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  1. We can't even beat an Ivy in a consolation tournament. What I would give to get Coach Abe back knowing that her chances here are as good as her chances at UCF unless Geno retires or UConn leaves the American.
  2. I want those 44 points back. Salt in the wound.
  3. I hadn't changed my location in eight years. I'm now outside Boston, the land that college sports not called hockey forgot. Until yesterday, UMBC was behind UMD, Towson, Loyola, and when in season Hopkins Lax in the local sports pecking order for Baltimore. Not anymore. Nobody will forget them for all eternity and short of the state buying and folding Cuse into UA or college lacrosse becoming a big deal there is no way we get that eternal free press.
  4. I would pay an insane wage to get him to UA. At least he has a track record now. UMBC didn't need this. At least Annapolis stays out of public education. We need this because its our best shot at exposure and fame.
  5. This is the most disppointed I've ever been. If this was any other conference I wouldn't be here and if it was UMBC versus anyone not UVA/Duke/Florida/OU I may not be here either. The combination of UMBC and UVA makes this hurt. All we have done has been done for.
  6. And what has that history of excellence gotten us? Nothing minus a Dayton pity win which resulted in living in Billy Donovan's head for a week after we failed to beat a 16 seed. Everybody remembers the Cinderella, ESPECIALLY a historic Cinderella. We could win the national championship for Lax and it would move the needle far less than being a Cinderella in basketball. As it is right now, we are no better than the #4 team in the AE, #5 depending on which Hartford shows up. People will talk about UMBC for decades. They won't talk about UAlbany Lacrosse.
  7. Well, this season was a pathetic waste, wasn't it?
  8. All the good Will Brown has done has been canceled out by UMBC. The only way he can redeem himself is a tourney win and there is no way that he can get the same wave he was once capable of now that the "Why Not Us?" mantle was taken by someone else in the same conference. Lacrosse being #1 is nice and all but I would gladly trade it for being in the shoes UMBC is in right now because it would be a shot in the arm we badly need. Not even a national Lax title would come close to that level of exposure and fame.
  9. Looking at UMBC, I wonder when the bloom fell off of Will Brown's rose. At which point do we walk away since we've gone from being the class of the AE to having Vermont AND Stony Brook AND now UMBC lap us into total irrelevance? Twelve years ago tonight, Will Brown could now have made history. Now he isn't even in the Top 5 coaches in his conference. All the good he has done has been nulled out by the fact that UVA decided to lose to an AE team now and not when we had a chance. I would sell my kidney and my firstborn to be in UMBC's shoes right now. Am I the only one in this position
  10. We have to win this game. Lacrosse is all we have left since all our basketball achievements have been washed away by UMBC.
  11. I am so disappointed right now. Why couldn't we have beaten SB? Why couldn't we have beaten UConn back in 2006? Why couldn't we have beaten UVA back in 2007? Why couldn't we have beaten Duke back in 2013 or Florida in 2014? UMBC just undid a dozen years of achievement for our program. We look like garbage compared to them right now and frankly we're mentally back in the Scott Beeten era now. We maybe are the #4 team in the AE in perpetuity thanks to this.
  12. I mean if the staff were to get butt hurt over this then he should never leave for a big time job anywhere. This is fluff compared to a Big 10 or ACC school where you have legit boosters breathing down your neck. I wish we had legit boosters. Then we wouldn't have totally choked and wasted the season. If New York could get out of the public higher education business and sell us to 'Cuse as a vassal school, they so would.
  13. I am so disappointed in this team and this season. We choked so badly and I will forever be ashamed. I wish we cared like Vermont and freaking UMBC or SBU. I would sell my kidney for us to be good again rather than choke and be weak against teams we know we are better than. It's like the bloom is off the rose with Brown.
  14. what?The carriage has turned into a pumpkin. This loss is as bad as UVA in 2007.Huh? Against a 28-5 team, riding a 20 game win streak, 16-0 in the conference, 9pt road dogs...and they get to the last minute before losing. That's what qualifies as a bad loss?... I'll take this one any day over the home tourney hairball they coughed up against Hartford last year. This is worse than Hartford. Hartford was a fluke. This was the worst loss in the history of the program.
  15. I don't like being the sacrificial lamb. I will never live this game down like UVA '07 or Hartford '16. This is one step up from the shorthanded game in '04.
  16. what? The carriage has turned into a pumpkin. This loss is as bad as UVA in 2007.
  17. We have to beat Vermont next year. Absolutely at any cost. Will Brown's clock has reached midnight. He is now merely mortal.
  18. IIRC in terms of NFL coverage 104.5 has the Jets and for major problem coverage that's it.
  19. After how long it took to replace Kermit, I won't hold my breath. Who wants to lead a public university in a state that treats public higher education like crap and turns the system into a political football?
  20. I'm a fan. I just didn't participate for several years. That said, New York treats it's public universities like garbage and seeing Cuse makes me wonder how we would be like if the state gave a crap. Everyone keeps hating on $iena but the truth is that we are finally near parity with them in terms of exposure and that they're a tinpot whose most famous alumni are either bad for optics or fictional characters. The real school to hate on is $yracu$e.
  21. HB2 was passed practically under cover of darkness with little notification and NC has a problem in reverse of New York where the little hick towns hold more power than the cities. The whole state of affairs there is pretty much out of spite: the biggest donor to the NC GOP got angry after Obama and a female Democrat governor won in 2008 that he wanted to redo the state in his image to get back at transplants. And I wonder why I went from a registered Republican in NY to an Independent that loathes the GOP elswhwere.
  22. Yes because those schools aren't corrupt... I know our former Provost/Interm President who bailed on us tried to hide a rape scandal at UConn and I know that for a time the UMass system was led by the brother of a fugitive mobster. Outside of those two isolated cases, I have nothing for corruption at those two schools that comes close to this. Notice how Baker and Malloy didn't screw their public universities over like Cuomo has. Cuse, minus times on probation, has never been corrupt. Not to this level. I'd rather let them run the SUNY system as it'd get politics out of the way and they'd
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