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  1. New York has consistently treated its Capital Region like garbage. What good do we get being a part of that state? Even if you cut the state in two Buffalo/Rochester/Syracuse would still dump on Albany somehow and truth be told Albany has more in common with New England than them.
  2. It's like we can never win and this state hates us. If only we could secede and join another state, one that can give a crap. The capital can relocate to Syracuse or Binghamton. We'd be better off joining say Connecticut, a state that cares.
  3. Spoken like a useless person representing a useless institution. Please fire this dude. I only need one kidney, I would give it to be given admittance to the CAA. At least SB has brains, motivation and foresight - all things outlawed at Albany.
  4. They gave SB a medical school and a hospital but bupkis for UA. And SB was a clean sheet institution without the Teacher's College baggage. Obviously we screwed up horribly while SB made the right choices. UA doesn't want to succeed and SUNY doesn't want it to succeed. Might as well dissolve the school and sell the land.
  5. Yes. Yes. Yes. Why don't you see it? Are you of the same galaxy brain that conveniently forgot to give UAlbany a medical school in the 60s or ripped CSTEM from us?
  6. We are a trash school to be on nobody's radar, amrite?
  7. Time to shut UAlbany down. It truly has done less than Stony Brook in multiples of time. Better to bring back the golf course.
  8. We're stuck in a garbage conference without flagship status why? Has everyone ever involved in this godforsaken institution been dropped on their head? SUNY gives no craps about us. Albany gives no craps about us. The CAA doesn't want us. If we closed the school, demolished the campus, and built condos and a golf course would anyone really miss it? How can we be like Stony Brook, a school with foresight and brains?
  9. We can't even beat an Ivy in a consolation tournament. What I would give to get Coach Abe back knowing that her chances here are as good as her chances at UCF unless Geno retires or UConn leaves the American.
  10. I want those 44 points back. Salt in the wound.
  11. I hadn't changed my location in eight years. I'm now outside Boston, the land that college sports not called hockey forgot. Until yesterday, UMBC was behind UMD, Towson, Loyola, and when in season Hopkins Lax in the local sports pecking order for Baltimore. Not anymore. Nobody will forget them for all eternity and short of the state buying and folding Cuse into UA or college lacrosse becoming a big deal there is no way we get that eternal free press.
  12. I would pay an insane wage to get him to UA. At least he has a track record now. UMBC didn't need this. At least Annapolis stays out of public education. We need this because its our best shot at exposure and fame.
  13. This is the most disppointed I've ever been. If this was any other conference I wouldn't be here and if it was UMBC versus anyone not UVA/Duke/Florida/OU I may not be here either. The combination of UMBC and UVA makes this hurt. All we have done has been done for.
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