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  1. I think CB is in a win know situation if you had a son "who was a decent player" would you send him to a coach who has 1 year on his contract???? Remember in an "Idea"l situation kids pick a school but in the" Real World" kids pick a coach!

    It appears CB is looking for players who have some DI experience already!

  2. Shafer, Lulka and even Anderson cannot be judged by the past year for argument sake they were hampered by injury the whole season, look what Healy's injury did to him do you think he just forgot how to shoot?

    Hank's progression is starting to look somewhat like Puk's, the longer Puk was here the better he got and Puk was very effective especially as a SR. Early in Puk's career many of us questioned if he would ever help us and he wound up be very good for us.

    I believe we still need at least 2 Bigs. I think if Lulka can comeback healthy he could easily be a 10 and 7 type big with what we have on the perimeter. 

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  3. Coach Brown was recently honored

    Coach Brown announced his gift after a phone call with his fellow college coaches where he was honored by Society CEO Gary Reedy with The Champion Award, an honor bestowed on coaches who have shown extraordinary leadership and commitment to the Society’s mission. For over 15 years, Brown has been a leader in this fight – since the inception of Albany’s Coaches vs. Cancer Basket “Ball”..



    UAlbany Coach Brown donates $10K to American Cancer Society, issues weekend challenge to fans and coaches

    by: UAlbany Athletics
    Posted: Apr 3, 2020 / 06:27 PM EDT / Updated: Apr 3, 2020 / 11:15 PM EDT

    Albany, NY — The lights on the court have dimmed, games are cancelled, and no fans are pouring into the arena to cheer on the best college basketball teams in the nation. But cancer hasn’t stopped, so University at Albany Men’s Basketball Coach Will Brown and his wife Jamie have donated

    $10,000 to the American Cancer Society’s continuing efforts to fight this disease. Plus, the Browns are challenging their fellow basketball coaches and fans nationwide to join them.

    This weekend, when college basketball fans would have been watching the best of the best advance through the Final Four to the ultimate National Championship, Coach Brown is asking coaches and fans to instead fill out a different kind of bracket at www.crowdrise.com/cvcfinalfour, where the loser is cancer.


    “When we learned just how much cancer patients are being impacted by COVID-19, we knew we had to

    do something,” says Will and Jamie Brown. “We know these are unprecedented times on so many

    different levels, but it’s incredibly comforting to know the American Cancer Society continues to fight

    cancer and support patients no matter what.”

    During this unprecedented time, the American Cancer Society is serving isolated and anxious cancer patients — answering tough questions and solving complex problems related to access to treatment. Although the Society’s spring fundraising events have been postponed, critical and lifesaving cancer research and advocacy continues.

    “We are so grateful for the way the Browns have stepped up to meet an enormous need, in the true spirit of Coaches vs. Cancer,” said Anthony Marino, interim executive vice president for the American Cancer Society. “The generosity of coaches, athletes, and fans is powerful and will help our communities recover.”

    Since March 8, the Society has received more than 25,000 calls to the 24/7 cancer helpline, with questions like:

    ·       “Is going to treatment work the risk of getting infected? Or should I delaychemo?”

    ·       “My treatment was postponed, what do I do?”

    ·       “I’m a cancer survivor that works in a healthcare field. Is it safe for me to go towork?”

    Coach Brown announced his gift after a phone call with his fellow college coaches where he was honored by Society CEO Gary Reedy with The Champion Award, an honor bestowed on coaches who have shown extraordinary leadership and commitment to the Society’s mission. For over 15 years, Brown has been a leader in this fight – since the inception of Albany’s Coaches vs. Cancer Basket “Ball”.

    Coaches vs. Cancer is a nationwide collaboration between the American Cancer Society and the National Association of Basketball Coaches leverages the personal experiences, community leadership, and professional excellence of coaches nationwide to increase cancer awareness and promote healthy living through year-round awareness efforts, fundraising activities, and advocacy programs. Now more than ever, Coaches and their supporters are stepping up to make a difference.

    Coach Brown invites all to join in his efforts to continue the fight against cancer, at www.crowdrise.com/cvcfinalfour.


    Copyright 2020 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.



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  4. I think as of now Brown isn't even considering Anderson, he's hoping he comes back at close to 100% but cannot really count on that.

    If Anderson comes back , it could be good for Amica not to be rushed into service he can be given more time to learn. I believe Anderson only has 1 year left so Amica can see he will get his turn (if Amica is good enough to win the PG position then that's really good for us.)

    Horton could also play some 2 or 3 when CB goes with a smaller line up, to Horton's credit he is suppose to be a good defender. We are not sure what Amica or Anderson (due to knee) can do defensively.

    It's an interesting problem.

    I think the pressure will be on Hutchinson and Rizzuto to improve their games.

  5. I'd take Clark on my team anytime he comes to play and play hard every night.

    JoJo Anderson and Rian Carter was taken as a walk on( avg 16ppg in JC) were here to rest Clark,  to move him off the ball and just to sit him and calm him down when needed.

    I think when Healy got hurt Clark could have played the 2 with JoJo at the point

    I don't think CB expected to lose both of them for the season.


    Hopefully the past 2 seasons are an abberation!!!!

    At the end of 17/18 CB fully expected to 2 of the better guards in the AE back for 18/19 when they left after the recruiting was basically done it left UA in a bad spot then this year believe it or not the team was a physical mess

    Anderson(knee), Carter(knee), Lulka and Shafer (labrum) all missed basically the entire season

    Healy hip and back problems hurt UA and cost him an All Conference spot.

    DeSousa bad ankle and then Flu never seemingly recovered.

    Hutchinson strained his back 2/3 of the way through the season. That and freshman fatigue (forced  to play almost 30 min a game out of necessity) could have been the reason he struggled mightily down the stretch.

    From what CB has said recently Ahmad hasn't even practiced much lately (back and hamstring) and tried to fight through it because he didn't want to sit part of his SR season.

    That's 8 guys????? All teams battle injuries but I am not sure all teams faced what UA did.

    With 1 year left on his contract I'm sure we will see some combination of Post Grads & JUCOS for next season.

  6. Can someone smarter than me explain the end of the first half?  

    First w Hanks on the line shooting a 1 and 1 we have nobody rebounding?  Nobody?

    Then with fouls to give we and 5 seconds left we let a guy into the lane to score?  Why didn’t we foul? - McFan

    I think the halftime ending was a mistake - the team fouled once and was suppose to foul again and DeSousa was beat off the dribble and didn't foul. CB was visibly upset.

  7. UA'08 Last year they were young and were forced to try and replace their best 2 players well after the recruiting cycle was over - not easy.

    This year they are banged up - Lulka injury(s) basically cost him the season, Healy has been struggling for awhile before being out totally against Hartford. JoJo Anderson was suppose to be the calming force on this team when Clark or Healy struggled.( He basically lost the whole season.) Hutchinson, Rizzuto and DeSousa have tried to fight through nagging injuries for most of the season. Yea all teams struggle through injuries but I think what your seeing with UA is above that.

    The real confusing thing is Foul Shooting it hurt us in a few losses especially Hartford and UVM (recently) and to pour salt in the wound in both those games our opponents banked in big threes.

    All this put together doesn't make for optimal results. It is what it is ! It seems like we are a  team stuggling for survival!!!

    I am waiting and hoping that we can have our perimeter players all play solid on the same night while the entire team shoots 75% or better from the FT Line. Then I would like to see how we fare.

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  8. The injury bug has torn this team apart but with that said - four of our losses came by a total of 13points. In those game we have averaged 15.75 turnovers and shot 68% from the FT line. No excuses these guys have to wake up and pay attention to the small things.

    Lets end the year on a positive note!

    1. Value the basketball

    2. They are called Free Throws because you're suppose to get free points.

    We can't keep giving games away!

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  9. Recruiting is especially tough when two key players leave very late (18/19 - too late to get valued players) then follow that by having one injury plagued early part of the season (19/20) and panic sets in. 

    Albany was coming off I believe seven 19+ win seasons (7 post season invites) before the Post Graduate departures which appear to be good moves for Cremo and Nichols personally but tough for UA. Both were lightly recruited and developed nicely enough at UA to become interesting to P5 programs.

    Should we be upset about losing games? Sure!

    Anytime you're not winning you should be upset.

    We are 6 and 7 with Lulka out most of the time, Anderson and Shafer out the entire season (so far), Rizzuto and DeSousa have been banged up and Trey Hutchinson is playing with torn ligaments in a finger on his left hand I believe. (Trey as a trues freshman has been asked to play the 4 at times after a preseason where he spent most of the time trying to learn the 2/3 position.

    Lets see if this team can get healthy and turn the year around.


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  10. We have 3 losses by a total of 11 pts. (Lehigh by 4, Manhattan by 6 and Bucknell by 1) in those 3 games we totalled 49 turnovers.


    in these 3 games we managed to get off a total of 154 FGA. add in 49 turnovers and about 32% of the time we didn't get a shot off.


    We have to learn to value the ball!!!


    PS. We could really use Lulka, too. I think is importance is undervalued by most.


    We need another guard!!!

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  11. I am really shocked that if you take Cam H. out of the equation this team is really struggling shooting the ball - they are shooting just 40% overall, from three they’re shooting 26% and shooting only 66% from the FT line   I didn’t expect that coming into the season.  With that type of offense they are lucky to have won 4 of 7 games so far. Remember the lost one by 4 and one by 6 

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  12. I think being banged up a little has affected us but that’s life at the DI level. 
    it appeared there was a lot of expectations with JoJo.  Playing PG when Ahmad needs a break as well as playing with Ahmad. 
    I for one didn’t expect Rizzuto to struggle so much from 3. 

    it is what it is where 4-3 and struggling mightily. 

    By the way Sacred Heart just blasted Quinnipiac!!

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