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  1. You should have seen Will Brand play :-0 Talk about a warrior....... got nobody who fits that on this team. Will Brand was surely one. Jamar. Levi. Lillis. Iati. Brian Connelly. They are ones to remember for leaving it on the floor. This years team needssomeone to be challenged to step up and take charge.
  2. I think theyre telling the truth..we suck and so does the aeast [/quote America East does look weak tthis year--maybe there is hope for us---in league
  3. The IONA announcers are making me sick. really giving UA and the AE the disrespect
  4. UNC-Charlotte plans to build a 15,000-seat phase 1 for $40.5 million, which includes $12-13 million for a field house/football building It will be expandable to 40,000+ in the future. I don't think we are looking to put something up like that...are we? wouldn't it look great!
  5. This is the type of thing that drives coaches crazy. you can't play the blame game. But--a point must be made.
  6. long ride down---long ride home---then a game the next day. I don't think they fly to Baltimore....do they?
  7. Hold up....you telling me you just walk up and piss on a wall...? LOL An Italian marble wall at that. An FCS football fan "must do before you die". is this for real?? you gotta be kidding!
  8. Is the Ohio State game at Fallon Field? or in Columbus? anyone know?
  9. Up 20---is that the first time this season?
  10. Recovering from injury and still getting his legs, right? I'll hold off on the T-shirt. I'll say it-----------Free Logan Aronhalt.
  11. Definitely the most positive aspect of the game tonight. Biggest letdown: No Logan time yet. is he free?
  12. slow motion Metcalf is 65 It is the short choppy steps when running the floor, combined with the limited arm motion, that makes him look like a poorly oiled robot. If he can get rebounds, block a couple of shots, and throw in a couple of close range baskets a game, however, I think I can forget about the aesthetics of his running motion. he somehow gets it done. great hoops smarts.
  13. Hahaha..have you ever met him?? yes. Not the warmest fellow.
  14. intensity and motivation start with the Head Coach and trickle down from there. We saw none. He's got the big salary, the expensive suits and all the perks. Is that enough for him? he sure isn't a people person. His personality--or lack thereof.....well enough said.
  15. I want to think he knows what he is doing. The rest of this season will tell alot.
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