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  1. I tend to disagree w the premise of only having 2 “scorers” on the floor at the same time. That’s how you end up chucking contested 3’s. One Hanks on the floor is okay. 2 or 3 defense and rebound guys kills an offense. Plus it’s terribly boring to watch. I love the idea of driving and dishing to open 3’s. But if the guy driving isn’t a finisher, and the inside guys aren’t finishers, then the 2 scorers will still be covered no? I need 3 scorers and one more that is at least a threat. I’d like the 5th to be competent offensively unless he’s a stud on the defensive end. Hanks May be good, but not a stud.
  2. I try to keep my opinions in the reasonable arena. No, third place doesn't get a coach fired, nor should it. It doesn't mean he can't be criticized either. This team may finish in third, but easily could finish in fifth if they throw up another stinker. 9-7 = ok in this conference. 8-8 is not good. The bottom of this conference is always very bad. You should get six wins without much effort, every year. So no big points from me for getting 8 or even 9. When they are not winning the team at times becomes unwatchable. 48 points. 52 points. Yuck. And what do we do? Nothing. No change on the offensive end of the floor. Six or seven dribble hand offs all to get it back in the same guys hands w/ 10 on the shot clock??? This leads to fan frustration and in my opinion rightfully so. We've heard Coach Brown has overachieved given the arena. Really? Have you been to UVM? Big men? Why can't we get a decent big man? Do they not want to play in our offense? Our bigs have been below average in a below average conference for years. One of you actually called Stire a stud. A stud? Don't get me wrong I love how he played. Max effort. Tough. Serviceable. But when that's where we look to for a last big man we've got a problem. Sam Rowley was our last dominant big man. He graduated in 2015. A win tonight puts us in a better spot but with SB and UVM still on the schedule holding on to third will be tough.
  3. UA Men’s and Women’s Teams sweep America East Championships. They did it in impressive fashion too. Looks like both by around 50 points. Congratulations to Coach Vives, his staff, and the team.
  4. Can someone smarter than me explain the end of the first half? First w Hanks on the line shooting a 1 and 1 we have nobody rebounding? Nobody? Then with fouls to give we and 5 seconds left we let a guy into the lane to score? Why didn’t we foul?
  5. Did you call Stire a stud? Solid role player at best. 6 points and 5.5 RB’s per game. And, at least according to others, Cremo wasn’t really here because of recruiting.
  6. We play with a 4 point lead like we’re ahead by 15. I’ll never understand. Clark bails us out on one possession and then a shot clock violation. Please keep playing.
  7. I thought Lauderdale earned some more time too. Once Ahmad got his 4th I don’t think it would have mattered. Clark can drive us all crazy but we don’t even have an option at PG after him.
  8. The unexplainable: According to the TU we had 53 points with 1 minute to go. We scored 14 in one minute? And 53 in 39 minutes (and 9 of those were early). How can we be that bad and that good at the same time?
  9. Can’t shoot the 3. Can’t defend the 3. A lot of other stats are kind of even. Can’t win in 2019 college hoops with that.
  10. Maybe not great facilities but who is the best team in our conference? How are the facilities in Burlington?
  11. And I’ll add that as a former collegiate athlete if I was given the opportunity to go compete for a top ranked team and possibly help them compete for championships, up to a national championship, experience the sport at the highest level, be on TV every weekend, I know what I’d do. And wether everybody wants to admit it they’d do the same. To root against these young men is childish at best.
  12. “Enjoying how it all ended”? Joe certainly didn’t get what he expected but during the season played a fair amount in the Big East. Nichols is in the Sweet 16 and plays significant minutes and is a key component to an ACC team. I’m certain most of us would sign up for that. What would have been successful at FSU for David in your opinion?
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