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  1. https://twitter.com/dgazettesports/status/1298458576185372676?s=20
  2. from what I am reading online, NCAA may shut everything down for the fall. D II and III already cancelled pretty much everything.
  3. They can’t be serious with this? What the hell is this garbage? This is repulsive.
  4. I mean when it comes to Stanford field hockey, even making the NCAA Tournament, it was unsustainable. They were going to leave the AE in the sport and those 4 west coast schools were hanging on by a thread anyway.
  5. I worded it wrong. Not gonna try w football in the Fall I meant. I’m under the assumptions basically there will be zero national tournaments for any of these fall sports and basically conference play is gonna be the biggest thing this year if they do go in the Spring. If so, I would love to see in the spring if they give these sports a shot teams play each team home and away instead of just the one match, and football everyone in CAA plays everyone. For football, round robin and other sports everyone plays everyone leading to tournament for a champion. That is if medically things get better.
  6. Obviously depends on Northeast Conf, but wonder if a NY-NJ-Conn FCS independent group can be created, since they are all working together in other areas. Would limit travel. UA, SB, LIU, Wagner, Monmouth, CCSU, Sacred Heart if RI is good, get teams from those states in also. I don’t know. Obviously it limits trips anywhere south of NJ.
  7. Basketball wise I love it. To me, it's two more conference games, which means no more of this garbage D3 scheduling. So looks like the sports they would be in AE for are: Baseball Men's and Women's Basketball Men's and Women's X Country Men's and Women's Track and Field Men's Lacrosse Men's and Women's Soccer Women's Volleyball Men's Swimming and Diving Interested to see if they reallocate funding from some sports to get softball, women's lacrosse and/or field hockey, but not really a priority for AE to get them in those sports. While I ha
  8. I would rather have it to make sure they don't play D3 schools in basketball ever again.
  9. It's official...per AE release. https://twitter.com/AmericaEast/status/1271517844979646465?s=20
  10. https://twitter.com/GoodmanHoops/status/1271114394865410048?s=20
  11. very impressed with the school getting a foot into the midwest like they did with these kids. Three kids from one JC is interesting.
  12. Click...not saying anything bad. I just saw some of the comments. Thought it was interesting
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