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  1. You're a lot closer than I am but maybe his board asked him to justify $200k/year for an arena that for it's biggest draw was getting the same 1,800 people every game.
  2. And based on the salary and the retirement package in NY it's doubtful that Dartmouth was anything more than a lateral move.
  3. I lay blame on both parties here. Facilities needed some work. Some of the moves that GDAC took were puzzling (awarding 1 year donor at say $1,500 vs. a 20 year donor at $500/year). And parking charge was stupid. But (and I'm beating a dead horse here) if you aren't winning you need to at least entertain me. His style just isn't what people want to see. My opinion Will would rather lose 52-50 than 76-74. I give him credit for recognizing late this year that he had some guys that could push the ball.
  4. That's a fair viewpoint. Realistic? Not for a hungry coach w/ an ego looking for a job.
  5. Agree. If he leaves after this kind of change that's not good. I was going to use coward but thought better.
  6. Will you give the next coach a 4 year pass because the cupboard may be equally as empty when the dust stettles? I also struggle w/ the Cremo/Nichols setting us back for so long. They only had one year left. Why would that damage us for 3+years. Fully on board w/ the Academic All Americans and stated it before he's seem to recruited quality kids. Fully on board w/ Summer School too. Facilities I struggle w/ and maybe unfair but it's a one word answer: Vermont. I do think his style (playing) hurt his ability to recruit. From what I'm told Cremo fell into his lap. Other than that I mean for a number of years we just haven't had great recruits. Healy may have been one but I don't know if his numbers were inflated last year because we had no one else or this year was a fluke due to the injuries. It'll take a long time to know if this was the right move. If Twitter is the answer no one should worry about Will Brown. Some mid major will snag him tomorrow right? Who we get and where he goes will provide some answers I guess.
  7. A bit unfair to point this out but it's interesting that for a 7 year stretch he was 70 games over .500. That means 50 games under .500 the other 13 seasons. Some tough ones early obviously but he's basically a .500 coach in a terrible conference.
  8. Exactly. Who'd want Gallagher. His best years are only okay in my view. Brown was an anomaly sticking around when he was winning early. I don't think he's had a ton of calls lately.
  9. Don't know too much about him but if we're looking at Siena assistants????
  10. No insider info here but safe to assume it's both and production makes it acceptable. If it's only personality clashes and UA was winning this doesn't happen.
  11. As a long term fan I have mixed emotions. WB had some great years here and produced by all accounts high level, high character student-athletes. For that he's to be commended and thanked. Is Benson great/awful? He seems to not have a lot of fans. Are our facilities up to par? Absolutely not. That said, this program is stale and was trending downward. Outside of Rizutto no 4 year recruits had even a moderate impact on this season. Reasons and excuses are fine but over time this falls on the Head Coach. Add the contract situation into this (and an apparent personality conflict) it was time. Will seemed like a good guy and nobody likes to see somebody lose their job but he was well compensated for a long time. His son was born and raised in one location. In the coaching profession that is extremely rare. Realistic or not, results matter, even at this level. And the results have not been good lately.
  12. 5-3 since St. Joe’s. Mostly better results. Unlike earlier in the year I view yesterday’s game as the outlier. It was a disaster mainly due to just horrible shooting. Today was a nice bounce back. Not perfect but a win and the offense was solid.
  13. Write this one off but not sure how you don’t try something different. I’m no big Lulka or Healy (this year) but they got no run at all. Taylor was the only guy to seem to show up today.
  14. Wow, not what I expected. How does our offense go from what they’ve been doing the last handful of games to this?
  15. Golubs, Wright’s (SI Group), Dakes (Stewart’s), Standish (Albany Int), Breyo (Ayco/Goldman Sachs) and a few large local developers would be in the lead pack. Nobody remotely approaching Alfond family. There’s an Amy Goldman Fowler in Rhinebeck that has a $3.1B net worth. Anybody have any connections?
  16. It's not perfect but the pace that the team is playing at is much improved to my eye, and it seems to be working. A couple of really bad halves but the last handful of games have generally been much better. I think we have guys (especially when we are fully stocked) that can push the ball. Hopefully we can keep it up.
  17. Gotta admit I missed it. Thought all games were Saturday and Sunday.
  18. Given the progress made over the last couple of weeks w/o these guys I’m not sure that there are any expectations from these three at this point.
  19. 87 points in the last two halves and out scored them by 25. Playing w urgency. Throwing a press in once in a while and pushing the ball.
  20. Back to back games in the 80’s. Am I wrong or was there a real change in style on the offensive end of the court? Or is NJIT just a really nice matchup for us?
  21. If they keep blowing the whistle at this pace there will be a lot of foul shots.
  22. Something different? 36 points even though we were 1-9 from three. Pushing the ball a bit. Taking shots when available instead of waiting so deep in the shot clock. Keeping players on the bench that offer ZERO offensively. We’ll see if WB can stomach some TO’s and poor shot selection (although there hasn’t been a lot of it).
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