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  1. Kale Abrahamson

    West Des Moines, Iowa

    Iowa Valley HS


    Colleges: UAlbany, Stanford, Wichita St., Iowa, Drake, Northern Iowa




    Abrahamson is a long, lean and athletic small forward. Kale is a versatile player offensively and defensively. He can score the basketball from all three areas of the floor. Kale runs the wing fast in transition for the pitch ahead pass so he can attack the rim off the bounce. When attacking the rim in the open court, Kale has good body control. He has been taught how to use his body to protect the basketball when finishing at the rim. Kale finishes most of his lay-ups with his right hand and needs to work on improving his left hand finishes. Kale has good footwork on the perimeter to create his own shot off the bounce in the half court. When shooting his pull-up or spot up three point shot, Kale has good elevation, rotation and follow through, but he moves his head down when taking his shot. Defensively, Kale will take charges, deny his man and rebound down from the wing position and is capable of defending multiple positions. Kale needs to improve his strength once he finally stops growing. He has grown 3 inches in the last year and could grow a couple more inches.


    Travel Team: Martin Brothers


    Kale is the nephew of UAlbany Womens hoops coach Katie Abrahamson-Henderson.

  2. I had to start a topic on this. Logan is now the second leading scorer in the AE at 19.5ppg, he's shooting 42% from the field and 39% from beyond the arc. This kid is a serious threat to make the AE 1st team as a sophomore. When he get's hot like he was in the Niagara game you can't stop that shot.


    Nice to know we have 2+ more years of watching him come into his own.

    Aronhalt and Black. As they go---so goes UAlbany.

  3. If anybody that reads this has direct contact w/ the coaching staff, if they could pass along this message:


    During the National Anthem you should not talk. Not a little, and certainly not a three man conversation that carries on throughout the entire song. People in the crowd shouldn't either. But in case you were unaware you are on the court and represent not only yourselves, but the team, and the University.


    Yes, a bit nitpicky maybe but CB and two assistants carried on throughout the entire National Anthem before the Iona game.

    I noticed that too. I am sure they were discussing how to defend against the 3.

  4. I'm sorry haggy, but im the fair weather fan.


    I have always been under the impression that this program does not have enough loyal supporters to have the liberty of fighting its own, but I guess different people have different agendas.


    Now what was that famous Rodney King quote again?

    Tonight it all begins anew. Who will emerge as the leader of this team? If anyone? Will the "Hot Seat" be warmed up again?


    Many R. King quotes apply here. “Can't we all... just... get along?” “Nothing has changed (in our country), so I am still feeling that same pain and anger.”

  5. Early season statistics . . . from TU coverage, that is.


    Two long Siena stories (Singelais, McGuire column) start on P1 of sports and jump to inside. Two large photos. A 3rd story, at the top of the page, about Fran at Iowa. That story has just about the same number of words as the UA story at the bottom of the page (I did an estimate by counting words in 10 sentences, dividing that by 10, and then counting the lines . . . that makes up for the Fran story being set in a wider margin). The Fran photo is slightly larger that the Arnonhalt photo. The UA story focuses on one player (granted, the Singelais story did also, but at much greater length).


    The UA story seems to be an afterthought, sort of "Oh yeah, we should include something about UA too." I assume this will be the way coverage goes for the season.

    expect no less from that publication.

  6. Nice, inching closer and closer to the season. I wonder what next season holds for guys like Ambrose, will someone step up and take this team over and be the leader?

    One or more of this group needs to accept the challenge and become leaders on and off the floor. That was lacking last season. This group needs that to succeed. Maybe it is Logan's time? He seems like he may be the one.

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