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  1. I am not worried about FBS teams. I want to get to get use to a new level of competition first. I am excited to see the program succeed in the CAA. I have been watching the CAA games and there is some teams we need to watch out for such as William and Mary and Deleware. IMO, I would like to be in the CAA for all sports but that will not likely happen unless the AE merges with the CAA. In the mean time I will definitely enjoy watching our future games on the NBC Sports Network since the CAA signed a contract with them.
  2. This is interesting. IMO, this could be a blessing in disguise. Unless WCDB shows better preparation and enthausiasm with broadcasting UA athletics, this could be a better move. There is no mention about Siena from I can see and explore on the website, just UA. You would think both schools would be mentioned. There is even a UA trivia game.
  3. I've had the same problem with CAA Zone I've also had the same problem +1
  4. Unfortunatly the video does not work anymore. But the picture of the conception IMO can be achieved in the future once the popularity of UA football succeeds and we can get more funding. Rutgers recently just finished their bowls. When you say "video does not work anymore" do you mean you can't view the video or this vision is no longer workable? Nevermind after i posted that it worked. hahaha
  5. Unfortunatly the video does not work anymore. But the picture of the conception IMO can be achieved in the future once the popularity of UA football succeeds and we can get more funding. Rutgers recently just finished their bowls.
  6. I noticed that too. Something is not right. There is a miscommunication with that. We have 11 teams and SB has an even 10. Unless there is a 12th team somewhere maybe Elon, or Davidson. Otherwise, I am ready for new competition.
  7. IMO, this is a great move. I like the conference change because I think our recruiting will improve. Athletes will know that this program will continue to succeed and stay. Plus i want to see us on NBC Sports.
  8. Well.....That may be true but i believe the game ended like this........
  9. I live in Philadelphia and I am very curious and excited about the progression of Bob Ford Field. Since no one is updating on a weekly basis and UA has not set up any cams online to show the progression, How is the construction going?
  10. Here is the verdict on the issue from Yahoo Rivals. http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/basketball/recruiting/player-Shaun-Lawton-139981;_ylt=Avofppcp_ueXgq7kIBV2jo_XO5B4 unfortunatly its Maine
  11. I liked Rowley too. The real coming out party was the effort and athleticism of Tanner Gibson. He is, i think, a great successor to Mike Black all because of his play in the AE tourney. I think next year will be special. The conference is up for grabs once again. WE NEED A TRUE REBOUNDER/CENTER. Puk showed us that he has the skills. Lets improve his skills and show the UA fans that he can be the next Zoellner. The Iati family has been an essential part of the Team the past 7 years. I hope Jake will woo John back to UA as an assistant. Last, the UA /Siena game should be back on a saturday schedule because it is still the premier game of the year in the capital district. Lets reclaim the govenors trophy back. UA! U.........KNOW!
  12. HUGE ROAD WIN.......FINALLY..................A TEAM EFFORT...............Its like i am getting a blast from the past when wyland says 3 pointer from iati.
  13. So I am very confused...... on twitter us basketball says its on ESPN 3 but I have yet to see it there....I need answers!
  14. 3 UPS: Suero and Black can be the best tandem in the AE. Suero and Guerrier have some potential to be key players throughout the season. When WB stays away from the 3s, UA CAN drive the ball successfully. 3 DOWNS: Still relying on the 3 ball early, Logan has to be more selective with that shot because he can make them. Defensive assignments in the paint, need to be alert down low to not give up easy lay ups. FREE THROWS, need to make them. Overall, I think it was a great effort from the Danes trying to keep up with a hot PITT team. The pieces of the puzzle are there. WB has to figure out the right rotation of guys to win games. I liked to see Watts get some points off the bench. The Aussie trio need to get healthy and shake off the butterflyies. Mike black is a silent killer with 11 pts. Here we come Brown University.
  15. a lot of missed assignments in the paint. the big guys have to be alert
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