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  1. Early shots but generally good shots. I like earlier shot clock shots.
  2. SJ’s has played a lot of quality teams but the lowest amount of points they allowed prior to us was 83. We mustered a whopping 64. And not to beat the dead horse but that’s part of the big problem and has been for years. It’s boring. Maybe there’s some nuanced changes but the offense is the same. It’s boring for us and it’s boring for the players. If you’re a dynamic offensive player would you come here to play? What’s the pitch? Hey we’ll do 15 dribble handoffs 20+ feet from the hoop, try the slip screen 15 times and then hope someone gets open before the shot clock expires. We won’t press. We won’t run. No thanks. If we’re going to keep losing at least entertain me. Score the ball. 2 points in the final 5:35 of that game. TWO. Zero in the final 2:38. We got 13 minutes and 4 points from our freshman and sophomores combined.
  3. To be fair I don’t think people are coming to that conclusion based on 3 games.
  4. So in our three games we've had one where we didn't have a PG on the floor to push the ball up the floor w/ less than 10 seconds left (after foul shots so we could have subbed even w/o a timeout) and another where we didn't foul early (30 seconds) and when we did we fouled one of their better shooters?
  5. Amica probably plays too fast for our “offense”??? Seriously would really like to know.
  6. We all saw it but I’m not sure it jumps out: 10 points in the last 11:44, from 6:33 left to 1:46 zero points. You can’t win games this way. And yes it looks way too familiar.
  7. Happened my freshman year. Forced us (track team) to practice in the tunnels. Running around students, cushmen, and garbage with the temp ranging from 0 to 80 degrees. Good times.
  8. Not bad. Would’ve liked to have a PG in the game at the end but a decent showing.
  9. People donate where they want to donate but I find this ask a bit insensitive given what’s going on. My opinion if the school is going to have a fundraiser like this they should be directing our donations elsewhere. Normal times we all obviously “donate” some of our funds here even when there are greater needs but it just feels off to me at this time.
  10. And yet other schools are somehow having positives but still playing games. Syracuse had a walk on player test positive and is only quarantining certain players (as of Friday).
  11. How is it that I'm watching tons of BB from around the country and we can't get through a couple weeks of practice?
  12. Big 10 reversing course gives me some hope that common sense will start to come back as part of the decision making process.
  13. Agree 100% not Benson’s call. He may not have even been given a courtesy call for his opinion. That said, to me this is a PR move more than a science based safety move. Nobody can be wrong in the wrong direction. I get it. Over the top better safe than sorry. My two cents.
  14. Does cancelling sports suddenly remove these kids from society? Will cancelling/pausing athletics stop them from gathering? They will still live off campus. They will still get together. If they wear their masks when the go to stores, restaurants and other places aren't they really only putting themselves/each other at risk. Sorry, other than punishing them I'm not sure what shutting it down accomplishes other than maybe, maybe slowing the spread between each other. Serious question: After UNC had it's outbreak did the surrounding areas see any measurable bump? Maybe too soon in Oneonta but we're approaching 2 weeks. Has the city of Oneonta (other than the students) seen a big jump. Not sure if the data is readily available but I'd love to know.
  15. I guess he's protecting the staff. But the kids? Up to 1,249 cases w/ ONE hospitalization. Meanwhile a new CDC study shows that "25.5% of respondents between the ages of 18 and 24 reported having seriously considered suicide in the previous 30 days." We continue to view this in a vacuum. There is another side of this Covid equation that is just swept under the rug. And I'm not downplaying the deaths that have happened but there is no better place for these kids to be than the classroom and the athletic fields. From the CDC there's been 315 deaths in 15-24 year olds due to Covid since 2/1/20. Meanwhile there's been 19,998 total deaths over the same period for the same population. In that age group your 63X's more likely to die from something other than Covid.
  16. https://www.suny.edu/covid19-tracker/ Sorry, top of the page its the "estimated" (in lighter font) total positives. I think we're on the same page here for our date. Wether it's the 543 or 1,156 there's been ONE hospitalization. 59,204 tested. A hospitalization rate of .0017%.
  17. According to the SUNY website there’s been 1,156 positives and ONE hospitalization. Shut it down.
  18. So a bunch of healthy kids got together with a bunch of other healthy kids (while clearly breaking the rules) and we’re shutting it down for everybody and sending in SWAT teams (see Oneonta)? Seems appropriate.
  19. Two weeks ago scientists said no need for masks. Two weeks ago science was predicting much higher death tolls (even with social distancing). Science changes. Science unfortunately is not an exact science.
  20. A bit dated (not intentionally but I recognize this discounts Virginia’s win) but no defense doesn’t win championships. It’s really a balancing act but seems to lean on offense. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/article/2018-11-10/nine-years-college-basketball-data-show-offense-matters-more%3famp
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