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    You guys got your QB. Tavon Granison it is. Amil must be a walk on. We know of any other offers for this kid. I couldn't find any

    Well, we know one thing: kid has legs. Not much throwing in his highlight video from what I saw.



    Kid can sling it. He's got to work on his short-arm motion which will hurt him on middle routes, but I would expect him to compete right away for playing time it he can get the playbook handled.

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  2. Wow, big loss for the Danes as Aaron Smith has joined the UConn staff. I know we are going after some of the same recruits, so it will be interesting to see this play out.


    Great for him...and good luck Coach Smith.

    He is a former player for the Huskies. He has signed a 1 year deal at a (reported) $145,000 salary.

    Really good coach and a loss. Bound to happen eventually with him.

  3. If I am UA I start scheduling games vs. Missouri Valley...pretty obvious the selection committee is in love with that conferences. If you can beat one team there and then compete in CAA, help out. Forget NEC teams.

    We don't need to do that. I'd rather have 6 home games and win 8 games. We do that and we're in every year in the CAA. That's the recipe for success for us.


    Stinks that Samford got in but ISU beat Northwestern....


    No one to blame but our own team. Best Delaware and we're in and maybe hosting.



    Overall really good season. Happy with sussman the last two weeks. He'll get stronger over the offseason and could be exactly what we need. Hoping Hanks recovers quickly but it didn't look good.


    This defense has just been flat out good.


    If we get lucky and get in we're also going to be without Mason Gray who got tossed for targeting.

    Ugh...not sure there is a joke in there somewhere or if I missed it but....Sussman didn't play lol. This was the RS FR Brunson. Same as last week.

    Brain not connecting with fingers. Brunson. All of the above was definitely about Brunson

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  5. I admit I turned this game off before the half thinking this would be a blow out. I'm pleasantly surprised to say the least.


    I don't understand how we get solidly demolished by Delaware and repeat that through 2 quarters of this game and we win in the second half. Did a different team come out of the locker room?


    What UA team shows up next week? First half or second half?

    Same team. New mix of plays. Seriously this is the only difference.


    Even though Hanks had 39 carries, Brunson was effective and even with an ounce of weight on linebackers heals, Hanks was able to capitalize.

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