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  1. We need to get a big student turnout. Jamar, Jason and Bauman deserve a rousing ovation!! isnt bauman a junior??? i think he is. but def jamar and siggers deserve a ovation for like 20 min. lol
  2. i just want to say that i will be there thursday rooting the danes to victory in SB. i hope this loss with boise st wont haunt us. tho a nice W would be a momentum game for us going into the AE tourney. also this news about sharing the regular season championship with VT will only be a moral victory if it can be accomplished. its been a good season. is every one ready? lets go danes!
  3. hahaha if we had beaten VT 2 weeks ago then this game would mean the world to me. but even if they still lose i would be sort of happy. they have good players and i hope the low seeds in the AE tourney give them trouble. so i am going to say this now and forever hold my peace.....GO BEARCATS! even if u lose i dont care cuz like the crowd said at the BPG, BU SUCKS
  4. Thats ridiculous. The team is played hard, but Gifford is awful. He has NO hands. He gets the ripped from him all the time. When he tries to make a move he either travels or gets stripped. He got a few boards when the ball went right to him. He needs to do more. No offense, suffice to say, Daneaholic and Alexfamous no about this much (my finger an millimeter apart) about strategic hoops. If you do know hoops, and I am wrong, I suggest you re-watch the game. GIFFORD PLAYED WELL...showed soft hands, did some good fronting, and made a great move out of the double to get the ball u
  5. we are so lucky that gifford had 2 rebounds hit him right in the gut and score. he has no idea what he is doin.
  6. one side note, maine has not played since saturday when they defeated UNH by 9. so we are going up against a well rested maine team. rythem is key for the danes to keep scoring and make key stops so maine doesnt keep it close.
  7. thank you. i am just continuing a tradition that started with my father when he attended UA back in the 70s. UA has come a long way from being a small school. lets go Danes
  8. last game with maine we won by 9, UAlbany 82, Maine 73. leading scorers for both teams were Jamar wilson, 31 pts, for UA and chris bruff, 23, for maine. since 1/11/07 maine went 6-1 with a victory against vermont. so this should be a very good game. i just hope that we dont get too exhausted when we play vermont on sunday. UA UAUAUAUA UUUUUUUAAAAA UUUUUUAAAA
  9. yea he is trigger happy but i think he is learning a little more not to be. but when he is on fire he is money
  10. I pose one important question for all those iati-holics, what about next year when raffa becomes a starter and jon remains the 6th man? agree or disagree?
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