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  1. Pretty sure that if the reason they're going to the game is specifically to cheer on Moll and Vermont..then they're not local "fans." This type of thing happens all the time with local Capital Region players visiting..men and women. Same thing happens when UAlbany plays near the home of our players. UAlbany still gets the ticket sales!
  2. Thanks. Doesn't look like I received it. Odd..since I'm a season ticket holder.
  3. What was the subject line of the email? I don't believe I received one.
  4. Final score was better than I was expecting. Like others..was also thinking this might be a 10-15pt margin game. If you had told me we'd have 20+ turnovers and still have it come down to the wire..I'd be pretty happy. That said..a loss is loss..and it was kinda tough to see a lead slip away like that. I'm sure this won't be the last with our young team! Positives: outside shooting; Healy looked much more mature than a frosh; Clark certainly looks to be our player-maker..can be frustrating sometimes to see someone overly aggressive like he is..but there always needs to be someone on the team who always wants the ball and wants to score..so his offense will be helpful early on; Campbell..he won't ever be a great shooter..but he has a nose for the ball..and even when he's not knocking down shots..he's grabbing rebounds for put backs and gets to the line a lot where he's a good FT shooter..you don't get 17 & 10 by accident.. thought he looked good at the 4 against Iona's speed; Miller..I don't think he's going to put up big numbers..but will be an important piece as an experienced guard on a young team; FT shooting; rebounding..and this actually could've been much better..I thought we crashed the offensive glass well..but there were at least half a dozen times we nearly came down with it but had it tipped away and couldn't come away with it Negatives: Hank, French, Lauderdale..inside play was pretty rough..combined 35min, 2pts, 5rbs, 1ast, 7TOs..granted Iona's athleticism wasn't a great match-up for them in what was their first DI games..but that was about as bad as it could get..I did like the FT line jumpers from French when trying to beat the zone..he hit is last attempt and could be a valuable shot when we're struggling against those defenses; I left Lulka out of that group because there was more production at 8pts, 6rbs, 2ast..but he also needs to protect the ball and stay out of foul trouble..definitely saw the potential with him though and I think he'll end up having a pretty good season; Brooks..tough first game all around..I actually liked some of his passes but they were just not clicking with the recipients..I think those feeds will look a lot better as the team gels Also noticed an attendance of 1800+ in the box score. Season opener for a three time defending conference champ. Kind of puts our attendance gripes in perspective. Looking forward to Wednesday. Another quality opponent. Just keep improving.
  5. Posting here instead of the Delaware thread. The 'remove Gattuso and name an interim HC while negotiating a buyout just so Gattuso doesn't coach' idea simply doesn't make sense to me. With the caveat that I'm not a sports attorney..Gattuso's contract is for the position of Head Coach. Removing him..but not firing him (?)..and putting in an interim is just semantics. It would be in violation of his contract and he would have a right to have the entirety of the his contract paid out. The max extension was..and now more obviously is..a mistake. But I still don't envision a scenario where he is bought out after this year. It's simply too much money. Has the university ever bought out a HC contract that we know of in the DI era..even just one year's worth? And that even applies to the 'we can't afford not to' argument..if we don' have the money, we don't have the money.
  6. My few novice observations... Miller looked good, calm and in control, knocked down a number of shots; French was much more physical underneath than I was expecting; Lulka can really spread the floor, shot well from three and had some nice moves down low; Brooks is quick and a great passer, mainly looked to distribute instead of attempting to show off his reported deep range, but had a couple nice mid-range/floater shots; Lauderdale is a load; Malachi looked like a very talented freshman, a bit unsure at times and not always great decision making, but big enough to fight underneath and athletic enough to operate on the perimeter, he was mostly at the 3 but played some time at the 2 during the scrimmage; Healy was very involved and knocked down some outside shots. I think there could be 10 guys averaging at least 5-8mpg. Clark and Brooks at PG.. Healy and Miller at SG.. Campbell and de Sousa at SF.. Lulka, Lauderdale, French and Hank in the front court. I will assume Flory's out for the year..don't have any specific knowledge, just a better safe than sorry guess. I will assume Rizzuto is low guard on the totem pole based on injury and experience..maybe RS option. And I will assume Jerotic is also not seeing much action this year..looked furthest behind in the scrimmage..maybe another RS option.
  7. Just noting the newsletter says "open practice" not "open scrimmage."
  8. Sorry..probably didn't explain that well enough. Didn't mean to suggest he might not be the coach..just that it seems the lack of announcement might not simply be the department failing to get around to it..because Fisher is basically in the same boat. Coordination, contracts, etc. Who knows.
  9. I believe the MLAX SID recently left for Towson. Not sure how much that plays into the lack of coverage. Probably more that the department clearly places a strong emphasis on football. FWIW..the Fisher MLAX site still lists Maloney as an assistant.
  10. So..we just need more advertising. Or cheaper tickets. Or better in-game promotions. Or beer in the seats. Or arena renovations. I say win baby win.
  11. I watched Clark's just 10 days ago and apparently already forgot it! Must be getting old... So..per those videos: Point Guard - Clark, Brooks Shooting Guard - Flory, Rizzuto, Healy Guard - Miller TBD - Starks, Fruscio
  12. Brett Gifford was listed at 6'11"... 2006-07 through 2009-10. FWIW..in the team intro video clips being posted online by Athletics..Rizzuto, Healy and Flory all introduced themselves as a "shooting guard." Miller introduced himself as a "guard." And Brooks introduced himself as a "point guard." Neither Clark's nor Starks' videos have been published yet.
  13. Ray Miller is a grad transfer..so his scholly would also free up after the 18-19 season.
  14. If I had to guess now..this is where I'd be as well. I think the SG spot will be the best battle. Need a good scorer there. Clark showed flashes and will hopefully continue to improve..but it's always tough to be the ballhander and top offensive option. Campbell gives you size and defense at the wing..but obviously isn't a go-to offensive threat. It sounds like Lulka might be able to spread the floor a bit..which is something we haven't really seen from the PF spot consistently since Brent Wilson.
  15. University announced the hiring of Katie Rowan..current Wagner HC, former UAlbany asst, and former Cuse/Bethlehem standout. http://www.ualbanysports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=15800&ATCLID=211719072 Great resume..but surprised they didn't stick with the current interim. Guess I just assumed they would after her being the assistant/associate HC for a number of years and then leading the team to the conference title game as the interim. Kinda odd. Either way.. welcome Coach Rowan.
  16. Even if that's the reasoning..the tax law was signed nearly half a year ago. We're not the only institution this applies to. Way past time to have figured this thing out.
  17. Looks like we have an offer out to Jeremiah Starks. JUCO combo guard..seems like three years of eligibility after redshirting his first year due to injury. 6'2" 190lbs. Shot 40% from three..80% from the line. Averaged 14.4ppg on the year..and 18.5ppg during his last 12 games.
  18. Because they moved Hopkins up to the 2 seed..shifting just about everyone down. Why? You got me.
  19. Actually..looks like I could've just checked out what @LaxFilmRoom is doing right now. He has a Cornell win (and Duke over Boston) giving us a 57% chance of grabbing at least a 2 seed. So..go Big Red!
  20. That's from yesterday. Their update this morning moves us down to the 6 seed.
  21. It doesn't really seem like the Yale/Cornell game makes much of a difference for us. A Cornell win would likely bump them up to the Top 10 in the RPI..making us 3-1 against the Top 10..with 2 of them on the road. But a Yale loss would likely move them out of the Top 5..giving us just one Top 5 games. EDIT: Maybe a Yale loss makes it a bit easier to put us ahead of them in the seeding?
  22. Had us as the 5 seed yesterday before we thrashed a Top 20 RPI team. Maryland's 3 goal loss to Hopkins doesn't move them off the 1 seed, but that single Hopkins win shoots them all the way up from the 7 seed to the 2 seed. Seems pretty ridiculous. Pending today's game..we have the #2 RPI..with a road win over the #1 RPI team..and another road win over Top 10 RPI Syracuse in dominating fashion. 5 total top 20 RPI wins against just one loss..on the road against the #3 RPI team. The 4 or 5 seed should really be the floor..with a ceiling of probably 2. But the team regularly gets jobbed in Tournament seeding..so who knows.
  23. Singelais midday yesterday tweets about the "likely" showers and thunderstorms during the game. And then snarks at a lower than average attendance with no reference to the weather forecast. I guess it's easy to do so from the climate-controlled press box. My guess also is that if people had to choose between yesterday's game or tomorrow's game..many likely set tomorrow as their priority.
  24. Pretty sure the $300k figure is for the year..not per game..haha. Also..I would imagine the overkill of ushers, security staff, etc. has pushed that number higher..given that the $300k data is from 15-16.
  25. Onorato tweeted that he now has visits to Villanova and Kansas scheduled this week.
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