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  1. This is a should win game if there ever was one. UMBC is 1-15 current records of the five teams UA has defeated this season. Alcorn St. 0-16 Robert Morris 9-8 American 3-14 Penn 1-11 Yale 6-11
  2. terrific coaching and use of the talent they have
  3. So which coach do you know that announces a scholarship player by saying "Well, he's got a way to go, but if he works hard he could be a role player by his junior year" ? Other than Casey Stengel, who said "There's Kranepool, 20 years old. In ten years he's got a chance to be a star... And there's Goosen... he's 20 too... In ten years he's got a chance to be 30." (Casey was correct, Greg Goosen only lasted five years in the majors). If I remember correctly, Kranepool didn't last much longer. Kranepool played 17 full seasons for the Mets
  4. I still want to try real hard to think these guys know what they are doing. It was painful to watch. Clearly Macon had his team prepared and had Albany scouted.. Albany was not prepared for them.
  5. Just win the game. by 1 or 21, it makes no diff. give them and their people a long ride back down 88.
  6. can anyone remember the last 50 point half?
  7. for those that aren't watching the Winter Classic or one of the various Bowl games----ESPNU is showing the game again today at 2:00pm.
  8. I'd like to know what body of work or information they are basing it on? Is Coach Roy going to start his walk ons?
  9. Like alot have been saying here--there is a serious lack of leadership and court smarts on this team. Maybe the staff is noticing it too.
  10. maybe someone can get some pointers from Roy Williams.
  11. should sweep Binghamton and UMBC. if not......will the hot seat warm up? I once thought this talk was unjustified---but with events in recent games---I would like to think the staff knows what they are doing. Why would this talk ever be unjustified? While I agree that Coach Brown has brought upstanding young men into the program, I disagree with anyone who makes that the primary yardstick of his job performance. UA has been embarrassed in Out of Conference play and mercilessly embarrassed by Siena. As to the man, I wish Coach Brown and his family prosperity and good health always - this is nothing personal. I don't know him. As a fan of UA basketball, though, (since before Bosiy was born - so, no, I am not Dane Doggy Style with a pen name), I'm more than a little disappointed with the present mediocrity when a few short years ago I had the pleasure of traveling to Philadelphia and Columbus to see what I then believed was a team prepared to emerge as something other than a middle of the pack team in a less than mediocre conference. I genuinely believe Coach Brown was a major contributor to the tournament appearances and the temporary increase in the stature of our University. And I continue to look for some indication that he can do it again, but I'm not seeing that. All I see is questionable leadership and horrible execution. If this continues into conference play, I would not be opposed to a change at the top. I remain a fan and support UA either way. But for those who think this forum is not the appropriate place for this kind of discussion, I say, that's b.s. Like I said---I once thought that it was unjustified. I no longer feel that way--as I know many others do. The direction things go will be determined over the next few weeks and months. If the present trend continues...........
  12. should sweep Binghamton and UMBC. if not......will the hot seat warm up? I once thought this talk was unjustified---but with events in recent games---I would like to think the staff knows what they are doing.
  13. for sure---that is what has kept her here for this long.
  14. I've wondered that for awhile. guess because he is tall.
  15. With all that is going on on this board, I often wonder where the program would be if Coach Brown took the St. Bonventure job when he did the dance with them in 2007. I don't think he ever seriously considered leaving. But, what if he did?
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