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  1. Every time Gifford is near or touches the ball on the offensive end it is a freakin' adventure wondering what he will do. you guys are right. he never really developed. It is time to pine him and let him spell Metcalf, Lindfors and co. rather than visa versa. "the future is now...."-----The late coach George Allen.
  2. Warm up the bus. Head to Philly. Put last night behind us. The Central Connecticut game is drivable. We may head out
  3. A long way to go. Issues and deficiencies too numerous to mention. I sure hope he knows what he is doing.
  4. they lit it up in the 2nd half........... 1 2 Total New Hampshire 7 25 32 Final Pittsburgh 15 32 47
  5. IS there a place on the internet where the game can be viewed----at no charge? I know some people in Iowa that want to watch
  6. Spoken like true genius. People...listen to this man and relax. When you play youth...and your star gets an early 2nd foul....it aint gonna help. Like I said a long time ago...this will be a learning year for a very young but talented team. And UA '08....I have rarely NOT SEEN a coach bench a player with a 2nd foul in the first half. It is pretty standard. And yes, we are youthful...that is a FACT. URLI being a Junior is much different- JUCO ball and DI ball are two completely separate animals. Relax people...this is all bull$iena until conference time. Let me say it like this; we are all upset we lost (as is the team and coaching staff, however it wont matter until tourney time. If you say to me Albany makes the dance this year...i would be happy. I could care less about seedings and play in games. This is a young but talented team that needs to learn how to win. Tought loss...but unlike football where one or two losses kills you, these losses dont kill us. They will be horrific if we dont learn from them. Amen
  7. This group has made huge strides the past 3 weeks---still alot of time before the league schedule begins. They will be ok.
  8. Any specifics on how that happened? Hope he will be okay. Can Barraza apply for a medical redhshirt?
  9. geez. I guess this merits an extension..............sign her up
  10. Detroit is very athletic. They will present a real test,
  11. Outside of the Newhouse School---I would put UA on par or higher than SU academically. As far as these recruits. It's like if Will Brown landed 2 or 3 Five-Star Blue chippers. This is huge for the program. If they and the others he brings in live up to their clippings--we are looking at May lacrosse for the Danes. maybe---Memorial Day weekend down the road ????
  12. Alcorn lost to Ohio St. 100-60. Don't want to cheat them out of 20 points
  13. Let it fly against them. Chuck it from the cheap seats.
  14. In Alcorn's three games this season their opponents are shooting 48 % from beyond the arc. 38 of 79.
  15. Detroit coach was Kelvin Sampson's #1 Assistant at Oklahoma and Indiana.
  16. It was time for her to go long ago. What has kept her in the job ? ---I don't understand.
  17. yes--you are right. I knew it was one of teams we are going to play next weekend
  18. Watched a bit of the Alcorn game at Ohio State on Monday--they were overmatched against the Buckeyes--but will provide a test for our guys. Coach needs to use these early games to find the best rotations.
  19. My thought here is that the ladies will win their last game at the last second to finish in eighth place in the conference. McElroy will be so impressed with Trina's ability to exceed expectations that he will immediately reward her with a five year extension. Now there's an "OY!". "OY VEY" considering the track record when dealing with this---you are probably right on target.
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