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  1. If we learn anything from this game it's that our video service should immediately be thrown in the garbage and replaced with this.
  2. But because the run gets so heavily defended isn't he passing into single coverage most of the time? And don't the receivers run comparatively less complicated routes? Almost all of his passes are on obvious passing downs where everyone in the state knows we're not running.
  3. All good questions. Also important to note is that he has a 43.3% completion rate 18 games into his college career, in a conservative offensive gameplan designed to minimize turnovers (very low risk passing.) I don't think it's low risk passes. He's always passing in obvious passing downs and being forced into deep routes with little time. He hasn't been great but he's never had a chance to get s rhythm or any confidence. Don't equate a boring offense with low risk. Our offense is incredibly boring but it's not low risk.
  4. That's key. Buck up guys and gals. We still own our own destiny and we play winnable game (we got the "easy" CAA schedule this year). Win out and we're in!!!!
  5. It's a whole different game but good to see he's having a good season.
  6. Yesterday's game doesn't upset me or surprise me. It's exactly where I expected us to be at this point in the season. The only thing that happened this year to surprise me so far is how AWFUL Buffalo is. We're a middle of the road CAA team now which is actually ahead of where I thought we'd be. I would also implore everyone to remember just how young this team is.
  7. I actually agree with this lawsuit. Lavalle shouldn't have accepted the honor while in office. Same with Bruno. I always thought it was sketchy.
  8. I still don't understand why you don't decline the penalty and have them punt before the half? It was 4th and 5 on their own 45. They weren't going for it. Defense should have been able to hold 4th and 18 but still. Take what they give you.
  9. Lines were ridiculous today. Which makes no sense since they should have been shorter not having to check bags.
  10. Agreed. Sussman has to have 15-20 completions per game and hover around a completion % of 60-65% or else we'll get shut down. Our running game is good but you can't be that 1-dimensional and compete in the CAA week in and week out.
  11. Hurricane Matthew will likely have a say in this. They move off the east coast to avoid any issue.
  12. Did they screw up? Yes. If this is the worst thing that happens in the transition, then so be it. Here's to hoping they learn their lesson.
  13. It's a long shot but smaller schools have hosted and the CAA has hosted as well in the not too distant past.
  14. Tickets sales look strong too. Plus having Gameday at Albany is easy and cheap for ESPN. Makes it a distant potential, but still a chance.
  15. I would suggest you all write emails directly to lodge your complaints.
  16. Sorry DP, but if Casey stadium is legit CAA, I think I rather go back to UA field and the Northeast. The policies are very non-fan friendly, ticket prices are outrageous, and you cannot buy a concession without missing a quarter of the game. My name is ON the plaque dedicating the new stadium, but I am getting more and more discouraged about the place. (see also other the rant above). I do agree they should have pulled Hanks in the 4th. I yelled at coach about this and the lady next to me offered his phone #. I was sitting next to his wife. I wouldn't judge by 1 game. A lot of changes yesterday. I almost considered it the grand "reopening". I'm sure they'll make improvements next week
  17. Our FO recruit is in the power 100 in inside lacrosse's recruiting edition. And a long stick defender is the poster boy for the defense section in the magazine.
  18. Richmond handled Virginia today. I would still be pleasantly surprised if we're over .500 in the CAA. We don't have the depth on the lines.
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