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  1. http://www.zanesvilletimesrecorder.com/article/20110417/SPORTS/104170331/Gibson-earned-his-opportunity?odyssey=mod|newswell|text|Frontpage|s
  2. From Inside Lacrosse--- http://insidelacrosse.com/news/2011/03/08/mens-lacrosse-albany-upends-no-5-umass-9-8
  3. Just back from the game----Big win for UAlbany. Cathers in goal was the difference.
  4. Great to see Marr going head to head with Desko recruiting these kids....and getting them. For a Freshman--Cathers shows great confidence. The production of the Thompsons will only increase.
  5. ...What could have been, what might have been. Seeing Brenton gloating is make me sick
  6. For those not heading to Hartford-----Delaware visits Fallon Field for the Danes home opener. Delaware is 4-1, with wins over Detroit, Presbyterian, Marist and Bellarmine. In their only loss they were shelled by Hopkins 18-5.
  7. The Maine team arrived in Albany this afternoon.
  8. Great stats and info source on the current and past teams http://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/schools/ALNY/'>http://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/schools/ALNY/ http://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/
  9. $1.6 Million for Network-Centric Communications development at UAlbany's College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering = PORK.
  10. Maybe having family on campus will help steer him our way.
  11. Kale Abrahamson West Des Moines, Iowa Iowa Valley HS Colleges: UAlbany, Stanford, Wichita St., Iowa, Drake, Northern Iowa http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/basketball/recruiting/player-Kale-Abrahamson-99218?colleges=show#college_choices Abrahamson is a long, lean and athletic small forward. Kale is a versatile player offensively and defensively. He can score the basketball from all three areas of the floor. Kale runs the wing fast in transition for the pitch ahead pass so he can attack the rim off the bounce. When attacking the rim in the open court, Kale has good body control. He has been taught how to use his body to protect the basketball when finishing at the rim. Kale finishes most of his lay-ups with his right hand and needs to work on improving his left hand finishes. Kale has good footwork on the perimeter to create his own shot off the bounce in the half court. When shooting his pull-up or spot up three point shot, Kale has good elevation, rotation and follow through, but he moves his head down when taking his shot. Defensively, Kale will take charges, deny his man and rebound down from the wing position and is capable of defending multiple positions. Kale needs to improve his strength once he finally stops growing. He has grown 3 inches in the last year and could grow a couple more inches. Travel Team: Martin Brothers Kale is the nephew of UAlbany Womens hoops coach Katie Abrahamson-Henderson.
  12. Aronhalt and Black. As they go---so goes UAlbany.
  13. I noticed that too. I am sure they were discussing how to defend against the 3.
  14. From the Binghamton Men's Lacrosse page---- Sat. April 30th ALBANY @ Binghamton 7 p.m.
  15. From the Vermont Mens's Lacrosse page ----4/10 @ Albany 2:00pm http://uvmathletics.com/schedule.aspx?path=mlax
  16. from the Delaware Blue Hens Men's lacrosse page---- Mar. 5 at Albany. Time:TBA http://www.bluehens.com/sportsinfo/mens_lacrosse/sked11.html
  17. I have always been under the impression that this program does not have enough loyal supporters to have the liberty of fighting its own, but I guess different people have different agendas. Now what was that famous Rodney King quote again? Tonight it all begins anew. Who will emerge as the leader of this team? If anyone? Will the "Hot Seat" be warmed up again? Many R. King quotes apply here. “Can't we all... just... get along?” “Nothing has changed (in our country), so I am still feeling that same pain and anger.”
  18. expect no less from that publication.
  19. I would be nice to play at least one game a season down there against a top notch opponent.
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