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  1. Don't get me wrong. I'll take 65-64 as long as Albany is on top. But I think they should be able to handle this team. Guard play should be the big difference. Not sure how good there freshman are, but they did not have anyone that could handle Jamar two years ago, I doubt they have anyone that can handle Jamar, Jordan, and Lillis now.
  2. 77-60. This will show if they can beat the teams they are supposed to beat, on the road.
  3. A few nice stats worth noting: 1. 26-29 from the line 89.7% 2. 8 players with 13+ minutes. 3. 9 turnovers, not the most agressive team definsively but 9 is still a nice number. 4. 10 steals.
  4. Glad to hear that I wasn't the only one that thought the parking pass meant I would have some benefit. Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought it would get me into some kind of reserved area. It appears if I am late (or just in time) to a well attended game that I still may have to park in the Dutch parking lot. Did I read something wrong when I ordered the parking pass?
  5. Improvements continue to come but... If they want people to show up for the games they have to be ready for them. One parking lot attendant and one concession stand (did have a couple of vendors walking around which is a good idea) will not work. A new restaurant with 500 seats doesn't not open expecting 100 and only ready to serve 100. They have to be ready for 500. This discourages people from making the trip again. I recognize all these things cost $ but in the grand scheme of things not that much. Extra lot attendant $7/hour. Extra 3 people at additional concession stand $21/hour. We're talking less than $50. I've walked away from the concession stand on numerous occassions because the line was to long. No big deal for me, I'm there for the game. Others, however enjoy the whole routine of it. My 2 cents. Great game. Even though Dartmouth was in range at times, I felt it was never really a game.
  6. I don't thinks so. That may be offensive rebounds.
  7. It sounded as if they just had trouble shooting the ball. 17-point loss and they shot 33% from the field and 25% from 3. It sounded like many of the 3's were open looks off of penetration, nobody was knocking them down. Tough to say you could beat SU, but on just a decent shooting night this is a 10 point game. A good shooting night under 10. Brown mentioned a couple of guys missed Sundays practice with a stomach bug (no names mentioned) and they had airline issues getting B. Wilson back to Albany and he missed the practice. 980 announcers expressed that Albany played hard and just missed shots. I don't have the rebound numbers, but as you would expect they were getting beat solidly on the boards.
  8. That was my question also. If anyone gets the answer please post for the rest of us. Thanks.
  9. Patch, I think we agree on most points. I would differ with your choice of words "reward" him with playing time. I view it as play him to evaluate his talent. I would also say that if John Iati and Levi Levine were just a little more rested they may have been a little better down the stretch. On the other hand they are better today for being put throught the grinder last year. Also, if there was a work ethic issue than he played more than he deserved but I would not have any info on that. As a comparison, B. Lillis turned the ball over twice in his first minute against Siena. I hope that he still sees plenty of minutes and is not looking over his shoulder. From the stands he seemed like a good kid and I wish him well.
  10. Todd was handcuffed and poorly utilized (considering there were only seven players at times). He certainly had his strengths and weaknesses. He was afterall a freshman. I agree with the "handcuffed" based on the following: 1. Everytime he had a turnover (which he had more than he should have) he looked at the bench and was quickly replaced. You can't play basketball afraid to make a mistake. Aggressive play wins games. 2. He was constantly playing on "D" out of position and was blown past by smaller quicker players. I called it (the transfer) about mid-way of the conference schedule. No reason (except knowing the incoming class was more skilled and Albany did not need him) for a kid with decent offensive and rebounding skills to not see the floor on a team with 7 players.
  11. Does anyone know anybody interested in Womens Basketball tickets? I have 2, and possibly 4, available for the season. Just not enough time to attend the Mens and Womens games. If they are the same as last years they are Section 600, chairback, midway up the stands. They have not arrived yet.
  12. I don't have my tickets with me, but 205 sounds and looks (on the seating chart) familiar. Very excited for this game.
  13. A quick side note to the starting five. I think either team assembled for the scrimmage on Saturday would beat the team put on the floor last year.
  14. I also attended the scrimmage and would agree with Dane Pounds starting five. There will be a lot of room to work with matchups. Coach Brown will have to earn his pay this year as there is nearly an infinite number of combinations to put on the floor. It was great fun to watch the scrimmage and not be able to keep up with all the new/different guys on the floor. I was most impressed with Jordan. Strong player that will create difficulty for many teams in the America East. Shot looked smooth and can definitively go strong to the basket. Levine and Wilson also looked good. Another point already expressed is the three point shooting. This team will have open looks from 3. Can't wait for the season to begin.
  15. You are right. It is the same guy. Coached by former XC coach Kevin Williams.
  16. There may also have been a time when wrestling beat them, but Title IX took care of that program.
  17. I too would be almost certain, but can't recall specific meets that the XC and Track teams have beaten Syracuse. Most likely on numerous occasions.
  18. Coach Vives and his staff have always (even when DIII) recruited top athletes and followed with numerous conference championships. The team also consistantly has a great deal of honor students. Two 15+ foot pole vaulters A sub 47 second quarter miler. Another sub 49 second quarter miler out of H.S. A 9:20 steeplechaser. Solid list. This team should compete for the America East title every single year.
  19. Outside of winning, seeing that team run and score a bit will put some fans in the seats. I'm really looking forward to this season. It would seem that Coach Brown has unlimited options and what type of lineup he could put on the floor. This year will give a real look on his floor/rotation ability.
  20. It's great to hear that Brown's Sullivan teams could score. It was difficult to watch the team struggle to even shoot the ball at times last year. Towards the end of the year I would have loved to watch them get blown out 120-90 rather than some of the 52-46 close loses. With all the bodies coming in maybe they can really pick up the pace on offense. There should be plenty of ball handlers to run and rebounders to start some breaks. This team could have the mass substitution pattern that also allows a pressing defense. Haven't seen that lately. This should also help put a few people in the seats. People want offense. Defense too, but to win you have to score more points than your opponent.
  21. Dane Pound, Great Board. I have been following it for a while now. Thanks for putting it together and maintaining a good site.
  22. I thought during the year that Browns biggest mistake was not playing Martin more. The team was not winning games anyway and it could be said that they were exhausted at times. I don't think Martin was going to be a major contributor but he could be help off the bench and with more minutes he possibly could have improved or at least got comfortable on the floor and with the program. Let's face it, this team can use every body it can get. Luck has not been kind in the injury area. If a couple go down next year we will wish Martin was available off the bench to plug a hole.
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