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  1. I have zero reason to pay attention to this program. What an utter joke. Rewarding below mediocrity on the field. What in the hell are we doing here? He just went 2-9 and had ONE good season, which was slightly above avg for a CAA program. Pure and utter garbage.
  2. Holy crap I just realized the UA bench is on the other side now. That’s weird.
  3. Honestly I just got to learn about our team. Been a long time I watch and I got almost no clue about the team considering all the turnover.
  4. Lol ok then. What’s there now? VIP? I just think rather have the court surrounded. Probably want to condense student section to have more impact.
  5. Looks like a solid crowd…did they really get rid of the student section on the parking lot side of the arena? Not sure I like that
  6. It's really sad I just don't care anymore. There is zero point in watching. This program is on a bridge to no where. It's upsetting because except for one season, we all could have predicted it.
  7. From what I have read Hartford will stop offering scholarships come 2022-23, with the transition in to Fall of 2025. So this is gonna start impacting Hartford very quick despite the slow movement.
  8. I’ll say it. They see record, they see who they have left & they see only 1 home game left w/ no fans. If the record was different, they would finish the season. Sounds like a staff trying to protect their jobs 🤔🙄.
  9. Can we fire Gatusso already? I mean I don’t like calling for people’s jobs, but if we talking about being mediocre in our programs, this one has been the biggest.
  10. Yea...playing for the Rockets. He signed in the past two weeks I believe.
  11. Killings just won me with this line... "We have to show people we care to get them in the building" Ya hear that Benson?!!
  12. 1) Make them better men 2) Find guys that fit the system 3) Mindset and Mentality good things to push
  13. I have no time of day for Benson...but I'm more than willing to give Killings a shot.
  14. Gotta give the Student Press kid props...excellent question about the transfers.
  15. If he steals this kid from these types of schools, I'm gonna be insanely impressed.
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