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  1. Heavily carried by Coach Vives and the track teams. As for the far right column Track doesn’t have regular season champs or we’d have some there too (agree we need some others to step up here).
  2. 17 in a row for the men and 13 in a row for the women. To use one of Coach Vives favorite quotes “They did the incredible”. Tons of PR’s, school records, and at least one meet record.
  3. And simply move the people scanning the tickets into the driveway a bit. This would allow traffic to flow for those needing to get to Dutch and make left turns into the lot more feasible. This stuff is so easy.
  4. I would agree D3 to D1 is, or can be, a big jump. At the same time I would say D3 All-American to the America East isn't that big of a leap.
  5. For a second let’s believe the Twitter account. Do they think everyone is really stupid? 5 games and a fine for accidental contact? Throw some anger management and take away his office too? For accidental contact? Please.
  6. If this is the result don’t they still need some transparency here? I know they’ll try to hide behind the “it’s a personnel matter”, but this is different no? How do we as a fan base get (back) behind DK without details? How do recruits, and their parents, send their kids here without understanding what did/didn’t happen?
  7. I’ll zig where others zag. There’s a fair chance the administration (including Benson) treated this with kid gloves because he’s a minority. Afraid of this exact reaction. I’ll go ahead and consider myself neither naive or willfully ignorant thank you.
  8. Yuck. People who clearly don’t know the situation (just like us) rallying behind one side prematurely. Awesome.
  9. Very odd all this and we got a commit from Jackson just yesterday.
  10. I wouldn't label him as "great" either.
  11. Again, ahead of ourselves but is there an assistant coach that would fit the bill as interim?
  12. Please no. The guy can coach but his sideline antics are too much. Too much!
  13. That’s awesome. My daughter goes to most of the home games. I’m sure this will bring some additional excitement to the arena.
  14. We were playing poorly. I’m not sure we can say that we were being out coached is a “fact”. We had players in foul trouble early including our most valuable player. We couldn’t hit a shot for a long stretch. Missed a handful of free throws (including front ends). I’m not sure I lump that into coaching. Horton dominated the second half. If he doesn’t commit a stupid reach foul we never go down by 15.
  15. Said after last week but this team has generally closed out the close games.
  16. And apparently he did. Down what 15 at one point, on the road and you come out with the W.
  17. Not that we were lighting it up but the 2nd foul on Horton stopped us in our tracks.
  18. Very solid win. Team has closed out more games than they’ve collapsed in the close ones. Horton carried the scoring tonight. I guess they could finish as high as 2nd. And a decent crowd.
  19. Athens CC. Going to play this spring when I visit my daughter at UGA.
  20. I wonder if the Binghamton coach feels that they “played better”. Sure Doles hit some big shots but they had a bench player catch fire too. I’m confident both coaches would agree that UA played better and executed better in the last 3 minutes, the most important minutes in this case.
  21. I was 4 years behind. You may recall me by the name Sadie. I still see Tim on a regular basis. If you’re still in the area a few of us are season ticket holders.
  22. Moral victory. Even if not for the team it is for the fans in my opinion. In the game w what 6 minutes to go against a UVM team that appear poised to run the table. I’m always tough in the bottom of the AE so gotta play with and at some point beat the top of the league.
  23. Not a ton of excitement on this one. It’s understandable but we have won 5 out of 6. Should provide a reality check as UVM has been smoking most everybody in the AE.
  24. It’s crazy to think of running that fast at that age. Congrats to Tim and his team. He may or may not still be a “ball buster”. Did you know Tim from the team?
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