like we have a bunch of talent
  8. I'll be heading over to CCSU myself. Shouldn't be a problem getting tickets at the game, right?
  9. I like the way Allen is playing. Doing a lot of the little things
  10. DAMN! I just bought the feed from penn
  11. Now this is not meant to be anything more than a question. I do not claim to be a xx & oo's guy, but..... why not take Johnson out of the equation all together? In all honesty, what does he bring to the table? He looked horrible last night, repeatedly getting burnt but Moore time and again. Why not let Ambrose run the point w/ Tartt backing him up there. Johnson is neither a threat to penetrate or create his own shot, so teams key on defending the perimeter on Harris / Ambrose, who then have to resort to having to get "handed" the ball in order to start the set....It's the same thing over and over again. If Tim runs the point, much the way Jamar used to, the offense would open up to all as teams now will have to cheat inside a bit more... Interesting thought, but I don't believe that Tim has the handle that Jamar did.
  12. I REALLY hope what I'm reading on this thread is true. And I hope if it is true, it isn't done half-ass. Do it right
  13. Ready to jump on the hot seat bandwagon? That was a pathetic showing last night and over the past few games. NO!
  14. Awful. What a S*@t game. Why is it that this team can't run an offensive set ? This is turning into a joke. With Gifford out there, it's 5 guys defending 4. He brings nothing to the offensive end. Rossiter ate him alive tonight. Does anyone have any insight as to what is going on with this team ? Seems like anytime we play a team that has any athletes, we might as well call it a night.
  15. anyone know the real starting time for the VC pre game party ? When I registered it said 5:30, but I got an email saying 6
  16. Not me. I hope he's back and plays. Same here....Siena has some real concerns right now. Agree. I want Ubiles to play in this game
  17. I just think he turns it over too much, don't get me wrong I like him. I liked the Tartt, Black line up we had last night more than the Tartt, MJ lineup. I have not liked what I've seen out of Black the last two nights. yesterday against detroit he looked like a deer in the headlights, just dribbling all over the place. i also think he got 2 "5"s for not doing anything with the ball. Thought metcalf was great in the paint tonight and Harris had a heck of a game
  18. Yeah, #32 Holman was a beast in the paint. He torched us.
  19. Really loving the support of the students this year. Great to see
  20. TO, Tim at the line shooting 1&1. up 1 8 sec left
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