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  1. DP...lol, yeah. We are going to get our CLOCKS cleaned, taken-behind-the-shed-beaten-like-a-red-headed-step-child-clocks-cleaned. Oy vey.


    Also, this did not seem to happen under Ford did it? Kids mysteriously just not being around? Weren't the Madaras brothers supposed to be amazing?


    It happened under Ford it just wasn't as high profile so no one followed the rosters like they do now. We didn't even have recruiting class releases until a few years ago. You wouldn't have even known who was on the team and who wasn't.


    Totally different kind of kids and level of football.

  2. Can't they reach that 5000-5500 by filling in the corners and making all seats chairbacks? I honestly hope they don't get too aggressive with the spending and play this a little conservative for now and try to get more funds from the state but what do I know.

    That's why I say a field house is needed. I'm not sure you fill the corners in until you don't need to collapse anymore. Until we build a field house we can't have permanent seating.

  3. We need exactly what YSU build for a field house except a little more room for some bleachers for hosting high school indoor track meets (community...community...community).


    The nets installed from the ceiling allow for lacrosse to practice in there as well and for people to use the track at the same time.


    It's probably the most bang for our buck at this point.


    Cost was $14m in Ohio though.



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    BTW for anyone interested, the UAlbany Foundations RoR was about 10% in 2014 on $52m of invested assets (net of expenses).http://www.albany.edu/uafoundation/attachments/Financial%20Statements%2013-14.pdf


    How and under what conditions can these funds be used? Can you provide an overview of what this means in plain English? Is this the same thing the endowment?

    No, its not the same as an endowment. The foundation has a number of endowment funds with income generated by those assets being essentially earmarked for specific purposes. Some of which are unrestricted, some temporarily restricted and some permanently restricted by donor wishes.


    The total endowment at year end 2014 was $49m. The total assets of the Foundation sit at about $120m but include real estate and artwork, amongst others.


    Endowment funds and university foundations are complex because each donor has their own specifc and sometimes weird restrictions.

  5. How much of that $1.4 went into the refurbishment? I'm guessing very little. The changes look modest. Nonetheless I'll take it.

    I'm sure all of it. They turned a gymnasium that hadn't been touched in 40 years (still had wrestling plaques on the walls) into offices and meeting rooms and put new electronics in. When you factor in the cost of union work in NY I'm sure it took all of the $1.4m.


    I saw a lot of positives out there today. Love the way we're going.


    We should be in most of the rest of our games.

    Three games in and I'm not sure what to think of crook? He's been average to awful... Unless something happens soon it's gonna be clear he's not the long term answer. Maybe just the dissapinyment of today but he missed some wide open throws with no pressure, he threw it away at the first sign of trouble panicking a few times.

    He's getting his feet under him. He's not a game changer yet. And who knows what else we have on the bench.

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