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  1. No, I didn’t see the last 5 minutes. Left at the 4 minute TO. Possibly the first time I’ve ever left before 1 minute left. Painful. Not entertaining. Ugly. Uninspired.
  2. I hope you’re right on Lulka. I fear he’s getting numbers just based on minutes and nobody else down there. Time will tell.
  3. I'm not sure I can get on board w/ the "we had to pick players off the scrap pile" as a reason for what's happening. We started the season w/ 3 guys that would have been starting w/ or w/o Cremo and Nichols. Clark has basically stepped in as Nichols? So Healy had to replace Cremo and we'd need to live w/ a depleted bench. Well, outside of a few games, our bigs (including Campbell as a starting small forward to start the season) just aren't very good. And don't give me Lulka's numbers. I watch the games. He's not very good. He's played a lot of ball and even redshirted so I'm not sure how much he will improve. Campbell is Campbell. And Hanks??? He was a projected starter from the start right? Unless we went small. So yes, recruiting doesn't seem to be there lately. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't think athletic players want to play the style of ball that we play. Obviously the style gets a pass when we are winning but it's not exciting to watch or play in my opinion. So no this isn't a "fire WB" statement but it is a WB doesn't get a pass just because he lost Cremo and Nichols. Recruiting isn't up to par and this performance is awful. Did I expect a down year? Of course. But this is a terrible conference that UA with it's reputation should not finish below 5th place, ever.
  4. While I fully understand that this wasn't the plan, I'm not sure how this sets us this far behind. Even if I were to give the youth/inexperience a pass we only have 5/6 guys that can even find playing time? One of those a senior that quite honestly shouldn't. As a quick comparison on a minutes per game basis UVM only has 2 seniors in their top 7. Are you comfortable that our youth will improve so much that they'll compete w/ UVM's youth? Won't their youth improve too?
  5. Ok. When I enter that door prior to games there’s usually a handful of people there. Maybe I enter too close to top off, usually 5 minutes.
  6. I would agree with opening it up somewhat. I’d think it be based in annual giving or based on overall GDAC points. They’ve clearly set the bar too high as it is very lightly used. If you are say top 150 or 200 you’ve been a good friend to the athletic department but that’s not taken into consideration unless you hit $1,000 that year. In theory you could be top ten in GDAC points but not have access. Just my opinion.
  7. Cremo had a nice game against UConn today. Started and played 31 minutes w 11 points. 3 for 3 from 3, all of those early in the 2nd half during a big Nova run. It was tied at the half.
  8. It’s not this game in a vacuum. It’s that we have 3 wins. 1 vs a MAAC team. 1 vs a dIII ream. 1 vs a winless team. Combine that with these ugly losses and offense that just looks awful for long stretches, or entire games. Very disappointing.
  9. Dentist at least provides some Novocain and maybe some more.
  10. It's crazy but Lulka is the only player w/ more than one basket!!!! Seriously.
  11. I didn't expect much in this game but it is disheartening to see a team so bad offensively. I know most like the defense and rebound approach but really. Struggling to break 50 last game and 40 this game.
  12. Hey Rizzuto has 3 of our 20 and Healy has half of our assist (1).
  13. Wow. 7 made baskets for UA vs. 13 TO's and 13 PF's. Only down by 3 but this is ugly. Lulka leading the way with 5 points.
  14. I thought they were but I’m not sure. I was thinking year to year comps. I don’t know but I think points matter. Winning is 1st but if you’re going to lose I’d prefer 90-80 over 60-50.
  15. Who’s our stats guys. I’d like to see attendance with wins and points per game compared. This loss to Dartmouth was unwatchable in the second half. I know they missed a ton of shots but we never seem to change things up offensively. If we’re not hitting threes it’s just not an exciting brand of BB. No fast breaks. No dunks. No shot blockers. No real full court press. One consistent driver of the ball (and he’s a bit reckless in his attempts). If you’re going to lose to Dartmouth give me some sizzle.
  16. Both can be true. We’re young and that was a bad loss. Although we are playing 3 RS Freshmen we also are playing a few senior and juniors too. I’d go more with inexperienced with each other vs truly young. Either way based on who LIU appears to be that’s a bad loss. Maybe LIU is better than their rankings.
  17. We have however had a number of individuals win national titles in Track & Field (all DIII I believe).
  18. Off topic a bit but has there been any announcement from the school as to how non season ticket holders purchase tickets? Is it all through an NCAA site? Or do they wait until tomorrow.
  19. Logan Aronhalt averaged 14+ minutes a game at Maryland. Scored 26 against Boston College. It’s been a while but if I’m picking teams I’ll take Joe before Logan.
  20. Matt Campell cleared 7’5” in the high jump this weekend. Winning the prestigious Florida Relays and now has the best height in the nation.
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