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  1. Maybe, but a 20 year established coach recruiting should be a little easier than a brand new coach faced w a ton of transfers so yes I’ll give CK a little more leeway.
  2. I still don't get it when sports announcers don't know how to pronounce Albany. It's not like Worcester. It's the capital of one of the largest states in the US. Not like it makes me crazy, I just don't get it.
  3. Yes I’d be happy but I wouldn’t think we were unbeatable by a crosstown rival.
  4. No chance they win the conference if Iona had played a full schedule.
  5. No offense but I provided facts. They lost to a bunch of crappy teams this year. A year which you proclaimed that "they're back" and we would be "gifting" them wins.
  6. Now they're unbeatable (gift them). Come on they lost games in that conference. They lost to St.Peters, Iona, Niagara, Marist and Canisius. I refuse to accept that we couldn't beat them next year.
  7. Soon. They aren't "back". They had a decent season. Their best player is gone. Tell me who is coming back next year and I'll give a better answer. I think the core we had this year was pretty competitive. A few holes to fill and I'm hopeful DK can do this.
  8. People get way too caught in thinking that the people on this board represent the whole UA BB fan community. We are the die hards. I really think the larger UA BB community is not as concerned as this group is w/ where the game is played. Ask the casual UA fan or the casual BB fan where it should be played. Take the purple glasses off for a minute. It was an event at the TU. 10+K people. Bars and restaurants filled. It introduced local people to UA hoops. It introduced Siena fans (not necessarily alum) to UA hoops. Those games were good for us. They were good for the community. Spli
  9. A little ironic that John Calipari was praising his character or is that just me?
  10. 100% agreement. It's only a presser but that was about as good as it gets.
  11. I guess I shouldn't be but I'm a bit surprised by guys entering the portal that already have multiple colleges under their belt. Transferring that many times has got to be a drain on academic progress no?
  12. Didn't I read that fundraising was at an all time high for the University?
  13. Certainly wasn't questioning yours, or anybody's, right to do so. I was simply stating why I was putting my comment here rather than somewhere else.
  14. Equally as important to me was that style wasn't getting the recruits.
  15. I know this thread is supposed to be about the new coaching search but it's become the "we love Will Brown" or at least "Will Brown was our best option" thread. Look if his contract wasn't up I get it but are/were all of you okay w/ the direction of the program. In a very low level conference we've been mediocre lately. Our recruits (true recruits not the transfers that came in this year) have been somewhere between non contributors to inconsistent at best. Rizzuto was the only "recruit" to do much of anything this year. And last year people were wondering if he was a D1 player. The styl
  16. I struggle to think he would be gone if we won the AE Tourney. Anything short of that may have been predetermined but also may have been appropriate depending on your point of view.
  17. And to be fair it would've had a few if WB had stayed too. I would think a lot of our guys (the ones that already have a couple of schools under their belt) might not be in the best position to transfer again if they are looking to get a degree. Maybe this helps us keep a couple of valuable pieces.
  18. I knew I'd get undercut here but you went right to the bottom w/ free. I'm out.
  19. I have 3 years of assistant CYO girls coaching experience to my name. Hat officially in the ring and I'll do it for $250K, a suit allowance, and some kind of deal w/ Across the Street Pub. I've got a few assistant coaches lined up too. I've got a style the kids would love too.
  20. You're a lot closer than I am but maybe his board asked him to justify $200k/year for an arena that for it's biggest draw was getting the same 1,800 people every game.
  21. And based on the salary and the retirement package in NY it's doubtful that Dartmouth was anything more than a lateral move.
  22. I lay blame on both parties here. Facilities needed some work. Some of the moves that GDAC took were puzzling (awarding 1 year donor at say $1,500 vs. a 20 year donor at $500/year). And parking charge was stupid. But (and I'm beating a dead horse here) if you aren't winning you need to at least entertain me. His style just isn't what people want to see. My opinion Will would rather lose 52-50 than 76-74. I give him credit for recognizing late this year that he had some guys that could push the ball.
  23. That's a fair viewpoint. Realistic? Not for a hungry coach w/ an ego looking for a job.
  24. Agree. If he leaves after this kind of change that's not good. I was going to use coward but thought better.
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