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  1. Can’t urge w any of that. I guess I meant recruits that have played, lived up to expectations. Those guys might but outside of those two (joe and David) not much to shine a light on.
  2. I think Zach is saying that given the talent around him he did all he could do. I hope you’re right but I’m not as big on WBs recruiting prowess. Maybe Joe knows tha Devonte was still going to be the 3, Nichols was gone, and the bigs are more Mike Rowley than Sam Rowley. Seriously, take the names Nichols and Cremo out and give me a HS recruit that’s been decent?
  3. It didn’t die but it’s pretty sick. WB is recruiting hard I’m sure but his 2 best recruits in the last 3 years just walked away. We have no seniors, juniors, or sophomores that are even serviceable starters at this level, maybe even legit minute eaters. Recent recruits haven’t panned out. We can spin it. Positive attitude is great, but this is ugly.
  4. Now would be a good time for season ticket reminders to go out, with an increase. Sorry, I see this as a huge step backwards.
  5. We’re down our starting bigs. Our 1st and 2nd big off the bench. Our starting PG and our starting 2. All this should help sell tickets. And yes transfers are a regular thing but I don’t think many schools lose 3 year starters, captains, and top 2 scorers and assist guys. This is not business as usual.
  6. Good news we have one starter back........ Devonte Campbell.
  7. Winning certainly does it but at this level I think it’s going to the NCAA’s more than winning percentage. I think style can be a driver too (see UA Lacrosse). Kids generally are offensive minded. Defense a necessary evil.
  8. My point is you have 8 freebies in this league, or should, every year. It’s a sign of our consistency but let’s be honest there are usually 4 teams that UA shouldn’t lose to every year. It’s not the same teams but the bottom half of this conference is not good, every year. This year we had 3 teams ranked lower tha Siena in the RPI and four ranked 294 or lower.
  9. He’s earned some loyalty for sure, but this wasn’t a great year and maybe not even a good year. Players and coaches take some blame.
  10. Question. If we don’t think WB should be fired do we have to think he can do no wrong? Take no blame? I certainly think it’s insane to think he could or should be fired but I also think he takes some blame for what happened this year. Did we win 20+? Yes. In this conference that really isn’t that hard. We didn’t have the talent on the floor to be dominant. Who’s responsibility is that? We made zero adjustments to our lineups throughout the year. Who’s responsibility is that? Does anybody think Alex Foster was used appropriately? Was anybody happy that Devonte Campbell stayed on the court for as many minutes as he did?
  11. Wow. Pot calling the kettle. "He got stuck with a bum"? That may be a bit of an overreaction? Nichols isn't perfect but let's start with that Brown recruited him, signed him, made him his PG and captain (I think). We also had nobody that remotely could fill his role if he were to sit on the bench as I suppose is where you would have put him. Costa Anderson as your starting D1 PG? We also fielded a starting 5 where only 2 players were a threat from greater than 12 feet from the hoop. And not much off that bench that could extend a D either. That doesn't work in todays game. I stayed out of most of the Nichols bashing but it's been over the top. You want to bash, there's plenty to go around and WB gets some of it. Throwing out a starting 3 man out there and having him play 30 minutes a night when he shoots <15% from 3 doesn't and won't work unless you have a big or 2 that can step out and shoot the 3. Stire and Charles aren't doing that. Nichols and Cremo were put in a very tough spot this year. By the coach? Somewhat. By players not improving? Somewhat. Nichols by his attitude at times? Somewhat. So no WB isn't done for. He's had great success. Recruits and graduates good kids. Is no longer a hot ticket. Love him. Hate him. Or somewhere in between he's the coach for the foreseeable future.
  12. We got a SportsCenter mention. “A team that lost to Albany by 44”. This also made me think of the favorite statement of many “defense wins Championships”. Garbage. You need some D but you better be able to score.
  13. Last event, 4 X 400 relay, got DQd after winning the race. Apparently some other team members ran into the track and interfered with a runner from UNH. Absolutely no effect on the top 4 teams as they had already passed by and were battling down the last few meters. Letter of the law is a DQ. It went to a 3 man committee of coaches not involved. They ruled against us.
  14. Its these incredibly long stretches of nothing that I cant figure out. We can blame the D. We can blame a missed FT, but we made one baske in the last 7:53 of this game (if Im reading it right).
  15. I think we have to at least do more of it. Campbell is just such a liability on offense.
  16. WTH is this. Bad O. Bad D. Bad effort. Bad officiating.
  17. Great stuff. Team and coach deserve this. One flaw, the trophy case is too small.?
  18. Most of the statements were about their D, fair enough, but not a lot of mention of the other issues and players. It just seemed as a group the board in general was placing the blame on these two. The starting bigs for Hartford scored 25 on 13 shots in limited (for Attia) minutes. Im no expert but comfortable that some of that is on our bigs.
  19. He certainly takes (and sometimes makes) questionable shots. I think at times hes (and Joe) forced to. Travis has helped this but nobody else has any consistent offense.
  20. Not to regurgitate a box score but are we really laying the blame on these two? 15-31 from the field. Rest of the team 8-23. 8-15 from 3. Rest 0-4. 43 point. Rest 21. 5-5 from the line. Rest 5-9. 4RB vs 24RBs. 8 assists vs 6 assists. 3 steals vs 4 steals. 6 TOs vs 6 TOs Hartford 2 leading scorers were a guard that was too fast for our guards and a big that we had no answer for. Started like garbage again. Cant seem to solve a 1-3-1 consistently. And the Cremo to Nichols pass/TO late in the game bothered me most. Both take some blame on that one.
  21. Unhappiest 11-2 coach and fan board. Were 11-2. Tough schedule? No. But weve had similar schedules and not been 11-2.
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