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  1. I expect to watch a quarter...that way I can say I watched the game.
  2. How someone hasn't put a yearly NY State type mid-major tournament together is mind blowing... UA, Bingo, SB, Hofstra, Siena, LIU, Columbia, Buffalo, Marist, Niagara, St. Francis, Cornell, Wagner, Fordham, St. Bonaventure, Colgate, Canisus, Manhattan Put together a yearly 4 team tournament, you got enough NY schools, this way you can avoid conference teams playing each other. I would rather see this then these teams playing DII or DIII schools. Hell, I even got a name...Empire State Classic.
  3. Campbell to CAA next year...now what? https://twitter.com/Brett_McMurphy/status/1554800468156719104?s=20&t=S7dmrm_k_4yG-XU8ndNyug
  4. https://twitter.com/AmericaEast/status/1549816789747601410?s=20&t=bCsVIWfuWImIezuD1FsrMA
  5. I think the less seats is perfectly fine as we all stated. It fills in the arena more for the TV viewing audience and it doesn't look nearly as empty. Plus, I think seat-backs over bleachers is acceptable in every form.
  6. not gonna lie...haven't really read any of this on my own. Been crazy busy. Just my take I had after yesterday. If people have said this...credit is theirs.
  7. To me it's very simple what this is leading to...The NFL SystemYou will have an AFC and and NFC conference, with 3 divisions...each conference will have their own 8 team playoff and the winners of each conference play each other for the national championship.ESPN will get one conference and Fox the other (like CBS and Fox). Amazon and CBS will sprinkle in their coverage of certain games like NFL does with Thursday Night and Sunday Night Football.Teams who don't get in the conferences will create the new I-AA (MAC, American, Sun Belt etc...), while teams in current I-AA (CAA, Big Sky, Missouri Valley etc...) will create a new I-AAA And yes it would be the same for basketball The Power 5's are pretty much going to eliminate the fat and create their own level of NCAA sports. They will let UA's of the world get some non-conference action, but they won't be invited to the big parties/dances anymore.
  8. Honestly, don't care about UA going down to Florida to play those teams. To me, better to have those teams then scheduling home games vs. SUNY DII-DIII schools. I want UA playing as many DI teams as possible.
  9. the concept photos in that "release" make me really happy.
  10. Wyland reporting Killings will remain as coach
  11. I just want to say, and probably not the thread or time to bring it up and many may say he's not ready...but I truly believe UA should take a very hard look at Brent Wilson for their next coach if this does go down.
  12. Bryant joining the AE https://twitter.com/BryantAthletics/status/1508928913606680576?s=20&t=i1Ok1CcSjV6ox5cbgvEweQ
  13. What the actual hell is all this? This athletic department is becoming a rutterless paper ship out to sea in a violent storm.
  14. 13 pts in the first half of conference tourney game. Good grief. Man, I hope this team gets an actually overhaul.
  15. I have zero reason to pay attention to this program. What an utter joke. Rewarding below mediocrity on the field. What in the hell are we doing here? He just went 2-9 and had ONE good season, which was slightly above avg for a CAA program. Pure and utter garbage.
  16. Holy crap I just realized the UA bench is on the other side now. That’s weird.
  17. Honestly I just got to learn about our team. Been a long time I watch and I got almost no clue about the team considering all the turnover.
  18. Lol ok then. What’s there now? VIP? I just think rather have the court surrounded. Probably want to condense student section to have more impact.
  19. Looks like a solid crowd…did they really get rid of the student section on the parking lot side of the arena? Not sure I like that
  20. It's really sad I just don't care anymore. There is zero point in watching. This program is on a bridge to no where. It's upsetting because except for one season, we all could have predicted it.
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