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  1. Agreed on the lack of plan. It was unacceptable for McElroy to not have a clearly articulated plan for advancement. I think it's reasonable to give Benson a 1-year pass to establish himself. In the 1-year I have also withheld any donations specific to any projects until I see a comprehensive plan. And I've communicated that to them.
  2. 3pm games are the best. Should be all year long. Kids stuff in the morning. Lunch tailgates. Dinner after the games. I also have a 2 hr drive. Much easier on 3pm games.
  3. Which is the dumbest thing in the world considering SNY's target audience is Long Island.....
  4. Baseball should be gone now.....sorry guys I know that's an unpopular opinion, but baseball is a drain on the athletic department with very little intangible benefit to the university. We're never recreating the lightening strike that occured with SBU and the CWS. I would much rather see those funds reallocated to football, baseketball and Lax. Men's T&F is always a risk since Title IX, but our hiistory and success should keep it alive.
  5. I agree with this. we do need SEFCU upgrades and we absolutely need an indoor fieldturf facility for our outdoor sports to use. I would like to see something very modest. Even turf in the bubble is good for me.
  6. I don't know anything about LAX but that's clearly what it looked like. Gotta do what works. But jeez - glaring deficiency.
  7. What does that mean in terms of % of overall university operating budget? If I remember correctly, SBU has a significantly larger overall operating budget. I'd be surprised if its double UAlbany, but that would explain some of the difference in Athletics budget.
  8. No obit yet - he just passed yesterday. He was living overseas (Spain), no kids and was recently married.
  9. Dan was a great person and teammate of mine (he played football too). He was a great human being. Will be surely missed.
  10. Sometimes it's the right time. There is a limit to what UA can and should pay. If we want to be a top notch cost-contained national athletic program we better get used to coach using all of our programs as stepping stones. It also means something good is happening that gets them noticed.
  11. Just got a random "Go Danes!" and "Give the ball to Hooley!" running errands at the grocery store. I had a UAlbany hat on. I live 2hrs south of Albany.
  12. SUNY central should get involved and great some school pride. Albany, UB, Bing and SBU should play each other in Bball every year. Could even do a 2 game tourney. Play it at the TU (capital city's arena). Draw out of a hat for first round match ups. winners play for the state championhip. Losers play consulation game. Beter than some of our other OOC games.
  13. There are tunnels through out the campus already. I wonder if any connect to the athletic complex?
  14. Parking is an issue. But so is adequate tailgating spot for football which is our flagship spectator sport. I'd rather see a parking garage where the Dutch lot is now. Much more useful for the university as a whole. The facilities master plan always called for shuttle service to the athletic complex from the harriman campus. Not sure why they don't just run something from Dutch during the winter?
  15. What about SUNY at Binghamton and SUNY at SB becoming BU and SBU? Albany University vs. Univerity at Albany isn't earth shattering. It wouldn't move the needle on anything and would be a waste of money to even do it.
  16. Guys - SUNY isn't letting any major name changes happen. Focus on media and community engagement. That's what this person needs to do.
  17. About to get more expensive for fans as well as the new Federal Government Budget takes away the tax deduction for those donations required to get tickets. Used to be able to deduct 80% of the "mandatory" donations. If the budget passes, you won't get any deduction.
  18. Stars are worthless. As soon as someone verbally commits to and FCS school they recruiting services will usually bump their stars down anyway.
  19. here's a big D-lineman and a local kid to boot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLUKsXiZ5f4&feature=youtu.be
  20. Tomorrow......Gattuso's first full recruiting cycle class. A very important class, especially defensively.
  21. Interesting. He resigned from UNLV last year after 31 years. He's got a lot of different experiences. I like it.
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