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  1. Just bought the feed from AU, looks pretty good so far
  2. Dude, we get it.... You don't like Coach Brown. Why don't you start your own anti Brown blog and leave the rest of us alone
  3. Tough loss. Nice comeback late in the 1st to tie it up @ the half. Ambrose played well and Harris led us back. Nice to see Logan hit a couple of big shots. Our inability to get points in the paint is troublesome. Aside from a couple of nice drives by Will and Tim, the only inside shot I remember going in was Scotty's drive late in the 2nd. Thought we had a good, energetic crowd tonight. Hope that continues. Guess the attendance @ 3750 or so.
  4. Thats Murry State, we play Morgan State. I'm a moron
  5. http://www.bbstate.com/games/88549 Looks like this team can ball. They hung all night with #13 Cal. Hopefully the boys come out with some energy and we get a full house to lens some support
  6. 1st home game of the year, hopefully we get a packed house out there. Anybody know what kind of style these guys play ?
  7. I'm with you Bosiydid. Coach B knows how to coach, there is no doubt about that in my mind. I've seen enough UA games over the last few years to know that he has won more games than he's lost with his ability. Those of you on this board that are calling for his head are not watching the games I am. The guy can coach.
  8. I don't think anyone really expected us to go to the dome and walk out with a W. That said, the team looked really poor. i realize it's the 1st game and we have a lot of new faces. However I'm concerned that we can't even compete with schools at that level the way we could a few years back. The amount of turnovers and the inability to get any looks other than 3's is a concern in my mind. Hopefully we can right the ship and move to bigger and better things
  9. The message is the same as it has been since we moved to Division I: "Produce or there is at least 1 guy behind you that was just as successful in high school that is chomping at the bit to take your place." Past performance, no matter how good, can and should, only take you so far. Thank you-- at least one person here understands that this is NOT CYO, POP-WARNER or Intramurals. Do you really think Ford is starting guys he thinks are not the best at their position simply because they are seniors ? More likely, he is starting the guys at each position that he thinks can get UA a win. That is the bottom line. i just don't understand bringing in some frosh to get pt when he isn't the best at his position.
  10. Can't make the trip to Cuse for the game. Anyone know if the Pub is going to be showing the game ?
  11. I have to disagree with those of you that want to bench the seniors for the young guys. While I'm also extremly dissapointed with the play today, I don't think you pull the rug out from under the guys that got us to where we are. Nothing wrong with giving the young guys a few reps, but that is about it. You still try to win the games while prepping for the future. And the best way to do that is with senior leadership. What's the message your sending to the young guys.."come to Albany and if your out of the running for the conference crown your senior year, we'll pull you and put in the young guys". That just isn't the way. Just my 2 cents.
  12. With the exception of 'Cuse and UNC, I like our chances. Not to say we will go 28-2, but if we have a losing OOC record, I will be dissapointed. I'm anticipating a real good year.
  13. This was a great game to watch (other than the loss). Rarely have I seen a UA defense get shredded the way it did today. That is where the game was lost. Vinny made some nice plays. Why he took a couple sacks at the end is beyond me, but I don't hold the kid responsible for the loss. Boys didn't play great but were in it til the end. Nothing to hang there heads about. Finish strong and head into the offseason looking to grab another title.
  14. I'm going. Just not sure if I'm driving or taking the V-club bus. I've never been to the dome before and figure, why not go and watch the Danes take it to the Orange
  15. Are we going to be redshirting anyone else besides Puk ? Would seem to make sense to do another player or two. 16 guys playing is highly unlikely. Plus it splits up a huge recruiting class.
  16. Enjoyed the scrimmage. When the guys came out, it was kind of shocking to see all the new faces. Pretty good show put on by the athletic department pretty much agree with the review given by "Cape". Really liked what I saw out of MJ today. And this team looks very athletic. Can't wait for 11/9!
  17. I'm going for sure. Can't wait to see the guys back on the court
  18. Any relation to this guy? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harland_Svare Did you have to remind me that I'm old enough to have seen Swede Sjdfnkjsdfkjsdfkvare playing for the Giants with Frank Gifford and Sam Huff (who I listened to on the Redskins radio yesterday, he's still a West Virginia redneck)?
  19. That was a great game. I have to admit, at the half I thought we were in deep trouble. Nothing was going well and our QB play was awful. But these guys stuck with it and pulled it out. Espisito did not have his best game but came up with some big plays down the stretch. Crowd really got into late, hard not to with the play on the field. Great time.
  20. I want OUT of the NEC as fast as possible. No offense to other schools in the league, but we need to be with our peers and the they are not in the NEC. Hope the Doc is making some behind the scenes moves cause it looks like were doing nothing
  21. Does this golf outing just include former players or is it open for alums/fans in general as well. I would love to play and support the program but don't want to be out of place.
  22. I'm not too thrilled the home slate. Light on both volume and quality.
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