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  1. thanks for the comments...and no...he isn't a siena fan
  2. If anyone cares to take a look, I made a basic layout for a UAlbany Basketball website for my Web Design/Graphics Class. http://www.ualbanyhoops.bravehost.com Right now, just about all of the info is taken directly from the UAlbany athletics website. I hope, come next season, to further develop the site. This is just a starting point. Also, as for now, the site looks best in Internet Explorer as that is the only browser that my school has. In other browsers such as firefox, there will probably some stuff that isn't aligned right, etc.
  3. according to Mark Singelais' blog, yes, he would be eligible for three more years.
  4. I understand what you're saying about the "respect" issue, but, at least from what I've seen (and I'm not saying I like it), Siena still has the upper hand in the area. I don't mean in any way that those who are basketball knowledgable respect Siena any more than they do UAlbany, but not everyone who attends the UAlbany v. Siena game knows everything about both schools and college hoops in general. For some people, all they know is what they see...and what they have seen for 5 of the last 6 meetings is a Siena victory and a UAlbany loss. There are people who go to that one game who will t
  5. As a UAlbany fan, I wish the UAlbany v Siena game was more neutral as well. However, it will take some very heavy negotiating by the school itself to get that to happen. The fact is, Siena is still the more respected local DI college basketball team. They have more history than we do as they have been DI much longer...that's a fact And, regarding this issue in particular, this is indeed their home game...another fact. They get everything they get for any other home game. That was the contract which was signed. Hopefully we can change this in the future to better benefit both schools,
  6. I agree...I don't mind having it at the TUC, but it should be neutralized a bit. We're always announced as "The Visiting Albany Great Danes" and they're always announced as "YOUR Siena College Saints." Changing little things such as that, at least initially, would be a good improvement. I do have a question though...How come the game is not televised? Would it really cut down that much on attendence to put it on TW3 or something? You would think that filling up a pretty large arena would look good for both schools on TV, even if it is just locally.
  7. Is there going to be...or has there been a banquet for the basketball team(s) this year? I haven't heard of anything yet but was curious if anyone else had.
  8. Brown, courted by St. Bonaventure, takes extension at Albany - the story on CBS Sportsline (from AP) http://www.sportsline.com/collegebasketball/story/10098426
  9. I know this has come up in a couple of topics... I'm just curious how everyone who's going to Columbus is getting there. I'm 80% sure my father and I are gonna be going and we would be taking the Thursday 5:45pm Southwest flight w/ stop @ BWI.
  10. After being down 37-23 at the half, BSU went on to outscore Fresno State 54-36 in the second half which puts them in the semi-finals of the WAC tournament. BSU was the team that Albany played in the EPSNU Bracketbuster. BSU (RPI:120) Defeated Fresno State (RPI: 73) and will next play the winner of the New Mexico State v. Louisiana Tech matchup. Boise State was the 6 seed in the tournament playing against the 3 seed Fresno State. Reggie Larry had 18 points and Coby Karl had 13 both for the Broncos.
  11. true, but, for now, he was nice to put in for a minute or two to give our main guys a quick break...and it's not like we would really have to worry about putting him in either as he handles the ball well and can even penetrate and score sometimes. But, that being said, you're right, he doesn't get al lot of PT. I'm sure that will change for next year.
  12. According to Singelais, Reid Anderson has mono and will not be playing in the tournament game on Saturday at Vermont.
  13. hmm...yeah...not sure if people would really want those then...lol. Maybe throw a few in the gentle cycle and see if the printing comes off or not? If it works then throw the rest in? Just an idea.
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